[video] Snoop Dogg Millionaire (Feat. Tanvi Shah)

Snoop Dogg x Snoop Dogg Millionaire. Snoop has always been down with the trends and what’s hot in Hollywood so it’s no surprise that his new single and marketing campaign is all built around the Academy Award Winning Slumdog Millionaire. Snoop has just released his new single “Snoop Dogg Millionaire” which even features Tanvi Shah (Oscar winner for Best Original Song, “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire) to create the song. Check the song from the YouTube video and photo that Snoop’s reps just sent me. “Snoop Dogg Millionaire” will be from his first album released by MTV.

Trick Daddy Lands Deal With MTV For Autobiography


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Miami rapper Trick Daddy has inked a deal with MTV/Pocket Books for the release of his autobiography, Magic City: Trials of a Native Son.

Assisting Trick with the book is journalist and former Miami Herald staff writer Peter Bailey.

The book will reveal the rapper’s early life; from being the son of a pimp to having a drug-dealing brother who was murdered, Magic City will delve into Trick Daddy‘s life story.

Of course, it will also chronicle his rise to international fame, as well as a career spanning seven albums over a period of 13 years.

Recently, Trick Daddy was the subject of much speculation, as many thought the rapper leaked pictures of Rick Ross as a correctional officer [click to read]. Trick Daddy denied the claims.

MTV sets its sights on comedy scripts


via Breitbart

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – MTV’s next target: scripted comedy. The cable network is developing an unprecedented number of scripted half-hour projects, including an animated series and five pilots.

“We’re going to apply the same tenets of creativity and genre-busting to scripted comedy that ‘Laguna Beach’ used to make over the documentary,” MTV head of programing Tony DiSanto said. “It makes sense as a progression for us when a lot of our shows like ‘Run’s House’ and ‘The Hills’ look scripted to start going forward with actual scripted shows.”

The projects include a 20-episode series order for a new animated series, “DJ and the Fro,” that revolves around two office drones who swap viral videos while surrounded by workplace mayhem.

The network’s quintet of pilots — not all of which have closed deals — are a mix of live-action and animated projects, with three set in high school and two based on existing Web series. Continue reading

Kanye West Says ‘Best Hip-Hop Beats Of All Time’ Will Be On Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3


via MTV

Another Jay-Z song leaked online last month — that’s OK, just make some more. Kanye West says he’s just a handful of records away from finishing Jay’s The Blueprint 3, again.

“I finished his album and he released four songs that were potentially gonna be on the album,” West said last week on Sway and King Tech’s “Wake Up Show.” “So I gotta go back and do four. I just did one beat the other day in Hawaii — probably one of the best hip-hop beats of all time, if I do say so myself. I just gotta do three more beats and we’re done, ’cause he’s got classics. He’s got songs that are better than any of the things you’ve heard leaked.”

Two records that Kanye says should make B3‘s final cut are “Everyday a Star is Born” and “Forever Young.”

“You know what it was — every year I do two albums’ worth of really dope beats,” he explained. “This year, Common did his album with Pharrell, and I did 808s & Heartbreak and Blueprint 3. So just imagine the caliber of beats on the last two Common albums I did — Jay-Z has those types of beats. Those caliber of beats. A beat like ‘The People,’ that’s the highest caliber of beat.”

In 2009, at least one album’s worth of beats looks like it will be set aside for a Kanye LP. Continue reading

Snoop to Release Next Album Through MTV


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In a move reminiscent of Jay-Z’s monumental deal with Live Nation, Snoop Dogg, who just split with longtime label Interscope Records, has announced that he will release his next album Malice In Wonderland, through MTV. He will also launch a new nighttime variety show called Dogg After Dark, and will leverage MTV’s popular Rock Band video game as a distribution platform. Deals like this speak volumes about the state of the majors. Or, at the very least, artists perceptions about the majors ability to effectively sell their music.

Full press release.

