Justin Timberlake Buys A Piece of Myspace

After this business deal, expect a N’Sync reunion in the near future if this does’nt work out. For the life of me I can’t see why he purchase a piece this dying network because having a myspace page is so 2004. I guess starring in the social network has gone to his head literally.

via Guardian UK
The singer turned actor, who starred as Facebook investor Sean Parker in the Hollywood hit The Social Network, took a stake in Myspace along with the online advertising company, Specific Media.

The unlikely entrepreneur will “lead the business strategy” for the fallen social network, the Specific Media chief executive Tim Vangerhook, said on announcing the $35m deal on Wednesday evening.
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New MySpace Profiles? Do You Even Care?

Myspace refuses to die, and they have just rolled out some new features for profiles. Do you guys even care?

via Mashable

Users began noticing the new MySpace profiles today. Sean Percival, MySpace’s vice president of online marketing, tweeted about his updated MySpace profile earlier today.

Here are some of the differences we’ve noticed:

  • A new left-hand navigation: Profile navigation has been condensed into the left hand navigation menu under the profile picture.
  • Focus on the stream: MySpace Stream — the site’s version of the Facebook newsfeed — is the focus of the the new profiles. You can view a user’s recent activity, comment on items and share content with friends.
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[pic] Myspace bans Coco’s ‘Butt Crack’ Photo

Myspace get a life. You should be more worried that your site is on the brink on being in the dustbin of social media. Anway hit the jump inorder to see what has the Myspace brass panties in a bunch:

via Huff Post

CoCo, a former Playboy model now married to Ice-T, was dismayed to find that photo of herself she posted to her MySpace page was later removed by the site (see the NSFW picture below).

CoCo tweeted her outrage:

http://twitpic.com/15aa50 – Why did myspace take this pic down.Are they offended by ass-crack?Its female curvature!

It’s not clear why MySpace took issue with the photo–as Dlisted points out, MySpace has no shortage of ‘pictures of tweens in their training bras.’ Moreover, far racier images abound on CoCo’s MySpace profile page. Full photo after the jump:

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Myspace and Facebook to join forces?

Wow! This was something a few years ago we would have never thought could be possible. Figures because the newly appointed head of Myspace is an ex-Facebook executive.

Picture 34via Newser

– High-ranking executives at both Facebook and MySpace confirm that the companies are in talks over some sort of content partnership—a development that isn’t a big surprise to at least one observer. Formerly intense competitors in the social-networking sphere, Caroline McCarthy writes, now “Facebook’s the one providing the platform for the content; MySpace is the one providing the content itself.”

While MySpace can boost its claim as “a pop culture hub,” McCarthy adds on CNET, “for Facebook, meanwhile, you could take this as a ‘look, we’ve won’ move. After all, it’s a validation of the power of the social network’s content platform that a company like MySpace—which used to dwarf Facebook in size—would want to use it for distribution.”

Myspace bows to Twitter, allows you to sync your updates

Is anyone even on myspace?
Picture 1

via readwriteweb

MySpace just announced that its users will now be able to sync their status updates with their Twitter feeds. MySpace users will be able to send their status updates on MySpace directly to Twitter and will also be able to import their Twitter updates to their MySpace feeds. This is currently just a beta product, but MySpace will roll this service out globally over the coming weeks.

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MySpace problems may spread to Facebook, Twitter

via Anthony Massucci

Picture 126

MySpace founders have been pushed aside and there is speculation layoffs are coming.

As Facebook and Twitter watch what’s happening at MySpace, they should be worried and heed the warning of potential problems to come. Social-networking sites grow like weeds and, well, die like weeds too.

Twitter is the fastest growing networking site right now. Facebook is number two. MySpace, on the other hand, is seeing its audience decline and may have to fire employees.
When the growth of a social-networking site slows, you don’t need as many workers anymore. If a large corporation buys a smaller company, there’s the danger that the creative input of its founders will no longer be needed. That’s what’s happening at MySpace and it’s bound to happen at Facebook and Twitter down the road.

My Space is preparing to lay off 25 percent or more of its staff, after laying off five percent last year, TechCrunch reported this week. “Like any company with new leadership, Fox Interactive Media is reviewing every aspect of our operations, performance and structure,” Fox Interactive Media spokesman told DailyFinance in an e-mail.

