[Concert Review] Andra Day Rocks ‘The Casbah’ in San Diego


What a night…

Before I go into my experience at Andra Day’s homecoming performance at The Casbah the other night, let me give a brief run down of how I discovered this budding songstress.

About a month ago, I had seen an ad on YouTube’s homepage that caught my eye. It was a “Beat x Beat” episode titled, “Andra Day ‘Rise Up'”. Unfamiliar with her at the time, a combination of the Beats by Dre stamp, the unique name and powerful song title is what, ultimately, baited a click from me.

“Before I record any and every song, I pray about every song, because my goal is not just to make music that makes people dance, which is fine, but my goal is to make music that moves people and resonates with them, spiritually.” ¬†– Andra Day

After this fortuitous discovery, I immediately wanted to hear more. I then found her YouTube channel, which contained a few song covers as well as some offerings from her debut album, “Cheers to the Fall.” Once I heard¬†“Gin & Juice (Let Go My Hand),” “Rearview,” and “Gold”…I was hooked. My love for her was cemented when I found out she was also a San Diego native (anyone who knows me will tell you I always support the home team).

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