[video] Farrakhan on 9-11: What You Need to Know #FalseFlag

Minister Louis Farrakhan says prove him wrong and he will pay with his life.

A great deal of skepticism exists regarding the accepted governmental accounts of what transpired on September 11, 2001. Many construction experts, architects and engineers have even said the World Trade Center Towers were destroyed in a controlled demolition.

There are also growing numbers who reject major portions of the “19 hijackers” hypothesis going even further calling the entire event a False Flag Operation.

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[video] The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory! (in under 5 minutes)

Must watch. Fitting that we have former mayor of NYC, loud mouth Rudy Giuliani, all over the news spouting his racist rhetoric about President Obama and the black community in general, who has consistently used the tragedy of 9/11 to remain relevant. I am willing to bet he would call the 9/11 Truthers, a bunch of unpatriotic idiots who also don’t love America. The recent death threats he has supposedly received should be a wake up call that everybody with a brain hates Rudy.


Kuma Games set to release ‘Kill Bin Laden’ online game

I was really trying to dead the Bin Laden posts this week (sorry for the pun) but stuff just keeps coming, so I gotta bring you guys the latest craziness.

Here we have Kuma Games who have seized on the opportunity to profit on the alleged assassination America’s Most Wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden in their game Kuma War Episode 107: Osama 2011.  More info below:

via THR

The new game mission, which launches on May 7, was developed by New York-based game studio Kuma Games, which makes online games for the History Channel, Animal Planet and Biography Channel. Over 20 million gamers have logged onto one of Kuma’s 150 online game episodes over the years.

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[video] Osama Bin Laden Home Videos Released

To satisfy the doubters and to show the real Bin Laden, the government releases these purported home videos. This video shows him ironically watching himself on Al Jeezra and has just a shot of him from the side. Rather than silence the doubters, this video will ramp up the noise that this whole Bin Laden death thing is an elaborate government hoax. Try again.

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Will Egypt’s al-Zawahri who called President Obama a ‘house negro’ replace Osama Bin Laden?

First and foremost you guys already know I have doubts about this whole story starting with 9/11, and I am not some crazy conspiracy theorist, the facts just don’t add up logically in my book.

With the news cycle still deeply into Osama Bin Laden alleged assassination by Navy Seal’s secretive Team Six, has power been passed to this guy?

I have seen a bunch of talking heads say that this was a major blow and make assumptions that the ‘head of the snake’ of terrorism has been cut off with Bin Laden’s death but it seems that there are plenty ready to take his place. Do you really feel safe America? Check out who they saying is ready to take over the global jihad against America.

The attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon made bin Laden Enemy No. 1 to the United States. But he likely could never have carried it out without al-Zawahri. Bin Laden provided al-Qaida with the charisma and money, but al-Zawahri brought the ideological fire, tactics and organizational skills needed to forge disparate militants into a network of cells in countries around the world.

“Al-Zawahri was always bin Laden’s mentor, bin Laden always looked up to him,” says terrorism expert Bruce Hoffman of Georgetown University.

With Bin Laden killed, Ayman al-Zawahri becomes the top candidate for the world’s top terror job.

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Breaking News: President Obama announces death of Osama Bin Laden (Update)

Full Statement from President Obama:

Obama got Osama.They are saying they killed him and have his body. Story developing.

(CNN) — The mastermind of the worst terrorist attack on American soil is dead, U.S. President Barack Obama announced late Sunday night, almost 10 years after the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people.
Osama bin Laden — the longtime leader of al Qaeda — was killed by U.S. forces in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad along with other family members, a senior U.S. official told CNN.
U.S. officials have taken custody of bin Laden’s body, Obama said. No Americans were harmed in the operation, he added.
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[video] Bin Laden Son Says ‘You Aint Seen Nothing Yet’

via ABC

“From what I knew of my father and the people around him I believe he is the most kind among them, because some are much, much worse,” Omar bin Laden, who was raised in the midst of his father’s fighters, told ABC News in an exclusive interview. “Their mentality wants to make more violence, to create more problems.”

