Nintendo Wii sales hit 50 million


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Global sales of Nintendo’s Wii console have passed 50 million, the company’s boss Satoru Iwata has said.

The Wii is now the fastest-selling games console in history, surpassing the PlayStation 2.

Mr Iwata also said that Nintendo’s handheld DS console had shipped 100m units around the world.

“Almost no one expected them to reach the current level of mainstream acceptance. It’s even beyond what we possibly hoped for,” Mr Iwata said.

“The market has expanded as video games have been accepted by more consumers than ever before,” the Nintendo president, told the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

“It’s a cliche but it’s not just the 18-year-old kid, it’s the mom on the train, it’s the high-school girl after she’s done with her homework, everyone plays games. “

‘Outside the box’

“The Wii and DS have made games more accessible,” Tameka Kee of told BBC News

Jay Lauffer from Blizzard Entertainment was impressed by the figures and put it down to Nintendo’s approach.

“I imagine its successful because Nintendo seems to be shifting what is kind of a traditional sit-down environment to getting people up and moving.”

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata

Iwata said he wanted Wii products to provide increased enthusiasm

Remy Lavoie, a programmer with DTI Software said: “If Nintendo has such a big share of the market it’s pretty impressive.

“They are thinking outside the box and its clearly paying off.”

To create some excitement among developers, Mr Iwata unveiled some upgrades for the Wii which included a much-hoped-for new storage system. Continue reading

Wii Outpaces Competition This Holiday Season

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Remember Sony and Microsoft? No? Well, neither does the average Amazon customer.nintendowii_console

According to a release sent out by the online retail giant Friday, the Nintendo Wii and all its accessories dominated video game sales during the holiday shopping rush and not one mention was made of Sony’s Playstation 3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

“Nintendo Wii dominated the top sellers in video games and hardware, including the Wii console, the Wii remote controller and the Wii nunchuk controller,” the release reports.

What about all its competitors? Have they somehow entered the realm of irrelevance?

I’m starting to wonder if they have.

A quick glance at console sales over the past year tells you everything you need to know about the video game hardware business. With 43.75 million units sold, the Wii easily dominates the market, which is also home to 26.49 million Xbox 360 units and 18.82 million Playstation 3 consoles. Continue reading

Video Game Sales Up 18 Percent in October


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SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – U.S. sales of video game hardware and software rose 18 percent in October from a year earlier, after falling 7 percent in September, as Nintendo Co Ltd’s Wii console sold over 800,000 units, market researcher NPD reported on Thursday.

Video machine makers said the results boded well for the holiday season.

The Wii console secured its title once more as the country’s best-selling video game console after Nintendo sold 803,210 units of the Wii in October, up from 687,000 in the previous month. Wii sales have topped 13 million units since Nintendo released the console in November 2006.

Cammie Dunway, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Nintendo of America, told Reuters that sales showed consumers would continue to buy the Wii during the holidays.

U.S. consumers bought 371,000 of Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360 console in October, up from 347,200 units in the prior month. Microsoft cut the U.S. price of its entry-level console in September to $50 below the Wii.

The price cut helped spike a 7 percent increase in Xbox 360 unit sales from September, according to NPD Analyst Anita Frazier.

“We feel cautiously optimistic (going into the holidays), we don’t see anything in this (NPD) data that leads us to believe there’s a pullback,” said Microsoft spokesman David Dennis. Continue reading

[pics] Wii-mote Hybrids

Check out these wiimotes that have been pimped by fanboys and given features that surely take wireless gaming to another level. I wonder which of these will make it into mass production. The guys over at NINTENDOWIIFANBOY did a great job with this post and have two more wii models here..

It’s so bad, it’s good

Click here to see video of the mod in action.

Who can forget the Power Glove? Not us, and certainly not the Japanese hacker responsible for this functioning Power Glove/Wiimote hybrid.

What is the sound of one hand gaming?

This mod allows an individual to play Wii with only one hand. Created by Ryan Culy for a friend with a majority of his left arm missing, this mod is one of the feel good stories of this year.

Wiimote mod busts caps

This mod has a gutted Wiimote crammed into a metallic gun shell, complete with working trigger. For those that don't dig on Nintendo's Zapper and want something a bit more hefty and lifelike while they blast zombies in the face in House of the Dead, this might be the mod for you.

Hacker makes Wii-friendly NES, SNES, N64 controllers

For all you old heads who still can’t deal with wireless wii-motes. Still innovative stuff though. You might call that reverse engineering.

via Nintendo Wii Fanboy

The RetroUSB NES/SNES controller adapters enable gamers to easily attain a more genuine Virtual Console experience through the ability to use original controllers. Some hackers have gone even further, building custom circuitry into old equipment. Custom Nintendo themselves have contributed the Super Famicom Classic Controller to the cause of authentic retrogaming.

Raphnet’s projects include not only adapters and fully-modded SNES and NES controllers, but also N64 solutions. Raphaël Assénat has documented the process of hacking custom controllers with custom circuit boards to allow them to work as Gamecube Controllers, and also sells adapters that let you plug N64 controllers directly into the Wii. People seem to like that controller for some reason.

[video] 3D Virtual World Platform Is Here In the Form Of “Socio-Life”

Developers have just introduced the world’s first 3D social virtual world via a platform called “Socio-Life.” Improving on where other social virtual world’s like “Second Life” left off, the new technology is fully integrated with plug-ins and cutting-edge graphics that leave it on par with Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 game consoles. Its 3D factor gives it a feel that is comparable to the world’s hottest video game console, the Nintendo Wii. Now that the industry of Virtual Worlds have spawned into a billion dollar business, Socio Town, which is operating in its beta form looks to capture the lion share of the market.

Brain & Eye Pills for PS3, Wii, and Xbox Addicts


Japan has created brain concentration and eye pills for the legions of serious gamers who are looking for a competitive edge. The pills are not yet slated to be released here, but this kinda sounds dangerous.

Gaming addicts with sore eyes and tired brains may be able to perk up with “Game Suppli”, a new Japanese supplement developed specifically for the country’s thousands of fanatic players.

“We concentrated on developing a supplement for those who love games,” reads the advert for the pills on, a Web site that sells a range of accessories for video game fans.

Maker Kyowa-Yakuhin produces two different supplements for the “Game Suppli” range: blueberry tablets that are meant to be good for the eyes, and transparent capsules containing Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, a fatty acid that supposedly enhances concentration. Japan’s convenience stores are stacked with drinks and capsules claiming various health and beauty benefits, sometimes without any scientific evidence.

Rest of the story here

New! Wii 3-D Glasses

For all my Wii fanatics they have some new technology on the way that will enhance your entire gaming experience! This is the Wii Head Tracker which creates a 3D model of whatever you’re looking at through these specialized goggles. Imagine playing Zelda with the night vision in full effect! CLICK HERE for more info on this innovative app.

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Smash Bros. Smashes Records in North America


Nintendo has broken records with the recent release of their mega hit Super Smash Bros. Pushing 1.4 million copies the first week in North America alone. Nintendo states via their press release, that this is the “fastest selling game” in their history. This certainly great news for Nintendo after the recent resurgence of PS3 which had been selling considerably less than the super popular Wii.
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