New York, NY – February 10, 2009 – MTV and rapper, icon, record producer, entrepreneur and actor, Snoop Dogg today announced a first-of-its kind global deal that will bring the entertainers’ personality to television in a new variety talk show, “Dogg After Dark,” and his music to fans with a new album release and into the best-selling music video game Rock Band®.

Premiering on Tuesday, February 17th at 9pm ET/PT on MTV, Snoop Dogg will host “Dogg After Dark,” a new jam packed weekly variety talk show from Los Angeles hotspot Kress on Hollywood Boulevard. “Dogg After Dark” will bring his Doggystyle swagger to the airwaves with raw interviews with A-list celebrities and musicians, hilarious sketch-comedy segments and musical performances from the hottest artists. The show will air every Tuesday night for seven weeks and feature Snoop’s own in-house band, the “Snoopadelics.” Continue reading

Young Jeezy Will Not Appear On ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ Rep Confirms

via MTV

Young Jeezy was on the receiving end of barbs from Bill O’Reilly and guest Dennis Miller on “The O’Reilly Factor” last week: The pair took the Snowman and Jay-Z to task for their lyrics on “My President,” characterizing their rhymes as hateful toward America.

youngjeezyOn the show, O’Reilly casually challenged Jeezy to appear on “The O’Reilly Factor” to respond. Comedian Dennis Miller, O’Reilly’s guest during the segment, also threw in some barbs at the Atlanta rapper, calling him “Young Emphysema.”

Earlier this week, various Web sites reported Jeezy would join the fray by accepting O’Reilly’s challenge. But on Tuesday (January 27), a publicist for the rapper told MTV News that Jeezy’s vague comments about possibly appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” were taken out of context by media outlets, and he has not formally accepted an invitation to appear on the show.

“O’Reilly Factor” producer Ron Mitchell told MTV News on Tuesday that the offer to Young Jeezy still stands.

Jeezy explained to MTV News during inauguration week that he felt it was necessary for him to write “My President.”

“Music is how you feel,” the MC said about the song. “But if I can say one word, I’ll say ‘necessary.’ I felt it was necessary. I never ever paid attention to any election. [I’m] not really [into] politics or anything like that. It never benefited us. This time around, it’s not a black-or-white thing – you got somebody in there for us that’s well-spoken and gonna handle their business. I just wanted to do my part and let them know we need change, we need help, it’s rough out there.”

Also during the inaugural festivities, Jay-Z premiered his verse for the song, which has been added to the remix of “My President.”

MTV Preps to Air T.I.’s “Road To Redemption”


via RealTalkNY

As he begins counting down the days to his impending March 2009 sentencing for weapons charges, Grammy-winning superstar T.I. finds himself at a remarkable crossroads. At the very apex of his career, he’s facing up to thirty years of jail time for an arrest stemming from his earlier life. However, as part of a deal worked out between his lawyers and the federal government, if he completes an amazing 1000 hours of community service during the year ending this March, that sentence may be reduced. At 27, finding himself at the very high- and low-point of his adult life, he’s seeking redemption in helping others avoid the mistakes he made. In the new docu-series “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” cameras follow T.I.’s efforts to save himself by saving others. “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” is a moving title. Each week, the title will change to reflect the amount of time left to his sentencing.

The final episode will air shortly after T.I.’s fate is revealed. In order to communicate his message, he has to give each teenager a tough love lesson in life and show them the consequences of what could happen if they continue down the wrong path. “T.I.’s Road To Redemption: 45 Days To Go” will premiere on Tuesday, February 10 at 9:00PM (ET/PT). Subsequent episodes will air in the show’s regular timeslot at 9:30pm (ET/PT).

Viacom Could Pull MTV Off Time Warner Cable

I was actually watching television while blogging and saw this news scroll across the bottom of the screen. Viacom is always in some type of dispute, and trying to wring every penny possible from the consumer.picture-491

LOS ANGELES – Media giant Viacom Inc. is threatening to pull MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon and 16 other channels from Time Warner Cable Inc. if a new carriage fee deal is not agreed upon by midnight Wednesday.

