The Lil Homey Plies Needs New Management!!


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Okay just reporting the facts. Don’t know the circumstances but it seems hip hop artist Plies has more to worry about that just a violation from his P.O.(probation officer). It seems his manager was caught with enough coke to make a slalom. 

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“100 Years” 

“Hypnotized” ft Akon



[Source: Allhiphop]
An incident from 2006 is coming back to haunt Florida based artist Plies in the form of a $10 million lawsuit. The plaintiffs, totaling five in number, are alleging that Plies, his record label Slip-N-Slide Records, 283 West, a Gainesville club and others are all responsible for a shooting that took place at a Plies show. They claim that members of Plies entourage started firing pistols into the crowd after Plies microphone was cut off so Lil Boosie can take the stage. The following events took place in regards to the incident:

Two members of Plies’ entourage – his brother Ronell Lavatte, 31 at the time, and then 21-year-old Tory Carnegie – were accused of firing at least three rounds and charged with attempted murder. Upon completing a search of their vehicle, police found five loaded firearms and additional rounds of ammunition. Plies and another member of his entourage, Keon Mc. Rae, were then charged with illegal possession of a concealed weapon. Plies later pled no contest to the charge.