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Do You Know Anyone Still on Myspace?


via NY Times

The challenge for Owen Van Natta and his boss Jonathan Miller is outlined in an article in Monday’s Times, summarized neatly by this chart showing that the country’s leading social networking service is now losing users. myspace2_190

The article points out that Mr. Van Natta, a former executive of Amazon and Facebook, has only six friends on MySpace. And in my experience in talking to technology executives, journalists and suburban parents, Facebook comes up frequently and MySpace never does. The only exceptions are my friends in the music industry, where every band still seems to have a MySpace page.

Clearly, my social set is hardly representative. ComScore finds MySpace has younger users with lower incomes than Facebook. When I spoke last fall at Ferris State University in western Michigan, a school that focuses on career training, the students I asked were split about evenly between Facebook and MySpace. (No one used Twitter.)

When I reread the article I wrote in 2006 about the high hopes News Corporation had for MySpace, I see a litany of ideas that didn’t pan out. The company wanted to make the site a portal for its own video; Hulu fills that need. It wanted to create a marketplace for person-to-person commerce, a more social eBay. There’s little sign of that outside of some music sales. And it’s not so clear that the site has continued to weave itself into the communications patterns of people.

So let’s bring the Bits readers into a bit of crowdsourced reporting. Do you use MySpace? Do you know anyone who does? Why? Please post your experience in the comments below.

We asked a similar question about AOL in September, and we learned that the service has quite a following, but the biggest reason is that people don’t want to change their e-mail addresses. “Inertia Rocks,” one reader wrote.

Clearly there is some inertia in social networking. You’ll be lonely if you are the first one of your friends to move to a new site (unless you live within 20 miles of University Avenue in Palo Alto, Calif., in which case you might be cool). But MySpace always had a bit of a disco feel to it, and I wonder if it is simply vulnerable to changing fashion. Continue reading

Myspace Co-Founder Steps Down after Company Falls Behind Facebook



via Bloomberg

MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe will step down as chief executive officer of the social- networking Web site after falling behind rival Facebook Inc.

A replacement wasn’t named. DeWolfe will remain an adviser, Jonathan Miller, the top digital officer for parent News Corp., said today in a statement. MySpace President Tom Anderson is in talks with Miller about a new role.

DeWolfe co-founded MySpace with Anderson in 2003 and ran the ad-supported company for almost four years under Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. Former Facebook Chief Operating Officer Owen Van Natta is likely to replace DeWolfe, the Wall Street Journal’s All Things D Web site reported today. Facebook passed MySpace as the top social-networking site last year.

“I don’t think advertising growth has reached their initial expectations,” said Michael Morris, a New York-based analyst with UBS AG. He rates News Corp. stock “neutral” and doesn’t own it. “The initial hopes of the business probably haven’t been realized.”

A new management structure will be announced in the “near future,” Miller said in the statement. Continue reading

Study Links Blogs, MySpace And Album Sales

via HipHopDX

When Ghostface Killah [click to read] professed his disappointment last year about the lack of sales for The Big Doe Rehab [click to read] compared to the amount of friends he had listed on his MySpace page, questions on the real influence the giant networking site had already been raised.myspace_screenshot1

In a recent study titled, “Does Chatter Matter? The Impact of User-Generated Content on Music Sales,” New York University researchers looked to reveal this problem concerning online content and sales, and whether or not there was a way for music Web sites to increase sales inadvertently through independent content.

With MySpace being one of the major resources for fans to check out their favorite artists, researchers hypothesized that, “On average, a band with thousands of friends on MySpace to be more popular with MySpace users than a band with a handful,” thus selling more albums in the first month. Using the rankings of Amazon.com, one of the world’s largest online retailers, researchers determined the outcome of their studies surprising to say the least. [More…] For one, they found that an increase in MySpace friends for an artist did not correlate to an increase in sales. Not only that, but the amount of MySpace friends did not serve as a strong indicator for album sales in general.

On the other hand, blogs that posted content of artists repeatedly on their sites, termed “blog chatter,” resulted in relatively more sales for the artist. Through this study, it would seem that Ghostface’s concerns and artists expectations in general for sales should now be attributed to blogs rather than label-invested outlets.