If realized, the move could shut off popular shows like “The Colbert Report” and “SpongeBob SquarePants” to 13 million subscribers, said spokesman Alex Dudley, a vice president at Time Warner Cable, the nation’s second-largest cable operator.

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MTV To Reshuffle Lineup to Coincide with ‘Obama’ Generation


via Variety

In trying to keep its hold on young and fickle audiences, MTV over the decades has undergone some fundamental programming shifts, but never before on this scale.

The cabler’s recent ratings declines include a 23% fourth-quarter drop in its core demo of 12- to 34-year-olds. So MTV is embarking on a major programming overhaul, with 16 new unscripted series over the next 4½ months.

The series come from high-profile producers including Sean Combs, Matt Stone & Trey Parker, Donald Trump and Nick Lachey. And they represent a major thematic shift for the channel — more toward the meta-scripted reality of MTV’s “The Hills,” one of the cabler’s few success stories these days.

While MTV pioneered reality series with 1992’s “The Real World,” that genre has become ubiquitous, so the network is offering a slate that avoids the backbiting and bitchery of most nonfiction fare. Continue reading

MySpace, MTV Test Piracy-Profit Plan


via Reuters

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – A new technology that essentially allows content owners to profit from piracy will get a high-profile test this month from MySpace and MTV Networks.


Instead of triggering the usual take-down notices, copyright-infringing footage of select MTV Networks programing uploaded by MySpace subscribers would be automatically redistributed with advertisements that would generate revenue for the companies. MTV Networks is the parent company of such channels as MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Spike and Nickelodeon.


MySpace is turning to third-party tech firm Auditude to deliver the technology through a combination of patented assets: a sophisticated ad-serving platform with a video-fingerprinting system that cross indexes billions of seconds of TV and online footage in seconds.


“This is a game-changer,” said Jeff Berman, president of sales and marketing at MySpace. “We’re going from a world of no to a world of yes while protecting the rights of the copyright holder.” Continue reading

Kanye West Films Pilot For Comedy Central

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Superstar rapper/producer Kanye West and fellow rapper Rhymefest have teamed with Jackhole Productions and Comedy Central, to create a half-hour television show titled Alligator Boots.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, West stars in the pilot for the “Muppet” like puppet based show, but future episodes will be hosted by a different celebrity.

West will also produce and perform the music in Alligator Boots, which could be on the air as early as 2009.

Jackhole Productions, which is owned by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Daniel Kellison, has a number of hit television shows on the air.

In addition to producing Comedy Central’s hit series Crank Yankers, which featured puppets voiced by celebrities making prank phone calls, Jackhole Productions also produces Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Man Show and The Andy Milonakis Show.

TRL Fades to Black in November

How appropiate that they would choose November as the month to lay TRL to rest, well I won’t forget to pour out a lil’ liqour.

via Yahoo

NEW YORK – Start the countdown clock on MTV‘s countdown era: “Total Request Live” will soon shut down after 10 years on the air.

The music video show will conclude in a two-hour special on a Saturday afternoon in November, Dave Sirulnick, executive producer of “TRL,” said Monday. He stressed that the show wasn’t ending for good, but felt now was the right time to give it a break after an unprecedented run on the cable music channel.

“We want to close this era of `TRL’ in a big celebratory way, and 10 is a great number,” Sirulnick said. “And 10 is the number that `TRL’ counted down every single day for 10 years, and we hit this 10th (anniversary) and we thought, `You know what? This feels like the right time and let’s celebrate it and let’s reward it. And let’s let it have a little bit of a rest for a minute.’ Let it catch its breath! Been working hard — for 10 years!” Continue reading

Def Jam Exploring Film Options

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With music channels such as BET and MTV showing more reality shows and less music videos, Def Jam is thinking about taking its artists to the movies. The label experimented with the concept in July by placing Rihanna‘s single “Disturbia” in theaters as a preview to promote her album Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. Now Jeff Straughn, Def Jam‘s VP of strategic marketing, has ideas of getting artists like Rick Ross and Young Jeezy on the big screen too.

