Afghan Body Count Reaches 400+

casualties of war

With all of the attention given to Iraq little mention is made of the casualty rate in Afghanistan. The Defense Department has released some figures though, that tally the body count at 432 deaths in the Afghan region, that includes Pakistan and Uzbekistan. What’s really alarming though is they’re claiming casualties in places they haven’t even declared war yet like the Philippines, Sudan, Yemen and Eritrea. I wonder how many other countries this military is poking around in, instigating conflicts.

As of Tuesday, May 20, 2008, at least 432 members of the U.S. military had died in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan as a result of the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, according to the Defense Department. The department last updated its figures May 17 at 10 a.m. EDT.

Of those, the military reports 298 were killed by hostile action.

Outside the Afghan region, the Defense Department reports 64 more members of the U.S. military died in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Of those, two were the result of hostile action. The military lists these other locations as Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba; Djibouti; Eritrea; Ethiopia; Jordan; Kenya; Kyrgyzstan; Philippines; Seychelles; Sudan; Tajikistan; Turkey; and Yemen.
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