Universal Merges with PluggedIn to Offer HD Videos

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[Source: ProHipHop]

More mergers are emerging as the media world embraces it virtual counterpart, the world wide web. Universal Music Group (UMG) has just announced a deal with online video platform PluggedIn, enabling viewers access to HD videos from its entire roster of artists.

The companies are responding to the trend of viewers fleeing online to view videos and the merger with PluggedIn provides UMG with a partner that is able to enhance the viewing experience. “This is the first time customers will be able to view our videos online at such high quality and the difference is remarkable,” according to Rio Caraeff, Executive Vice President of UMG’s eLabs. Below is an excerpt of a press release detailing what makes PluggedIn a cutting-edge platform:

PluggedIn is powered by an innovative new media player that supports high-definition full-screen video playback with no buffering and DVD like controls, a multimedia search engine and fan centric social networking applications.

PluggedIn’s Media Player delivers a smooth, uninterrupted, full screen viewing experience and enables fans to watch stunning, HD quality music videos from their favorite artists. Videos are encoded for multiple bandwidths (dial-up, wireless and broadband) and DVD type controls allow for instant playback and skipping around.

At PluggedIn.com, music lovers can discover new music, get recommendations to artists, videos, and to other fans, and click into the PluggedIn Media Stream — a real-time, voyeur’s view of the activity of tastemakers and fans. On PluggedIn, the community drives all the ranking and presentation of videos, artists, playlists and fans.

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