“We could put a Young Jeezy in front of a movie like The Dark Knight or some other R-rated or urban leaning movie,” Straughn tells Billboard magazine. “Then we might put Duffy in front of an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ultimately we want to take a variety of content and sprinkle it across the right screens.” Continue reading

Janet Jackson Partners with MTV To Create Reality Show

via Variety

Janet Jackson is getting into the reality TV business, developing a music competition with 25/7 Prods. for MTV.

Untitled project, which has already started casting, will feature Jackson as she mentors a group of aspiring singers and dancers. Project will be shot in the coming months as Jackson prepares for her world tour, which launches on Sept. 10.

“It’s really about finding who’s the next Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake or Usher,” said exec producer Dave Broome. “And we’ll find it from a pool of people who you wouldn’t typically find it from. We’ll go to YMCAs, church groups, local community centers and try to cast the show.”
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Jackass Steve-O Pleads to Coke Charges, Enters Rehab..

Source: AP

Another celeb, another slap on the wrist. Somewhere someone got locked up for the same amount of coke but will spending some time behind bars.

Daredevil prankster Steve-O has pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine.

As part of Tuesday’s plea deal, the case against Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, will be dismissed after he completes a drug rehabilitation program, his attorney Barry Gerald Sands said.

“He is already in a program as we speak,” Sands said.

The co-star of MTV’s “Jackass” was arrested for investigation of vandalism and drug possession at his Hollywood home March 3 following a dispute with a neighbor over a fence.

He was later hospitalized for psychiatric treatment and has documented his recovery on his Web site.

Busta Putting Together Posse Cut to Address Legal Woes

busta crymes
Source: Nahright/MTV

In a recent interview with MTV, Busta Rhymes explains “Don’t Believe Them,” his second posse cut that he is in the process of putting together with Akon and T.I.

The record was inspired by the situation that transpired with T.I. right after the BET Hip-Hop Awards. My legal situations were current, and his legal situations were current, and Akon had his, you know, history of legal situations in the past. … We wanted people to — as bad as things might look for us sometimes — just know that it ain’t over until you say it’s over at the end of the day. ‘Cause nobody can really dictate what the outcome of your destiny, what your life is going to end up becoming, unless you let it happen that way.”

CLICK [HERE] for the rest of the story

50 Cent Gets MTV Reality Show


via Billboard
MTV has a slew of projects in the works for summer and fall, including a reality competition from 50 Cent, a search for the next female singing superstar, a rock-themed “Making the Band” spinoff and, as previously reported, a reality show about rapper T.I.

The untitled 50 Cent project is an elimination reality show following 16 contestants as they compete to learn and master the skills that took 50 Cent from the streets to corporate America. The rapper will whittle down the contestants each week, with one winning a full scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate business program.
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MTV’s ‘The Real World’ Meets the Real World, Shoots in Brooklyn..


THE REAL THING Willoughby Street in Downtown Brooklyn could get big exposure if MTV locates “The Real World” in the area.

Okay folks they will not be shooting in Bed Stuy (which is actually middle class), or East New York(home of Uncle Murda), or any neighborhood where there are thugs on the corner. But they will be in the borough of Bklyn which is a a good dose of reality wherever you go. MTV producers will have their hands full when shooting starts sometime this Summer:

The structure of “The Real World” has not changed over 20 seasons: seven strangers are selected to live together, and all manner of racial prejudice, fighting and unrequited love ensue. The network plans to show the Brooklyn season in January. Shooting begins this summer, though Mr. Johnston would not say when.

“Generally we don’t like to announce where we are,” said Jim Johnston, an executive producer, who said that the show was scouting several Brooklyn locations and that nothing was final. “We like to work in complete anonymity when we can.”

“It’s less safe, I feel,” said Bruce Wallace, standing on Willoughby and sounding world-weary at age 19, but just a tyke when “The Real World” went on the air in 1992. “They could get mugged out here.”