Facebook Could Catch MySpace in U.S. By 2010

via Truemorsfacebook-myspace

The cage match raging on between social networking powerhouses Facebook and MySpace could get ugly over the next couple years as Facebook appears poised to takeover MySpace’s title of most popular social networking site in the U.S. by 2010. Geez, that sounded like a WWE commercial–my apologies. Anyway, newly released data from ComScore shows Facebook quickly catching up to its News Corp. owned rival and 2.0 watchers predict a Mark Zuckerberg and co. unique visitor lead take over some time between late 2009 and early 2010. Beyond U.S. borders, Facebook dominates the social networking game, but an edge in the States could give Facebook a much-needed edge in advertising revenue.

Warner Bros. to add Social Networks to All Music Sites

They peepin, watchin

via Breitbart

DENVER (Billboard) – After years of watching music fans flood online social networks to interact with their favorite recording artists, the music industry is starting to get serious about adding community features to its own websites.



Hoping to become a big player in that effort is networking giant Cisco, which during the Consumer Electronics Show, January 8-11 in Las Vegas, introduced its Eos platform — a set of hosted online tools designed to enable media and entertainment companies to build social networking functions into websites.

For record labels, that means adding fan community services to artist sites. Warner Music Group (WMG) is the first label partner signed on to use the Eos platform, and it already plans to add such functionality to the sites for Atlantic artists Laura Izibor and Sean Paul. Other artist sites will migrate to the platform over the course of the year.

“As the Web shifts from the enterprise to the consumer in terms of where the traffic is coming from, the social media revolution — which is all about fans interacting with artists — is going to provide an enormous opportunity,” said WMG executive vice president of digital strategy and business development Michael Nash. “This is a recognition that having a social media strategy is not just about partnering with social networks, but it’s also about what we do with our direct-to-consumer efforts.” Continue reading

[pics] HIP HOP’s HOTTEST HONEYS- Daphne Joy

The world needs more of this kind of JOY going around
via BlackJackSkanz


You’ve seen her most recently in E-40 ft. Akon’s “Wake Up”, Jamie Foxx ft. NeYo’s- “She got it” (remix) and NeYo’s “Miss Independent”. Daphne Joy is that Filipino/Puerto Rican honey with the covergirl face and all the right moves. Modeling and music videos are good but Daphne’s real goals are television and acting. She is done a few TV shows and has a role in a Charles Murphy film called “Frankenhood” coming out in 2009. On the experience Daphne says…

I had never taken acting seriously until that point. I was nervous, yet excited and it turned out really well. This experience made me more secure with my acting skills and was more challenging than the videos.

Hopefully we will be seeing more of Daphne this year. You can give her a shout at her MySpace.

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Good News for Project Playlist: Sony BMG Strikes Deal


via CNET

Project Playlist has struck a deal with Sony BMG to bring the label’s catalog to its streaming-music service. It’s the first major-label deal for Project Playlist, which recently brought former Facebook exec Owen Van Natta on as CEO but has been dealing with legal problems that have seen its widgets banned from social network MySpace.

Currently, Project Playlist has been sued by Warner Music, EMI, and Universal Music Group, as well as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), because of the amount of unauthorized content that members have uploaded to the service. Industry rumors have persisted that Project Playlist was interested in a merger with Imeem, a similar service that has deals with all the major labels.

Reports had surfaced in April that unlike the other labels, Sony BMG was negotiating with Project Playlist rather than seeking legal action against it. Now, months later, that deal has come to fruition.

“Collaborating with Sony BMG is a significant milestone in our effort to improve the access and quality of content on Project Playlist, and enhance the overall user experience,” founder Jeremy Riney said in a release. “We hope that we soon will be able to provide our users with ready access to even more of the music they want in the way that they want it.”

There are a ton of social music sites out there, but Project Playlist is growing fast: Traffic firm ComScore pegs its user base at 40 million.

Soulja Boy & Keyshia Cole Preview New Albums On MySpace


via SOHH

Keyshia Cole and Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em have linked with MySpace Music to offer fans an exclusive first-listen to their new albums before they hit stores this week.

Keyshia returns with a 15-track third album A Different Me led by the single “Playa Cardz Right,” featuring the late Tupac Shakur.

In addition to featuring guest appearances by NasMonica and Tank, the Grammy nominated singer has tagged mega producers including Polow Da Don and Ron Fair.

