[video] Making of Buzz Aldrin’s Rocket Experience w/ Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli

WTF? Like I was saying earlier, it feels like Bizarro world in Hip Hop as of lately. Last year Wayne took us to Mars, this year Snoop is in the booth with Aldrin, the second dude to set foot on the moon. What’s next, a remix with Kanye and The Dream for the “Walking on the Moon” joint? That’ll be a great shoe in wouldn’t it be?

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Obama Team Aims to Enter into Space Race with CHINA

via Bloomberg

Jan. 2 (Bloomberg) — President-elect Barack Obama will probably tear down long-standing barriers between the U.S.’s civilian and military space programs to speed up a mission to the moon amid the prospect of a new space race with China. obama

Obama’s transition team is considering a collaboration between the Defense Department and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration because military rockets may be cheaper and ready sooner than the space agency’s planned launch vehicle, which isn’t slated to fly until 2015, according to people who’ve discussed the idea with the Obama team.

The potential change comes as Pentagon concerns are rising over China’s space ambitions because of what is perceived as an eventual threat to U.S. defense satellites, the lofty battlefield eyes of the military. Continue reading

Decades Later Scientists Find Water in Apollo Moon Samples

Decades later and scientists have finally gotten around to unraveling the chemical makeup of Moon samples brought back from the Apollo’s mission to the lunar body.  Now the Moon can join Mars as celestial bodies that scientists are forced to reevaluate because they have water, the core ingredient of life underneath their surface.

via Live Science

Water has been found conclusively for the first time inside ancient moon samples brought back by Apollo astronauts. The discovery may force scientists to rethink the lunar past and future, although uncertainty remains about how much water exists and whether future explorers could extract it.

The water was found inside volcanic glass beads, which represent solidified magma from the early moon’s interior. The news swept through much of the scientific community even before being detailed in the journal Nature this week.

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Japan Captures HD Photos Of The Moon

Can you see the face on the moon yet?

In a scientific first, Japan has secured HD hi-quality photos of the Moon. The photos taken by its lunar probe Selene are the most detailed topographic imaging of any celestial body ever. Information on mineral deposits are also being acquired by the Japanese scientists, furthering plans that Earthlings may have of inhabiting our neighbor to the north in the near future.

Military Shoots Down Satellite during Eclispe..

ON the night of February 20th (the cusp of Aquarius & Pisces) the skies above America played host to two substantial occurences. At approximately 10:26 p.m. while the moon was eclipsed the military shot a missile into space to destroy a rogue spy satellite.
 Whats the sense of spying on people if you are notifying them that you are spying on them? Well that’s exactly what the government told its citizens last week when Congress tussled over whether to ratify the Illegal Spy System enacted by the Bush administration.