The possible location was first reported on May 17 in the Brooklyn Paper. MTV, the network that produces the show, would not confirm the BellTel Lofts, site of the former New York Telephone Company on Bridge Street, as its chosen shooting location.

Full story here..

MTV Releases “Hottest MCs In The Game” With Few Surprises

This Is Why I\'m Hot

MTV is back at it again with their controversial “Hottest MCs In The Game” list. I’m sure people will be in an uproar about some of the top names in the game that were deleted, like well The Game, Nas, Common and some might even find offense to the exclusion of Souljah Boy. Taking top honors is Mr. Kanye West, King ‘Ye to be exact. Can’t complain too much with that one, but Lil Wayne at number THREE? Jay placed one notch in front of the self-proclaimed martian partially due to his visibility as a result of his business acumen and supposedly for the superb job he did on his critically acclaimed “American Gangster” LP. Below is the remainder of the list. Go [HERE] for a full explanation of the criteria that went into the selection process.

1. Kanye
2. Jay-Z
3. Lil Wayne
4. Rick Ross
5. Snoop Dogg
6. 50 Cent
7. Lupe Fiasco
8. Young Jeezy
9. Andre 3000
10. T.I

B.E.T, M.T.V Feeding Teens With Sex and Violence : Study Finds

B.E.T Founder Bob Johnson &  CEO Debra Lee who are taking stiff criticism for the amount sex and violence teens are bombared with from their network.

Source : EURweb.com

A new report accuses BET and MTV of showing excessive sex and violence during hours that teens are viewing. The report reinforces heavy criticism that has been lodged against these networks for years. Recent episodes from cult favorite Boondocks were banned due to their harsh criticism of B.E.T CEO Debra Lee and even referrred to the network as the Black Evil Network.
Full story below:

“What BET and MTV are offering to children on these three programs is full of offensive and vulgar content, the likes of which cannot yet be found on broadcast television,” said Tim Winter. President of the Parents Television Council, who conducted the study in partnership with the Enough is Enough Campaign.

MTV CEO Judy McGrath has never publicly addressed the violent and sexual images on MTV networks<

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Henchman Calls For Philips Head


The chips are starting to fall all over the place now that the LA Times has retracted their damaging story tying Diddy & Jimmy Henchman to the ambush that resulted in Tupac getting shot at Manhattan’s Quad Studio. Even though Chuck Philips has issued an apology Jimmy Henchman is calling for his head and Diddy is considering suing the Times. Check out the excerpt from an interview conducted with MTV’s Sway where Henchman lays his case out:

“I lived with the rumor of what happened to Tupac for the last 14 years,” Rosemond said Thursday afternoon. “And rumors are rumors — either you believe them or you don’t — but when you have a reputable newspaper like the Los Angeles Times with a Pulitzer Prize winner like Chuck Philips to validate a rumor, then it becomes real. It becomes real in your life, real to the people around you. When you Google me, this affects me regardless, forever. I could always rebut a rumor, but this is something that’s well more damaging. And I think Chuck Philips had no regards to my reputation, for myself as a businessman, myself as a father, a family man, somebody’s son. And I think he did irreparable damage to my career, my reputation and everything else. I don’t think there is no other reward for me or my family that he can do. An apology isn’t going to do it. There has to be some form of reprimand in the sense of his job. He needs to lose his job.”

CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.

Chuck Not Finished With Tupac Shooting

Source: EURWEB 


LA Times reporter Chuck Phillips who set a new firestorm of press with his recent article about the shooting Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios. The article stated that associates of Sean “Puffy” Combs organized the ambush on Tupac and that he and Biggie Smalls knew of its occurence a week prior. Chuck has given a new interview which he feels that these murders of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur would be solved if it were “Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie”. Click here for interview

Chuck says Puffy and Biggie knew about Pac Ambush


In what seems to be the hot topic in the blogsphere, LA Times writer Chuck Phillips claims to have unearthed evidence that Puffy and Biggie knew about the hit on Tupac Shakur in Quad Studios, that left him shot five times. He says that this was all orchestrated by Czar entertainment CEO Jimmy Rosemond.

