[video] Montana Fishburne Dynasty Series Photoshoot

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the infamous Montana Fishburne (daughter of world famous actor Laurence Fishburne) who made headlines years back for her dabbling in porn. Here is some footage of a new photoshoot she has done with Dynasty Series.

This is our very first DynastySeries exclusive of Montana Fishburne, and we’re going to make sure it’s not the last. Enjoy the stunning new pics and video of Montana courtesy of Mics and Models’ Azim lateef and photographer LeDarius Wiggins.

Montana Fisburne Sues Brian Pumper Over Sex Tape

This story just keep going and going. Now I am a bit confused Montana. You film a hardcore scene with notorious pornstar with Brian Pumper and now you say you did not want it released. This is the most backward thinking in the world. Practice? You have got to be kidding. Laurence get your daughter she is on a crash course for an early mental breakdown if she has not had one already. She really needs to sue him for this wack ass rap song video she appeared in below called “Oh & It’s Shaved”. The saga continues. More below from TMZ..


TMZ has obtained several letters that Fishburne’s legal team fired off to a porn star named Brian Pumper — demanding that his production company immediately stop all sales of “Phattys Rhymes & Dimes 14” … which features a scene between Montana and Brian.

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[video] Montana Fishburne speaks on new porn career, recent phone call with her father, and her ‘leopard booty’

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Don’t know too much about the guy doing the interview but he definitely asked all the questions everyone wants to know from Ms. Montana Fishburne.

I am still amazed at how easy and nonchalant this girl is about joining the porn industry and really not caring about how this has affected her parents.

Well I guess Chris Rock was right. If you have not seen some of this movie you be my guest it is not pretty. Lastly about her ‘leopard booty’ she also had alot of herpes looking bumps on the front of her private area. Laurence please kidnap this girl and put her in rehab, she is making Lindsey Lohan look like an angel.

[video] WTF: Brian Pumper Brings Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter into Porn

Somebody just got herself cut off from the family fortune. Like really Montana your father is one of the most successful actors in history and you are running around with pornstar Brian Pumper? Who was accused a few months back for trying to bring girls into the porn industry without having them properly tested? This is obviously you trying to get back at your father who probably has not spent quality time with you due to his hectic schedule over the last twenty years but is this really your career choice?

Vodpod videos no longer available.
“Montana Fishburne, who’s new porn name is “Chippy D”, is now an official porn star after doing a film with notorious adult film star Brian Pumper” – CarltonJordan