Returning to retail stores for a second time, Soulja Boy fans will be able to peep each record from his new album iSoulaBoyTellem exclusively via MySpace. Teaming with various beat makers like Drumma Boy, the teen rap star recently told SOHH his latest single “Yamaha Mama” will be a hit. Continue reading

Myspace May Produce Digital Music Player


via Reuters

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – MySpace, the popular online social network owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, could develop a digital music player in the future, pitting it against Apple Inc’s hot-selling iPod.

But there are no immediate plans to make or sell such a device, MySpace co-founder and Chief Executive Chris DeWolfe said at a conference in San Francisco on Thursday.

“It’s possible” that MySpace, which recently launched a music joint venture with major music labels, could eventually build a device for listening to music, DeWolfe said in response to a question from conference host John Battelle.

“Right now, we’re just focusing on the service,” DeWolfe said at the Web 2.0 summit.

MySpace, the largest online social networking site, launched MySpace Music in September, aiming to become the ultimate one-stop for music fans.

The joint venture between MySpace and major music labels such as Sony BMG Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group lets people access a range of new music services, including streaming, music and ringtone downloads, videos, ticketing and merchandising. Continue reading

MySpace, MTV Test Piracy-Profit Plan


via Reuters

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – A new technology that essentially allows content owners to profit from piracy will get a high-profile test this month from MySpace and MTV Networks.


Instead of triggering the usual take-down notices, copyright-infringing footage of select MTV Networks programing uploaded by MySpace subscribers would be automatically redistributed with advertisements that would generate revenue for the companies. MTV Networks is the parent company of such channels as MTV, BET, Comedy Central, Spike and Nickelodeon.


MySpace is turning to third-party tech firm Auditude to deliver the technology through a combination of patented assets: a sophisticated ad-serving platform with a video-fingerprinting system that cross indexes billions of seconds of TV and online footage in seconds.


“This is a game-changer,” said Jeff Berman, president of sales and marketing at MySpace. “We’re going from a world of no to a world of yes while protecting the rights of the copyright holder.” Continue reading

YouTube Bumps Video Clip Upload Size to 1GB

This great news to us. The new features will help us continue to bring you amazing videos such as this

via Life Hacker

YouTube is testing a new video upload tool that lets you edit your clip’s metadata while the upload happens, and they’re bumping the upload size limit from 100MB to 1GB. (Nice!) Here’s the tester link to the new uploader. While you’re all up in the ‘tube, check out our top 10 YouTube hacks. [via]

Australian Company Launches 3D Internet Tool

via Economic Times

MELBOURNE: An Australian company on Thursday launched a free tool it says offers web browsers a world-first opportunity to view the Internet in three dimensions.

Melbourne-based ExitReality said its application allows users to turn any regular website into a 3D virtual environment, where an avatar representing them can walk around and meet other browsers viewing the same website.

Founder Danny Stefanic said that previously only specialised websites such as Second Life and World of Warcraft allowed users to enter a 3D environment.

“ExitReality goes far beyond that,” he said. “It allows you to view not just one website but the entire World Wide Web in 3D.” Continue reading

The Anatomy of a Protest: Nas vs Fox News

Photo courtesy of Nahright

As I approached the Fox News headquarters across the street from Rockerfeller Plaza I encountered a congregation of upwards to 60-80 bodies who had amassed to join MoveOn.org, ColorofChange.org and Nas as they presented the network with a petition signed by over 600,000 people (which was rejected by Fox by the way). The topic of protest was the unfair and unbalanced coverage of Sen. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama by talking heads such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. An hour into the scheduled protest Nas, whose “Untitled” album featuring the scathing Fox rebuttal “Sly Fox” debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts this afternoon, finally arrived and took the podium. As the police became irate with protesters who pushed and shoved to gain position to hear the inaudible MC, Nas had this to say:

He continued his campaign and took his show on the road to The Colbert Report: Continue reading

Myspace To Unveil Facelift on Wednesday

Myspace Screenshot
via PC World

MySpace will unveil next week a large-scale redesign that will alter major components of the social-networking site, like its home page, navigation scheme, search engine and video player.

On Wednesday, MySpace users will see the first phase of the redesign, which has been in the works for the past six months, according to the company.

