[video] Kam: All Religions Have Been Hijacked By White Supremacy

Rapper Kam exclusively spoke to DJ Vlad about his thoughts on Donald Trump, the Paris terrorist attacks and all religions being hijacked by white supremacy. While giving his thoughts on recent events in the media, the West Coast conscious rapper talked about Churches and Mosques pimping out blacks. “It’s all bad. All religions have been hijacked by white supremacy,” he said. When asked if the churches painted a negative effect on the black community, he answered, “Definitely! I don’t know if they created it because Christianity was imposed on black people in the black church. So I can’t say they created it. They perpetuated it, they continued it.”

[video] Man Cleared of Murder After 25 Years in Prison ( Evidence Proved He Was in Disney World)

When I hear tragic stories such as this one, I am perplexed as to why the prosecutors in these cases are never brought up on serious criminal charges if they are guilty of mishandling of evidence in order to secure a conviction. This man lost a major portion of his adult life and even if he is awarded a few million he will never get his life back.

 via The Root

Fleming was about to be eligible for parole later this year, but Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson got involved and decided to speed up the process, announcing his intentions to dismiss the charges “in the interest of justice,” the Post notes.

It’s good news, but his lawyers are not especially impressed, given the years lost in the debacle. “Mr. Fleming is very happy that this day has come, but it’s too little, too late,” Koss said. “The man suffered for almost 25 years for a crime he didn’t commit.”

[video] Santas BRAWL in New York City after Santacon

Looks like there was probably some heavy drinking going on. Who hires these people in the first place?

via Mediaite

Santacon came to New York City over the weekend, and from the very beginning people were dreading how rowdy it would get. Now we have video evidence. A few of the Santacon participants ended up throwing down on a New York street corner, because Santa would totally do that.


Four Dozen Shot in NYC over Holiday Weekend

It is a shame that a few knuckleheads mar the Labor Day festivities every year by bringing out guns, to what is supposed to be a celebration of cultures from the Carribean. I was there and the weather was perfect, food delicious and tons of beautiful women in scantily clad outfits. Fellas leave the guns at home and come and have a good time and stop destroying the biggest parade of the year.

Parade-goers flee in terror after a gunman opened fire on a crowd on Utica Avenue. (Todd Maisel/News)

via Daily News

Two men were shot at Eastern Parkway near Rochester Ave. on the sidelines of the massive celebration about 2:30 p.m., police said.

One man was shot in the abdomen and the other in the lower back after they got into a scuffle with the shooter. Both were expected to survive, sources said.

The gunman fled into the panicked crowd.

“Everyone started running,” said witness William Long. “I saw people knocking the barricades over.”

About a dozen blocks west on Eastern Parkway, the parade’s main thoroughfare, near Rogers Ave., a man was shot in the leg about 5 p.m. and taken to Kings County Hospital, officials said.

“He pulled it out and fired off two shots,” parade-goer Pauline Mash, 29, said of the gunman. “The crowd just went wild running.”

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NY Is Flooded With Single Women, Fellas Take Note

OK, now it’s all starting to make sense…the four girls dancing with each other in the club, the nerd with the supermodel on his arm in SOHO. What’s behind these alarming trends you ask? Well, come to find out a study has revealed that single women outnumber single men in NY by 210,000. The cup runneth over with eligible bachlorette’s throughout the metropolis and this trend is true up and down the eastern seaboard.

In Philly and DC the number is more like 50,000, which is still helluva lot. Out west the numbers flip, for instance let’s look at L.A. where there are 90,000 more unmarried dudes than available ladies. The places with the questionable amount of available men though, are stereotypically havens for gay men like San Fran, Seattle and L.A. The female demographic, which consist of 25 to 44 year olds don’t distinquish along racial lines but the author (Richard Florida of Who’s Your City?) does point out that single industriuos(bread-winners) women flock to bigger cities like New York to find a suitor that can accomodate their “lavish status.”

Well, half the male population in New York are either in jail, dead broke or suspect by my estimates so that should account for the disparity. The rest of us are just in Heaven and settling down is so unsettling, at least for now.

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