[Op-Ed] Obama’s “Defining Moment”

ALL HAIL THE CHIEF! Obama’s historic speech is being heralded as the defining moment of the campaign.  Taking the podium at approximately  10:11 p.m. Senator Obama was met with thunderous applause.  As he patiently waited to begin the “speech of a lifetime” Obama tempered the crowd then proceeded to deliver the magnum opus of modern day politics, a eloquently worded, masterful execution of an indictment against the current administration and a blank slate of promises to appease the needs of the American voter as it relates to domestic policy and concerns about “national” security.

At 11 p.m. Obama had done and formally become one of the things considered an anomaly when one is thinking about the “full” fruition of the American Dream; a viable “non-European” candidate for the highest office in the land, the seat of President of the UNITED STATES.  This “crowning” moment in American history took place on a date already historic in origin and intricately tied into the events taking place on stage in Denver tonight.  The “Civil” Rights leader and world renowned orator Martin Luther King delivered his “I Have a Dream” speech in Washington, atop the National Mall 45 years earlier, signaling the ideal of a change to come in American society, be it political, religious or societal, change by any name is CHANGE.

So along comes a Senator from the state of Illinois who is able to embody that dream and connect with the frequency of CHANGE, faithful enough in the realization of that dream that he had the audacity to HOPE that his message would resonate.  It did.  Tonight’s speech connected and took care of the constituency of voters who were waiting for their marching orders.  The campaign has been turned up another notch and herein begins the final lap to the White House.  How will history shape up in the next 70 days?  It should be an interesting ride, none the less. CLICK [HERE] to read the news assessment on  Obama’s performance Thursday night.