Astro x Mita Sneakers x New Balance MT576S


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Rap group Astro and Japanese retailer Mita Sneakers recently linked up with New Balance to produce a limited version of the MT576S. The classic runner features a gold “foil” toebox and accents on the tongue, luxurious black suede on the middle panel, and an alluring combination of white and black premium leather around the heel. Under the foot, the MT576S is augmented by NB’s Rollbar technology for added stability as you traverse through the streets. The Astro x Mita Sneakers x New Balance MT576S is available now exclusively at Mita

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New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE

via Nice Kicks

New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE
The Nike Air Yeezy seems to be receiving the most attention right now; however, it is not the only unique, glow-in-the-dark shoe set to drop soon. On April 4th, 2009, this New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE will be available at Mita.

This particular sneaker is the product of a collaboration between New Balance, Mita and creative collective FRAT. It combines the 576 upper and the midsole of the infamous MT580. Other unique feature include an imprinted Shi-mei-nawa rope design and a bamboo rake motif on the tongue. Supposedly, this motif represents good fortune. Last but not least, it also possesses a glow-in-the-dark Ying & Yang symbol in representation of ‘day and night’ to the FRAT collective. Via Hypebeast.