[video] 7Dayz (The true story of Tupac’s last seven days) [Indiegogo Trailer 2015]

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My name is Gobi M. Rahimi and I had the honor of directing and producing Tupac Shakur’s music videos during his time at Death Row Records.
A few weeks before Pac was shot, I wrote the letter that Tupac signed, firing Suge Knight and his lawyer David Kenner. After that, the tension between Tupac and his label soared to new heights.
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[video] Don King on the state of Boxing, Heavy Weight Bout in Vegas

Don King is almost as famous as the boxing matches he promotes. Recall “The Rumble in the Jungle” and the “Thrilla in Manila,” with boxing stars such as Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman and Mike Tyson. This Saturday Don King has a heavyweight bout scheduled in Las Vegas with Deontay Wilder going at it with Bermane Stiverne. Don King joined Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox from Las Vegas to discuss the state of boxing, his upcoming fight and the news today of a potential Mayweather-Pacquiao fight this year. (Source: Bloomberg)

[video] The FBI War on Tupac (Must Watch)

This is a Must Watch for everybody.

Jeff interviews author John Potash, topics include: the corrupt oligarchy, Tupac Shakur, Tupac was an an activist before becoming a rapper, FBI war on Tupac Shakur, Black Panthers as community activists, Huey Newton, Black Panther Cubs, Mike Tyson, entrapment, targeting of political musicians, Death Row Records was a US intelligence front, conspiracy and cover up, MK Ultra, CIA and drugs, Afghanistan, Kurt Cobain, Jimmi Hendrix, and much more.








[video] STREET KING w/ 50 Cent, Mike Tyson, & Floyd Mayweather (Pt.1)

This is a real ironic commercial because supposedly Mike Tyson’s bodyguard is the one who shot 50 Cent nine times and was then killed three weeks later. This is being debated in the youtube comments but hey if they are worrying about it why should we? Anyway check out the parody of The Hangover these guys cooked up for Street King in the name of filming a billion Africans.


15 Athletes Gone Bankrupt

Being a professional athlete and making millions of dollars does not guarantee success in other endeavors outside of sports. Here is a revealing list of 15 Athletes that have lost it all…. courtesy of CNBC

For a while, no boxer on earth was as feared as “Iron Mike” Tyson. The powerful puncher won his first 19 professional fights by knockout, some of which took place during the first round. He quickly became the heavyweight champion of the world, but in 1992 he was convicted of sexual assault and served three years in prison. When he got out, no amount of comeback matches could get him back his mojo, and after biting off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a 1997 fight, Tyson was disqualified. He never again won another championship.
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Mike Tyson: ‘I am pig, a fucking piece of sh*t.”

Obviously Mike Tyson is going through alot and has been through even more during his life. Which one of us could imagine what its like to be in his shoes? I am not here to judge him or any of the crazy stuff he supposedly has done but he needs help and I guess these interviews are his therapy.

via Media Take Out/Details

Details: Twenty years ago, you were one of the most famous men on the planet. Is there a big plan for Act 2?
Mike Tyson: The first stage of my life was just a whole bunch of selfishness. Just a whole bunch of gifts to myself and people Continue reading

Iron Mic weds for the fourth time in Vegas

Mike Tyson

Congrats to Iron Mic on his wedding to Lakiha Spicer in a ceremony in Las Vegas over the weekend.  Guess he was inspired by The Hangover. This is Mike’s fourth trip down the aisle.  Mazal Tov!

Former champion boxer Mike Tyson has married for a third time – two weeks after his four-year-old daughter died in a tragic accident.

The ex-heavyweight champion exchanged vows with bride Lakiha Spicer in a Las Vegas wedding chapel on Saturday, the chapel’s owner, Shawn Absher said.

County marriage records in Las Vegas show 42-year-old Tyson and 32-year-old Spicer got a marriage licence about 30 minutes before their ceremony.

Source: DailyMail

Mike Tyson Wants To Be Jamie Foxx’s Next Role

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via MTV

If Mike Tyson has his way, he’ll get Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx to tackle his life story in an upcoming cinematic version of his life. The boxer has been talking the press about this plan for more than a year now, and he told MTV News that it’s still very close to happening.

And what a movie it would be if Foxx ever indeed portrays Iron Mike on the big screen. Tyson — whose life is told in all its glory and tragedy in the new documentary “Tyson” set for release this Friday (April 24) — has seen enough drama in his life to fill multiple biopics. From his years as a wunderkind boxer under the tutelage of Cus D’Amato to his rape conviction and repeated attempts at redemption, the film would be unbelievable … if it weren’t all true.

“It’s gonna be [about me],” he told MTV News about the planned collaboration. “It’s gonna be Jamie Foxx portraying me in a life story.” Continue reading

[video] Tyson Documentary Trailer (Releases April 24th)

via RealTalk

Shout out to my Tyson La Familia…Ms. Rowe and the whole clique.  This is way more than a documentary for us Brooklyn heads that were there along for the turbulent ride which is MIKE TYSON.

