[video] Woman pulls a ‘Nikki Minaj’ wakes up with Scottish accent after Surgery

They say this is a real condition, I say she is scamming us all.

via Newser

Oregon native Karen Butler woke up from dental surgery with an accent that’s not from Oregon—or anywhere else in the world. Butler, 56, who experts believe may be a victim of the rare but real condition “foreign accent syndrome,” now speaks with an accent described as part Irish, part Scottish, and part northern English with touches of South African, Australian, and Transylvanian, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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[video] Cash Money vs. Wendy Day: Did Baby & Slim Stiff the Woman Who Made Them Rich?

If you guys, particularly rappers, don’t know anything about Wendy Day, I suggest you do your research. This video below about her bout with Cash Money Records from a new documentary called The Big Payback, is just a snippet about her contribution to this business and culture. I was one of the many people who read her columns, articles, and advice from her website RapCoalition.org. Before the record industry was totally changed and some say permanently damaged by file sharing, she was preaching artist independence back in the day when artists still sold millions of records and life seemed to be good.

Wendy Day pictured with producer Mannie Fresh, who also claimed he was stiffed by Baby and Slim of Cash Money

She always said artists were getting the raw end of the existing deals and that it would come to a head sometime in the near future.When asked why artist continued to sign oppressive she summed it saying that she thought artist were more concerned with being famous then making money off their art. Not only did help Cash Money, No Limit, and Eminem,but was also was instrumental in David Banner and Twista being freed from their oppressive contracts. I know this because I was an online student of hers and she gave me advice about my aspirations on the business side of this game.

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Nikki Minaj: ‘Lil Kim is the Best that Ever Did It’ (June 2008)

I really am not too interested in this beef between Lil Kim and Nikki Minaj because it seems pointless. But I thought it would be fair to post this interview of Nikki saying Lil Kim was the best to ever to do it. Drake has recently said that he has seen Nikki give Lil Kim her due time and time again.

I actually ran across the interview a few weeks back when showing a friend some of Nikki’s earlier work with The Come Up DVD. The interview was posted on Youtube June 2008. Now after seeing this will Kim leave this petty beef alone and make some hot records?

Sexy ‘Black Barbie’ Causes Controversy

It’s Barbie bitchies! Do our little girls really need to hit over the head with any more over sexualized images? Obviously Barbie does because they just released the Nikki Minaj version of black Barbie. You decide.


From TheGrio.com:

Kelly Motzko didn’t set out to court controversy when she entered a Target to find a gift for a four-year-old girl. Naturally she found herself in the toy aisle but she was not at all pleased by what she encountered. Among the many Barbies of various races in that toy aisle, there was a black Barbie that stood out for all the wrong reasons.

Her dress was cut down the front to accentuate her noticeable cleavage. According to Motzko, a St. Paul, Minn.-based behavioral specialist, there were Barbies of other ethnicities on the aisle but the African-American Barbie was the only one that appeared highly sexualized.


Sorry Souljah Boy, Ashton Kutcher, and Kim Kardashian, Nobody Has a Million Twitter Followers

Found this great article from my new favorite blogger Anil Dash, who exposes the reality of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Kim Kardashian with large Twitter followings that reach in to the millions. Though these guys have relished in the fact of cracking a million followers, Anil challenges that there is absolutely no value in running up the Twitter follower scoreboard. He gives great analysis on actually being put on Twitter’s suggested user lists and getting hundreds of thousands of new followers. Fantastic analysis and should be an article for individuals, small businesses and major corporations to read when crafting their social media campaigns.

Last week, I wrote a bit about what it’s like to be on Twitter’s suggested user list. The response to that post has been really gratifying, and I wanted to share a bit of what I’ve learned, as well some of the more interesting responses.

First, to recap: I had about 18,000 followers of my own back in October, when I got added to the suggested user list. (Let’s call these “organic” followers.) If I’d have continued my normal rate of growth, i’d have about 25,000 followers today, but thanks to being on the list, I’ve got close to 300,000 followers. Surprisingly though, I only get as many retweets and replies as I’d get with my organic number of followers.

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Hip Hop’s Hottest Honeys- Nikki Minaj (Honey Mag Shoot)

How could we not feature the young starlet and first lady of Lil Wayne’s empire Nikki Minaj. With her rapping skills still up for debate, there is no denying her sex appeal and ability to turn men to mush. I have briefly met Ms. Minaj and she definitely has a way with words and demands to be the center of attention where ever she goes. Which is not a bad thing to the average American male.

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