Read the full article here

Both Puffy and Rosemond have released statements denying any involvement.

Brooklyn Rapper Snags Role in B.I.G Movie “Notorious”

biggie-gravy-2.jpg biggie-gravy.jpg

Brooklyn rapper Gravy has snagged the role of Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. The rapper is due to star with Angela Basset who plays his mother. I must say Fendi and Gravy predicted this a very long time ago in one of their popular The Come Up DVD’s. I filmed Gravy years ago and was supposed to work with Fendi. Things never materialized but  I can do nothing but wish them well.

                                                                                          More at ALLHIPHOP

Souljah Boy Coming For That Number One Spot


Youuuuuuu!  It is an understatement to say that the lil’ homey Souljah Boy is feeling himself.  But he must be realizing what we’ve been trying to say for a minute, in terms of emerging artists that understand the landscape of what it will take to not only survive but thrive in the “new digital” music industry Souljah Boy is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.  The “Crank Dat” phenom dropped by MTV studios and started a whirlwind of controversy by pointing out to them that their Top 10 List needs some necessary revisions.  Peep what he said:

“I’m Grammy-nominated,” he continued, citing his credentials. “If I look at the new list and I compare myself to all 10 of the artists and some don’t add up, I’ll be like, ‘Wow. I should be #1 if it’s right now. I’m #1.”

Soulja Boy was more candid when asked how he ranks specifically against alumni of the first Hottest MCs list, like Weezy, ‘Ye and Jay-Z.

“Right now, yes [I’m hotter than them],” he answered as their names were read to him one by one.

He said he is the best-selling online, highest-ranking on the Web and the most publicized rapper worldwide right now.”

To continue reading him Crank his Souljah Boy CLICK HERE

A Moment of Silence…


The ending is near, make no mistake about it…if 2006 signaled the year that Hip Hop died, then 2007 will be noted as the year that the rest of the industry followed into that shallow grave.  Like all things though, death only means new life and in this case the story of the year is the emergence of the new model of what the music industry will look like in the coming years.  MTV did a three-part series about the changing of guard called “The Year The Industry Broke.”  They included a thorough time-line of the trials and travesties the industry went through this year.  Kanye West is the only exception, with him being poised to celebrate his best year ever until tragedy struck with the untimely death if his mother.  This is a must read for anyone contemplating selling their soul to get into the industry.  Sh*t, don’t take our word for it, below are some notable quotes from the MTV piece: 

“Make no mistake about it, 2007 was a b-a-a-a-d year for the industry. According to Nielsen SoundScan, album sales were down 15 percent from 2006 (a trend that’s continued for eight straight years now); big-name artists jumped ship in increasingly complicated — and messy — ways; and the powers-that-be seemed to get even more heartless and disconnected, thanks to a series of lawsuits, feuds and terrible decisions.”

 “It’s a new world now and people are thinking of new ways to reach the people, and for me that’s always been my aim.”

                                              -Paul McCartney on his decision to sign with Starbuck’s new music label

Kanye West’s Graduation sells nearly 957,000 copiesto claim the top spot on the Billboard albums chart. 50 Cent’s Curtis bows at #2 with sales of more than 691,000. Both are the best first-week numbers of 2007 (besting Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight, which scanned 623,000 copies in May), and Graduation notches the biggest first week in nearly two years — beating, interestingly, West’s Late Registration, which sold more than 860,000 copies when it was released in September 2005.


Editor’s Note:I have to sadly report that no major Hip Hop artists are included on the list of musicians that are leading the pack and making the shift in this new digital industry.  On the contraire they are the ones holding on and holding up the plantation…without ring tone sales labels would be completely six feet under. When will we see the light?  Oh, shout out to Buddens for making the switch.