MySpace, the world’s most popular social-networking site, expects the changes to boost user engagement by making the site easier to navigate.
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Gnarls Barkley, Janelle Monae Link for Free Myspace Show in NY

Gnarls Barkley & Janelle Monae\'s Secret Myspace Show

via SOHH

Funky duo Gnarls Barkley are giving fans a special treat this weekend exclusively in New York City as they team with R&B futuristic rocker and the latest Bad Boy signee, Janelle Monáe, for a free performance.

Presented by MySpace Secret Shows, the event, which will also feature rock group Battles, will take place this Sunday (June 8). Although there is no admission, the best chance of getting a seat is arriving early, as the set-up is a first come, first served basis.

In addition to the group’s New York performance this weekend, out-of-state fans will also get a chance to see Gnarls – made-up of producer Danger Mouse and singer Cee-Lo Green – later this summer. As previously reported by SOHH, the wildly entertaining duo will team-up with Kanye West as they headline this year’s Lollapalooza music festival in Texas from August 1-3.
Also performing at Lollapaloozza will be popular rock groups including Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine as well as hip-hop artists like Kid Sister and The Cool Kids.
Gnarls Barkley’s Secret MySpace Show is this Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza.

Study Group Releases New Info on Social Networking

Social Network ThinkTank

A very interesting finding was released by a Christian based study group (Barna Group) into the effects of social networking. While the results of their study may be up for debate this will become the benchmark from which they gauge who’s who and what’s what online. They got info on just about ever facet of social networking so it is worth the read, just keep in mind who funded the research and what their hidden intentions may be:

Blogging has not reached the “tipping point” towards becoming a mainstream activity (an emerging technology is often thought to “tip” toward majority use when the penetration reaches 20% or more of the population). Still, there are an estimated 16 million American adults who use their blog as a pulpit to broadcast their voice to the world. Blogs are most common among single adults, Northeast residents, homosexuals, those not registered to vote, and atheists and agnostics.
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Facebook Gets A Facelift


Facebook is undergoing a sweeping facelift that programmers are convinced will change the face of the social network site forever. To clear the clutter that has stigmatized other social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook will be introducing tabs that will reclassify applications into easily accessible “categories” giving users more control over their profile page. The overhaul, which has been in the planning stages since January will be implemented in June. Read below for more info:

Having nearly tripled its audience and added about 20,000 new applications over the past year, Facebook Inc.’s popular online hangout is about to undergo a housecleaning.
Visitors who can’t stand the clutter that’s been piling up will be glad to see that the site’s new look sweeps disparate bits of information into categories marked by tabs at the top of each user’s customized home page.
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Teen Arrested For Posting Naked Pics of Ex-Girlfriend on Myspace…

Source: Smoking Gun

Meet Alex Phillips. The Wisconsin teenager is facing felony child pornography charges for allegedly posting naked photos of his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend on his MySpace page.

Things like this are bound to happen in a Web 2.0 world. But posting pics of your ex is definitely a no-no.

Meet Alex Phillips. The Wisconsin teenager is facing felony child pornography charges for allegedly posting naked photos of his 16-year-old ex-girlfriend on his MySpace page. When contacted by police about the two images, Phillips, 17, balked at removing the pictures of the girl. Warned that he could face jail for publishing images of the minor, Phillips told an investigator, “Fuck that, I am keeping them up,” according to a criminal complaint filed yesterday in Lacrosse County Circuit Court.

Phillips, pictured in the below mug shot, told cops that he posted the photos last week “because he was venting.” The cell phone camera photos had been taken by the girl, who provided them to Phillips. Along with posting the photos, Phillips added explicit captions like, “Yo, U see how big her hole is! Its from me!” While claiming that his goal was not to harm the girl, Phillips acknowledged that, “he probably should not have done this,” according to the May 20 court filing. Along with the child porn count, Phillips was charged with defamation and sexual exploitation of a child.

Update:Violator Says Not So! Curtis Is On Verge of Signing $300 Mil Deal With News Corp

Curtis & Rupert?

via Fox30 Online

Rap superstar 50 Cent is on the verge of signing a new branding deal with media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s company – worth a cool $300 million.
The In Da Club hitmaker is in final negotiations with Murdoch’s News Corp firm – which owns social networking site MySpace – for a large stake in all aspects of the 50 Cent brand, including music, concerts, books and his label G-Unit Records.

If the agreement goes ahead, G-Unit Records and its roster of artists will move under News Corp’s MySpace Records umbrella.

