[video] Mickey Rourke Tries Rapping (Epic Fail)

It seems that Mickey Rourke has finally achieved his secret fantasy of being a rapper. Gaming fav Rogue Warrior has him rapping at the end of the game called “Funky Credits Theme”.

Remember him and the legendary 2 Pac were buddies and that he even had a very unsuccessful stint as a boxer. Anyway check out this rap from the video game Rogue Warrior.

Check out the trailer from the game below this god-awful rap from Mickey Rourke who still is a kick-ass actor and will be starring in 2010’s biggest blockbuster Iron Man 2.

Rogue Warrior Feat MC Mickey Rourke – Funky Credits Theme. The best part of this muthaf***ing game.

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[pic] Rourke’s ready to rumble as Iron Man villain

This definitely caught me off guard, but Mickey will probably bring some serious kick-ass to the most anticipated flick of 2010. Was the Wrestler any good?

Picture 105

via Breitbart

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Mickey Rourke’s bruising opponents in “The Wrestler” don’t look so tough compared to his new foe: Robert Downey Jr.‘s Iron Man.

Distributor Paramount has released the first photo of Rourke as villain Whiplash in the upcoming sequel, “Iron Man 2.”

Rourke is dressed for battle in the image, his torso and arms wrapped in metal braces sporting weapons and a chest device resembling the portable power plant that runs Downey’s Iron Man suit.

While Downey is completely encased in his metal suit, Rourke’s Whiplash outfit shows off a lot of flesh, along with plenty of tattoos coating the character’s skin.

Directed by Jon Favreau, “Iron Man 2” kicks off Hollywood’s 2010 summer season next May 7.

Mickey Rourke to attend Wrestlemania


LOS ANGELES – Mickey Rourke will make it to WrestleMania 25 after all, a WWE rep confirmed to Access Hollywood on Wednesday. the-wrestler1

In January, the “Wrestler” star told Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell on the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards red carpet that he would be stepping into the ring at the April 5 event.

“The boys from the WWE called me and asked me to do it,” Rourke said at the time. “I said, ‘I want to.’ I’m talking with [WWE legend] Rowdy Roddy Piper about it.”

However, a rep for the star announced days later that Rourke would not be participating.

But now, with Rourke’s appearance back on, wrestler Chris Jericho hinted on this week’s “Monday Night RAW” that Mickey be might doing more than just watching the show.

“You say you’re going to be at Mania, I’m going to buy you a front row seat, because I want you to see up close and personal what’s going to happen to all your friends,” Jericho said after issuing a challenge to wrestling legends Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper and Ricky Steamboat. “And unlike your movie ‘The Wrester,’ the ending of this isn’t going to be ambiguous. It’s going to be tragic.”

Rourke won the SAG Award for Best Actor for his performance as Randy “The Ram” Robinson in “The Wrestler” and was nominated for an Academy Award for the film.

Iran wants Hollywood to apologize for insults


via Breitbart

The art advisor to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urged a visiting Hollywood delegation to apologise for “insults and slanders” about Iranians in films, the ISNA news agency reported on Saturday.

“(Iranian) cinema officials will only have the right to have official sessions with… Hollywood movie makers when they apologise to the Iranians for their 30 years of insults and slanders,” Javad Shamaghdari said.

“The Iranian people and our revolution has been repeatedly unjustly attacked by Hollywood,” he said, citing ‘300’ and recent Oscar nominated movie ‘The Wrestler’ as among offending films.

In 2007, the war epic ‘300’, a smash hit in the United States for its gory portrayal of the Greco-Persian wars, drew the wrath of Iranians for showing their ancestors as bloodthirsty.

Similarly ‘The Wrestler’, was booed in Iran and heavily criticised for the scene of breaking and tearing of the Iranian flag by the picture’s star, 2009 Oscar nominee Mickey RourkeContinue reading

Iran Accuses “The Wrestler” of Being Hollywood Propaganda Film


via Telegraph UK

The country’s media has reportedly condemned the film in part because of a fight sequence in which Rourke’s character, Randy ‘the Ram’ Robinson, battles an opponent dubbed the Ayatollah.

During the fight, the Ayatollah, played by actor and former professional wrestler Ernest “the Cat” Miller, waves an Iranian flag before ramming the pole under his opponent’s neck. Rourke’s character then grabs the flag and snaps the pole over his knee before tossing it into the crowd.

Newspapers and websites in Iran say the Darren Aronofsky-directed film is just the latest manifestation of Western prejudice towards Iran in Hollywood films.

Last year, the Iranian government blasted Warner Bros over its “anti-Iranian” blockbuster 300, a graphic novel-based retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which the Greeks triumph over the Persians. Continue reading

Mickey Rourke Makes “Comeback” and Takes Top Honors for “The Wrestler”

Damn, first Robert Downey Jr., now Mickey Rourke is on track to make a comeback. Lets see if Mike Tyson can pull a trifecta when his doc premiers, afterall this is shaping up to be the Year of the Comeback.

via Variety

Darren Aronofsky drama “The Wrestler,” starring Mickey Rourke as a washed-out pro grappler in comeback mode, pinned down the Venice Film Festival’s Golden Lion.

“We need to thank Mickey Rourke for opening up his heart and soul for the camera and reminding the world what a great talent he is,” said Aronofsky amid cheers on the Sala Grande stage. A beaming Rourke stood by his side, even though he did not nab the Venice thesping nod. Continue reading