Kimbo Slice Planning to Re-Emerge as a Pro Boxer


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As you’ve surely noticed, Kimbo Slice has been laying low since his embarassing loss to Seth Petruzelli at EliteXC: Heat. And though he would have been an excellent addition to DREAM’s Super Hulk Tournament, Kimbo’s days as an MMA fighter might be over for good. Last week, MMA Fanhouse reported that the YouTube-brawler-turned-MMA-sideshow is no longer contractually tied to Strikeforce, and now the Sun Sentinel is passing along this bit of news about Slice’s athletic future:

Streetfighter Kimbo Slice of Coral Springs is stepping out of the cage and into the ring, according to promoter Gary Shaw, who gave the YouTube streetfighting sensation his 15 minutes of fame on CBS in the now-defunct EliteXC league. Slice is training in a private Fort Lauderdale gym and could return to the same venue where Seth Petruzelli ended Slice’s rapid rise in mixed martial arts in 14 seconds. Shaw and Don King have a pro card scheduled for July 11 at the BankAtlantic Center.

The date is tentative because it conflicts with the July 8-11 Women’s National Golden Gloves Tournament at the Fort Lauderdale Airport Hilton, and King said he doesn’t like to conflict with local boxing shows.Be careful, Kimbo: Don King is a wretched, slimy, reptilian mothafucka. But at least the sport of boxing will allow Kimbo to rebuild his confidence against “opponents” who are all but paid to lose.

Was Kimbo’s TKO loss to Petruzelli proof that he has no chin under that beard? Will Ferg flourish in a combat environment that prohibits takedowns and kicks? Or have you already decided that you’re not going to care about Kimbo Slice, no matter what happens to him?

[video] Kimbo Slice Knocked Out… Final curtain for the Kimbo show

I had read a few weeks back that Kimbo was not ready for serious MMA fighting based on his last fight. The author said that Kimbo had no real training in the arts and that something like this would happen.

Well based on the video below he got his ass kicked but the article below states that it over for Kimbo.

Do you guys agree that one knockout and Kimbo’s MMA career is done?

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SUNRISE, Fla. – The legend of Kimbo Slice was built by beating bums in boat yards and back alleys not far from here. It came crashing down Saturday courtesy of a quick punch from a pink-haired journeyman giving up two inches in height, four in reach and 30 pounds in muscle and might.

One simple shot sent Slice to the canvas and from there some guy named Seth Petruzelli needed just 12 punches and 14 seconds to put an end (we hope) to one of the great sporting charades of all time.

It was just a matter of time before Kimbo got exposed. He was little more than a character out of central casting, a bunch of addictive YouTube videos and a lot of insane hype by CBS, which made him a headliner before he made himself a fighter.

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[video] Mixed Martial Arts ‘Hits’ Streets of NYC…

Source: And I Am Not Lying, Spartan Square

The wildly popular Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) has become a cultural phenomenon and has now has begun to sprout up on the streets of NYC. These underground matches are just as intense as the professional sanctioned bouts and pose a certain danger without an official referee or reinforced matt to brace body slams or takedowns. In the video below you will see a body slam that definetly hurt the fighter the next morning.Much respect and icyhot to the Spartans of NYC..

note: Sorry SpartanSquare had to post this to get this story out…