According to reports, half of the $300 million deal will be in stock, potentially making 50 Cent – real name Curtis Jackson – one of the biggest News Corp shareholders.
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Myspace Adds 1,000 New Apps To Its Platform

Myspace Adds Apps

Taking a lead from its social network competitor Facebook, Myspace has added 1,000 applications to its network and established a site dedicated to application builders. The Myspace Builder Community cann be accessed by clicking [HERE] and the Myspace user can tap into the new reservoir of apps by clicking [HERE].

The MySpace Application Gallery has now officially launched. Since the beta launch in March, MySpace has added more than 1,000 approved outside apps. The apps come in a variety of categories including music, politics and causes, quizzes and polls, and video and have been installed 2.1M times.

All approved applications have their own profile page similar to MySpace user pages and the Application Gallery will be accessible to all international users in their native language.

All 9 Labels Form Like Voltron To Crush PlayList.com


All nine major music labels came together on one accord to make a move to shut down a site they claim is nothing more than a copyright infringer. The labels which include Warner Music Group Corp’s Atlantic Recording Corp, Elektra Entertainment Group Inc and Warner Bros. Records Inc; EMI Group Plc’s Capitol Records LLC, Priority Records LLC and Virgin Records America Inc; and the Interscope Records, Motown Record Co LP and UMG Recordings Inc labels of Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group are alleging that Project Playlist (www.projectplaylist.com) amounts to nothing more than a clearinghouse for music piracy. They claim the service allows users to “easily find, play and share music with others for free, according to the suit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.”

The website compiles a vast index of songs on the Internet and users can “quickly and easily search the index for recordings by their favorite artists. At the click of a mouse, Project Playlist instantly streams a digital performance of the selected recording to the user, who can listen to it on his or her computer or mobile device,” the lawsuit said.

The labels are looking to shut the site down a la Napster style and seek unspecified monetary relief.
Most disturbing to the labels is that this site was on the brink of advancing its technology and getting music to listeners quicker than the labels have been able to. Downloadable to mobile devices and embeddable on Facebook and Myspace, Playlist.com was expanding its aim to share free music with its users. CLICK [HERE] for full details.

Myspace Plans To Offer Infinite Amount of Music

Myspace Music

Interesting details are emerging about Myspace’s plans to change the landscape of the music game by providing an infinite amount of free music to anyone at anytime. Already in bed with three out of four of the top music providers and in discussions with the fourth (EMI) Myspace plans to give artists access to a portal that will become the destination point for their music and a platform for their merchandising endeavors. Below is an excerpt from an interview Wired magazine had with Chris Dewolfe, the CEO of Myspace. Can you believe that there are 5 million bands already on Myspace? Wow, thats alot of Tunes for the iPod.

Wired: So, what is MySpace Music all about?

DeWolfe: It’s not just a download service — it’s a service that marries the largest music community with the most comprehensive catalog of music online. Users can discover and consume virtually any piece of music for free on the internet, or if they want to make it portable they can buy it…. Modern music is all about letting users define their experience. And now, with this new model, we’re letting them do that and the music industry is able to make money at the same time.
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STREET KNOWLEDGE MEDIA Featured on FrontPage of Myspace Music


STREET KNOWLEDGE MEDIA continues to embark on historic territory.  On the verge of cracking a million views on YouTube and after acquiring a global audience we have made a substantial online partnership with Myspace who will feature us on there Myspace Music page and include us in the Top 8 Friends.  What a good look for the New Year!  Our video features will be seen and enjoyed by millions, oh yeah the secret is out!  Stay tuned friends, much more to come…CLICK HERE for the LINK


Big props to the homie Paul Stewart over at www.nextthing.wordpress.com who’s been doing some serious groundwork.  A DJ becomes a giant in his field for his knack for digging in the crates and coming up with rare gems. Well, the homie Paul has been digging in Myspace and coming up some notable gems of his own.  Here is Part 3 of TOP 1oo MYSPACE MODELS!  And like they say, three is the charm!
The self proclaimed “Pothead Stripper” confess that she loves to get Naked. Ok Brooklyn Stand Up! 
Model actress Chelly ain’t playing!
This exotic Vietnamese princess has as big a heart as she is pretty! 


This actress model really reps the Black and Asian thing to the fullest!


To see the rest of these rare gems go to the homie Paul’s site by CLICKING HERE