[video] Giant Players in Hot Water Over Prince Amukamara ‘Hazing’ Tub Incident

This type of stuff happens every season in the NFL ,so do not be shocked. None of the current or past players will speak against this, except to say it should have never been put on the internet. This sis straight boys being boys in the NFL and will not change. The Coach’s statement is under the video.

“First of all, it was wrong of Steve to do that because there’s trust in the locker room,” Coughlin said. “People have to be able to rely on each other. You don’t think for one minute that would’ve happened if they said this was going to be public.”



Former Giant Lawrence Taylor Arrested for Rape of Minor

Funny thing is I just seen him on some intervention show claiming that he has beat his drug demons, well I guess he spoke a little too soon. If he did this he needs to be shot.

via NY Times

Former Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was arrested early this morning and will be charged with third-degree rape involving a 15-year-old girl at a hotel in Montebello, N.Y., according to police.

The Journal News reported that the victim was a runaway from the Bronx who was brought to the Holiday Inn by a pimp, according to Ramapo police supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence. She was treated at a hospital.

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Don’t Drop The Soap : Plaxico gets an earful from Rikers Island inmates

What did you think they were gonna do? Welcome him with open arms?

He deserves no special treatment for trying to be a wannabe thug in a club with a gun. Next time hire security and concentrate on being a superstar wide receiver.

Picture 11

Plaxico Burress got a zero’s welcome behind bars at Rikers Island, including taunts of “a – – hole!” and “The Giants suck!” according to jail guards.

“He was depressed,” said one guard from Rikers, where the former Giants superstar spent his first-ever night behind bars. “He was trying to keep to himself, but everyone was yelling at him.”

“These people got nothing,” a second guard explained of the taunts. “What else are they gonna do?”

Burress began serving a two-year sentence yesterday for accidentally shooting himself in the thigh with his own Glock while drinking in the crowded VIP vestibule of the Latin Quarter nightclub in Midtown last November.


Ex-Football Great & Super Bowl Champion Carl Banks Becomes Ambassador For Autism

Great to see Carl take his influence and connections to help kids with autism. A friend of mine has a child with slight Autism and it is something that effects their lives everyday. Events like this can only be a positive and bring awareness and help to the families who have children stricken with the disease.

Below I have added the press release for his upcoming event where a bunch of his buddies including Lawrence Taylor are gonna raise a ton of money for Autism. Kudos to all involved and this maybe Karl’s biggest accomplishment yet!

Picture 23

New York — New York Giants Super Bowl Champion Carl Banks has a new challenge to tackle — autism.

He will host the Carl Banks-Mariner’s Bank Golf Invitational to raise money and awareness for Bergen Community College Center for Autism on Tuesday, September 22, 2009.

“This disease has had a profound impact on my life after my twin nephews were diagnosed with Autism,” Banks says. “I want to help them and other kids stricken with Autism.”

Banks will be joined by his former teammate Lawrence Taylor, actors Dan Grimaldi, Richard Kind and Steven Schrippa, football legend Jim Brown, rapper Doug E. Fresh and former heavy weight boxer Gerry Cooney.

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DA wants Plaxico Buress to serve jail time

Obviously blow back from the Vick case. No excuses for this guy but he should be given a chance to redeem himself without being made to do jail time. On the other hand he should have made better decisions about his safety and known that carrying an illegal gun would be inviting negativity in all directions.

Picture 25

via Breitbart

NEW YORK (AP) – Manhattan’s district attorney says he wants former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress to serve time in prison, the New York Post reported.

Robert Morgenthau told the newspaper that Burress, who shot himself with an unlicensed gun in November, was willing to agree to spend a year in jail, but prosecutors insisted on two, the Post reported.

“We’ve always taken the position that he’s going to have to go to jail, whether by trial or by plea,” Morgenthau told the Post for a story in Monday’s edition.

Burress shot himself in the thigh at a nightclub early on the morning of Nov. 29. He was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and faces up to 3 1/2 years in prison. Burress has pleaded not guilty and is free on $100,000 bail. The Giants released Burress in April.

His attorney, Benjamin Brafman, told the Post he was “bitterly disappointed.”

“Now that they have drawn a line in the sand, this is going to be a battle,” Brafman said.

Burress, who caught the go-ahead touchdown in the final minute for New York in the 2008 Super Bowl, also could face disciplinary action by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell under the league’s personal conduct policy.