Mike Tyson accused of putting out contract on Brooklyn drug gang

Sources : Daily News via ICE DOT COM FAMILIA

Okay the creepy shit about this story is that 50 would go on to buy Mike Tyson’s Mega-mansion in Conneticut knowing that Tyson was best friends with the guy who supposedly shot him. Some type of twisted revenge?

Mike Tyson chipped in $50,000 for a contract to kill members of a Brooklyn drug gang that murdered his bodyguard in 2000, a government witness testified Thursday.

A former member of the violent Cash Money Brothers gang said the ex-heavyweight champ and another thug, Muhammad Nur, who was also close with the victim, each contributed $50,000 to the bounty on the heads of CMB leaders Damion (World) Hardy and Edward (Taz) Cooke.

Damion (World) Hardy

“Why would Mike Tyson put a hit out on Taz and World?” asked Assistant U.S. Attorney James Loonam.

“He was close friends with ‘Homicide,'” replied witness Dwayne Meyers, referring to victim Darryl Baum by his nickname.
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