Oklahoma Declares Sovereignty

Oklahoma Flag

With conditions at their worst and 81% of Americans feeling like the US is headed in the wrong direction it comes as no surprise that States are making rash decisions to protect their citizenship. Case in point, even though it was grossly under-reported the State of Oklahoma passed legislation declaring their Sovereignty. Not quite sure if this means they intend to secede from the Union but they are using some pretty inflammatory language in their paperwork.

They cite the 10th Amendment of the Constitution for grounds to invest the power in the ‘people’ as opposed to the federal government which doesn’t have Sovereignty over a State’s sovereign rights to self-determine their destiny. Interesting, we’ll keep you posted as the story develops. Worst-case scenario? I hope the Southern states don’t try to pull this stunt after Obama slides in to practically create the “two” America’s that preachers have come under fire for talking about. Look at their flag for christ sakes! Were they ever fully integrated into the Union by paying homage to the indigenous inhabitants of their state (the real sovereigns)?
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