Fare beater gets caught with Tech-9 on NYC Subway

Let’s just all be glad this dude did not get a chance to mow down and kill a bunch of innocent people.

via Daily News

A routine fare-beating bust in midtown on New Year’s Day turned up two fully loaded illegal firearms — including an assault pistol packed with 34 bullets, cops said.

An on-duty police officer found the weapons after stopping Reggie Allen, 33, of Columbia, S.C., after he entered the A, C, E station at 42nd St. and Eighth Ave. around 5:25 p.m. without paying, cops said.

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[pics] Murder Photographed on NYC Subway

Boy we are living in the age of video and pictures when murder is captured on film. The subway at one time were a war zone but things are much different now so don’t get scared you out of towners and think this is everyday in NYC (Somebody cue Jay Z and Alicia Keys).via NYTimes

Ms. Nuñez and her friends had been standing in the first car of the uptown D train after they boarded at 42nd Street and Avenue of the Americas. There were scattered empty seats, not enough for them to sit together, so they stood, talking about nothing in particular.

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