Johnny Depp to Bail Out Nicolas Cage?

Boy what a luxury it is to have friends in high places.

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seems as if not even Hollywood is exempt from the fact that life has a tendency to come full circle. Nicolas Cage saw his finances crumble this year, leaving the actor currently facing a tax bill of over $5 million. While Cage is in the process of suing his former financial advisor for mismanaging his funds, it looks like his dire financial straits may be temporarily fixed, and by none other than fellow A-lister Johnny Depp.

In a true “that’s what friends are for” move, the Public Enemies star has reportedly called his old friend to let him know that he will front “whatever he needs” to get him out of this crisis. Depp is generous in his financial and emotional support, possibly seeing the move as a way to pay Cage back for launching Depp’s stellar career: It was Nic who arranged for Depp, then an unknown musician, to meet with his agent, which led him to A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Apocalyptic ‘Knowing’ hits anxious chord


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NEW YORK (CNN) — The numbers were good for “Knowing.”

The film, about a physics professor who sees clues for disastrous events in a time capsule’s list of digits, overcame some pretty long odds at the box office — going against the Paul Rudd-Jason Segel comedy “I Love You, Man,” the Julia Roberts-Clive Owen romantic thriller “Duplicity” and some fairly scathing reviews — to emerge as the weekend’s No. 1 film.

Though star Nicolas Cage wouldn’t have predicted the outcome, in an interview before the film’s release, he did talk about the power of positive thinking.

“I’m a huge believer of the human spirit,” he told CNN. “I think people are amazing. I think what we have accomplished is incredible. … If you think positive and you apply the guts and ingenuity that mankind has been doing forever, at least in our existence, I believe we get through anything.”

Cage’s character, John Koestler, is a science professor whom Cage describes as “someone who is reawakening to his faith.” He begins the film believing that everything is random, but as the film continues — and he seeks to alert the world of a coming catastrophe — “he believes there is cause and effect and perhaps even a divine mind,” Cage said.

The film begins in 1959, with students burying items in a time capsule at an elementary school. One of the children, however, creates an image of seemingly random numbers. Fifty years later, when the capsule is opened, Koestler’s son receives the page of numbers, and his father realizes that they correspond to major disasters of the past half-century.

Koestler determines that three events have yet to occur and sets out to meet the clairvoyant child’s now grown daughter. The final event threatens life on Earth itself, and the group begins a race against time, with unusual consequences. Continue reading

Stan Lee Named Head Of Virgin Comics

Stan Lee..the legend

Stan Lee, the man who brought you such iconic figures as The Hulk, The Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man and Spider Man has joined forces with another eclectic mind, Richard Branson and his Virgin Comic imprint. After being unceremoniously forced out of Marvel and on the brink of ruin, Lee has been resurrected by Virgin to head their comic book division, where he’ll be in charge of developing the next era of superheroes. Rather than relying on the celebrity of a superhero character, Virgin has experimented with partnering with brand name celebrities that have introduced their own unique character twists, creating niche market “heroes” and “antiheroes.”

In addition to Lee, Virgin has already inked deals with director John Woo, Guy Richie, actor Nicolas Cage, porn star Jenna Jameson, and spiritualist Deepak Chopra as well as others. With the inclusion of Mr. Lee, the hope to attract the best writers and illustrators to their ever-expanding team in order to position themselves to compete with the powerhouse Marvel Comics and DC Comics. No word yet on what the first Lee-helmed project will be or if he will be further developing any characters he’d previously been working on. In addition to the Virgin deal, Lee has just released a political humor “photo” book called “Election Daze” that is shooting up the charts.