Through a mixture of original interviews and archival footage and photographs, a startlingly complex, fully-rounded human being emerges. The film ranges from Tyson’s earliest memories of growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn through his entry into the world of boxing, to his rollercoaster ride in the funhouse of worldwide fame and fortunes won and lost. It is the story of a legendary and uniquely controversial international athletic icon, a figure conjuring radical questions of race and class. In its depiction of a man rising from the most debased circumstances to unlimited

heights, destroyed by his own hubris, “Tyson” emerges as a modern day version of classic Greek tragedy.

Mike Tyson Shops Tell-All Memoirs to Select Publishers


via NY Post

MIKE Tyson is ready to spill the beans. But the one-time heavyweight champ doesn’t want any leaks, so his book proposal is being seen by only five publishers. “It is similar to the way the Kurt Cobain journals were sold, which went for $4 million. Just eight people were invited down to the Inn on Irving Place to view Kurt’s actual journals and hear his unreleased song,” said an insider. “The book went on to be a No. 1 best-seller.”

Tyson started writing while he was in prison. “Me and my cellmate would read to each other at night,” Tyson told one editor. “One night I would read out loud to him, the next night he would read out loud to me. And we would do that back and forth until the book was completed.”

Curtis Is Having His Worst Week Ever; Baby Moms Piles On

50 Cent and son Marquise

Now in life, especially in journalism they say there is always the story behind the story. With that said, I find it unsettling that celebrity is such an intrusive medium. Now just because we invest our energy in an artist doesn’t mean we need to know every single thing about their personal life because if you leave out one detail than the scales can be tipped to make the picture look lopsided. Case in point, this past week’s fiasco’s starring Curtis Jackson. I’m the first to admit we don’t know everything, but from what we do know 50 is a weird dude. First we find out the best friend of Curtis’ idol (Mike Tyson) was the one who tried to rub him out in the first place (jump starting his career nonetheless). Isn’t it kind of eerie to know that Curtis is occupying the same crib that Homicide used to chill in? Even sometime slept in? Then you had the Young Buck incident which many feel was juvenile and a low-blow, not to mention the ‘stick close to me’ comments. To end the week with a cherry on top you have the ongoing drama between him and his baby mama.

The rabbit hole runs deep on this one because you have an ongoing arson investigation in the mix with loose implications implying this dude may have (allegedly) been responsible for trying to burn the crib down that housed his seed. Now baby moms (Shaniqua Tompkins) is on TMZ exposing Curtis for the father he never was (after Curtis got her served with papers). No baseball, basketball games with Marquise. Nothing? Now, it ain’t my place to judge no man, but damn Curtis. Two weeks ago we just reported that this negro might be the first rapper to crack the elusive Billionaire’s Boy Club bubble. It reminds me of what my grand moms used to always say; “What use is it if a man gains all the gold in exchange for his soul.” And just to think we ain’t even a week removed from Father’s Day. Barack Obama was talking bout niggers like this!

CLICK [HERE] for the TMZ interview with Shaniqua.

Mike Tyson accused of putting out contract on Brooklyn drug gang

Sources : Daily News via ICE DOT COM FAMILIA

Okay the creepy shit about this story is that 50 would go on to buy Mike Tyson’s Mega-mansion in Conneticut knowing that Tyson was best friends with the guy who supposedly shot him. Some type of twisted revenge?

Mike Tyson chipped in $50,000 for a contract to kill members of a Brooklyn drug gang that murdered his bodyguard in 2000, a government witness testified Thursday.

A former member of the violent Cash Money Brothers gang said the ex-heavyweight champ and another thug, Muhammad Nur, who was also close with the victim, each contributed $50,000 to the bounty on the heads of CMB leaders Damion (World) Hardy and Edward (Taz) Cooke.

Damion (World) Hardy

“Why would Mike Tyson put a hit out on Taz and World?” asked Assistant U.S. Attorney James Loonam.

“He was close friends with ‘Homicide,'” replied witness Dwayne Meyers, referring to victim Darryl Baum by his nickname.
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Mike Tyson Bentley 4 $ale


Mike Tyson’s Bentley Continental SC is for sale. The fighter’s former ride was spotted by Maghogany Girl(who is also about to drop a book) at the Auto Trader site. Man it seems this a new trend, cause I know I saw Scott Storch’s yacht for sale somewhere on the net. Anyway don’t know when the last time Mike actually drove this but it obviously is a collector’s item. Somebody get 50 on the phone!!

Mike Tyson & Holyfield Part #3


In what is being called a possible freak show, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson might lace up the boxing gloves for another fight. Now if this comes to fruition, it would be the biggest spectacle  boxing has seen since their last meeting when Mike bit off some of Holyfield’s ear. Mike is supposedly training so this might just happen. Honestly with all the negativity boxing has seen in recent years do we really need to see these guys fight again? I think they may hurt boxing more than anything else.  

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