[video] E:60 – Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode

Why didn’t they just give this man the damn ball? Pete Carol made the dumbest mistake in NFL history by not giving Beast Mode the ball but either way Marshawn Lynch won.

They call him “Beast Mode” because with the ball in his hands, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is fierce and determined. In an exclusive interview, Lynch discusses how the violent streets of Oakland shaped him.

[video] Oakland’s Illegal Sideshow Turns City Streets Into “Wild Wild West” (UPDATE)


It seems the general public was duped into believing this was new footage about what is going on in Oakland. Davey D has the real story..

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So yesterday KRON 4 News decided to do some cheap underhanded sleight of hand BS during their segment People Behaving Badly..where they focused on Oakland Side shows.. They lead into the segment with Pam Moore announcing they have ‘shocking new video’ and then reporter Stanley Roberts Kron kicks off the segment by describing Oakland as the Wild, Wild West.. From there viewers are treated to this ‘new’ ‘shocking’ footage..Only problem is the new footage is from 1-2 and maybe even 3 years ago..

KRON gives no context to videos to let you know if folks are from LA and other far away cities which many of the sideshow footage on YouTube clearly show..

Even though KRON ran a notice at the top of the screen that says courtesy of YouTube it was shown for less than 3 seconds while they put the KRON logo over the videos and make it seem like a reporter was actually out on the turf inter


This could never happen in NYC, there would be a million cops literally on that corner in less than a minute.

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OAKLAND (KRON) — It is literally the Wild Wild West out on the mean streets of Oakland.

As social media videos show, Oaktown’s illegal sideshow scene runs rife with a lack of respect for life or the police. One YouTube clip resembles a riot and captures nefarious youth firing guns into the air indiscriminately.

Another video shows how the crowd runs police off its streets.

KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts looks into the shocking and lawless sideshow culture in Oakland.

Oscar Grant Trial Starts Today in Oakland

OscarGrant-140such hearings ordinarily are cursory affairs in which prosecutors introduce just enough evidence to persuade a judge to bring a case before a jury, while defense attorneys often decline to call a single witness – saving their strongest material for trial.

But the BART police shooting is no ordinary case. Prosecutors are anxious to show they were justified in making the unusual decision to charge a police officer with an on-the-job murder, something that hasn’t happened in California in at least 15 years.

Defense attorneys are just as eager to knock the case down to manslaughter before it ever goes to a jury. They say Mehserle, 27, fired his pistol at 22-year-old Oscar Grant of Hayward early New Year’s Day while intending to shock the supermarket worker with a Taser stun gun.

Both prosecutors and defense attorneys have issued subpoenas ordering witnesses to appear in front of Judge C. Don Clay in Alameda County Superior Court in Oakland. Attorneys expect the hearing to last at least two weeks.

The hearing was initially scheduled to begin March 23 but was postponed in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of four Oakland police officers. There is still a chance it could be put off, if Mehserle’s attorneys succeed today in having the Alameda County district attorney’s office thrown off the case for trying to question the former officer after his lawyers said he didn’t want to talk. Continue reading

[video] Oakland Police Massacre: A Desperate Act to Avoid Going Back to Prison

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Editor’s Note: The killing of four police officers in Oakland shows the desperation of an ex-felon. Lovelle Mixon was trying to avoid going back to jail and at the same time unable to find any employment that would give him a second chance. It’s a story repeated all over America, even if it does not always end in a killing spree as it did in Oakland.

A general consensus is that it was a deadly mix of panic, rage, and frustration that caused Lovelle Mixon to snap. His shocking murderous rampage left four Oakland police officers dead and a city and police agencies searching its soul about what went so terribly wrong. Though Mixon’s killing spree is a horrible aberration, his plight as an
unemployed ex-felon isn’t. There are tens of thousands like him on America’s streets.

In 2007, the National Institute of Justice found that 60 percent of ex-felon offenders remain unemployed a year after their release. Other studies have shown that upwards of 30 percent of felon releases live in homeless shelters because of their inability to find housing. And those are the lucky ones. Many camp out on the streets.

A significant number of them suffer from drug, alcohol and mental health challenges, and lack education or any marketable skills. More than 70 percent of all U.S. prisoners are literate at only the two lowest grade levels. Nearly 60 percent of violent felons are repeat offenders. They are a menace to themselves and, as the nation saw with Mixon, to others. In some cases, they can be set off by any real or perceived slight, insult, or simply lash out from bitter rage. Mixon was one and he made four Oakland police officers victims and left a terrible trail of grieving and distraught families and a shell-shocked city and police department. Continue reading

[audio] DJ Green Lantern ft. Uncle Murd & Avery Storm- CRAZY WORLD (Addressing Oscar Grant Killing)


DJ Green Lantern feat Avery Storm & Uncle Murda- CRAZY WORLD


This will officially be the year when a new hydrid of Hip Hop will be born and they will probably try to classify it as POLITICAL/CONSCIOUS/GANGSTA rap but it will become the new voice of a people at WAR and hopefully this will be the jumpstart the game has been looking for. Well, on this Uncle Murda dumps at po-po for the assassination of Oscar Grant in Oakland and reminds whoever is not aware, them folks is “rioting” in Oakland and matters will only get more tense as more bodies drop.  What a CRAZY WORLD, and the year is just getting started! RIP OSCAR GRANT.

Hughes Brothers’ Pimp Drama Under Fire By City Of Oakland


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The Hughes Brothers’ latest project Gentlemen of Leisure has come under fire by city officials who worry about the effect the new HBO drama will have on the world’s view of Oakland.According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the controversy is putting the new show’s shooting location in jeopardy, as members of the Oakland City Council and others debate whether or not to approve a film permit for the production.

Originally announced in July, Gentlemen of Leisure follows the life of a legendary Oakland pimp, as he struggles to leave the hustle.

The series, written by Evan Reilly, delves into the overall hustlers’ subculture by examining the conflict between old-school pimps and the younger guys whose approach incorporates the violence of the drug culture.

The City of Oakland’s concern is that the show will take advantage of the negative reputation already associated with the Bay Area hub and create an environment that will lead to the further exploitation of women. Continue reading

[video] Unarmed Man Shot in Head by Oakland Police…and is caught on tape

Police in Oakland, CA are reeling from footage that show’s a BART-police officer fatally shooting an unarmed suspect point blank in the head. The officer had the “suspect” apprehended and restrained when he simply drew his pistol and shot him once in the head. The deceased man, Omar Grant was a twenty-two year old innocent victim of the persistent abuses that “citizens” are subject to in this nation’s inner cities. Something has to be done to protect the people from rogue officers. They can’t continue to get away with MURDER.

CLICK [HERE] for link to more VIDEO (clearer footage)

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[Video] Students Suspended For Suspect ‘Thizzin’

Here we go again, Hip Hop being criminalized in the media for the millionth time this year. It appears that two High School seniors in California were suspended for posing for a prom picture and using a hand gesture that was interpreted to mean “Thizzin” a loose reference to taking esctasy popularized by the deceased Bay Area rapper Mac Dre. Is it possible that these overzealous cops are just looking at everything through a suspect lens? If they will do this kind of lopsided profiling to students in Lodi, CA imagine how they address the youth in the inner city?