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Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? Scientists think they know

As the hunt continues for the world’s most elusive dialysis patient, Osama Bin Laden or ‘Tim Osman’ as he was known in his C.I.A. operative days, scientists weigh in with Google Map.
Fugitive terrorist Osama bin Laden is most likely hiding out in a walled compound in a Pakistani border town, according to a satellite-aided geographic analysis released today.osamax

A research team led by geographer Thomas Gillespie of the University of California-Los Angeles used geographic analytical tools that have been successful in locating urban criminals and endangered species.

Basing their conclusion on nighttime satellite images and other techniques, the scientists suggest bin Laden may well be in one of three compounds in Parachinar, a town 12 miles from the Pakistan border. The research incorporates public reports of bin Laden’s habits and whereabouts since his flight from the Tora Bora region of Afghanistan in 2001.

The results, reported in the MIT International Review, are being greeted with polite but skeptical interest among people involved in the hunt for bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader behind 9/11. Bin Laden’s whereabouts are considered “one of the most important political questions of our time,” the study notes.

“I’ve never really believed the sitting-in-a-cave theory. That’s the last place you would want to be bottled up,” Gillespie says. The study’s real value, he says, is in combining satellite records of geographic locations, patterns of nighttime electricity use and population-detection methods to produce a technique for locating fugitives. Continue reading

CIA Chief: Bin Laden Alive, Worried About ‘Own Security’


via ABC News

Osama bin Laden is alive and “putting a lot of energy into his own security,” the director of the CIA, General Michael Hayden, said today.

He also claimed, without providing details, that the US intelligence community had disrupted an attack “that would have rivaled the destruction of 9/11.” A senior intelligence official said Hayden was referring to the 2006 liquid bomb on airliners plot that was foiled in London.

“American and its friends have taken the fight to the enemy,” Gen. Hayden said in a broad roundup of efforts to fight al Qaeda.

“Al Qaeda has suffered serious setbacks, but it is a determined, adaptive enemy unlike any our nation has ever faced,” he said.

Without directly referring to the CIA’s offensive blitz of unmanned missile attacks in the tribal areas of Pakistan, the CIA boss said the US had successfully isolated the al Qaeda leader bin Laden, referring to him in the present tense. Continue reading

Is Bin Laden Winning the War on Terror?

I recently came across this article written in 2001 and published in the NY Times. In retrospect it reminded me of bin Laden’s initial goal at the offset of this ‘war.’ His intentions were to boost the price of oil, thus destabilizing the global market and subsequently bringing the US to its knees through economic warfare. As oil hits its all-time high, and speculators speculating that it still hasn’t peaked in its soaring price, I figured on Independence Day it would be the appropriate time to ask, ‘did Osama win?’

He’s still on the run eating, oil is a hundred plus a barrel, Al Qeada is still thriving, Afghanistan is emerging as a major thorn in the side of coalition forces and the US can’t even pin a conviction down on the bombers of the USS Cole let alone the purported masterminds behind 9/11. Minus the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis they’ve killed and a few thousand combatants who don’t mind dying these goons are still putting in major work. The US is planning to engage Al Qaeda in North Africa, Somalia, Pakistan, Iran and lord knows where else they are conducting black-ops trying to destabilize a government so they can topple the power structure, create a vacuum and insert a puppet. Peep what was being said in 2001 about Osama’s ambitions as a rider:
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Bush Wants Bin Laden’s Head…Before He Leaves Office.

Gas prices, the mortage crisis, tornadoes and devaasting floods, the economy in the tank and all Bush can say is ‘I want Bin Laden dead’. This new declaration given by Bush to be completed before he leaves office , just reinterates that we have been lead by a vengeful psycopath for the last eight years.
This is perhaps the lowest point of his presidency and what is his logic really in this wanting Bin Laden toast. Killing the mythical Bin Laden will do nothing but add flame to gasoline of problems we are facing, because of his cowboy politics which have made us hated in the larger world.

November can’t come fast enough. Read the story:

President George W Bush has enlisted British special forces in a final attempt to capture Osama Bin Laden before he leaves the White House.

Defense and intelligence sources in Washington and London confirmed that a renewed hunt was on for the leader of the September 11 attacks. “If he [Bush] can say he has killed Saddam Hussein and captured Bin Laden, he can claim to have left the world a safer place,” said a US intelligence source.

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Saudi Arabia Is Experiencing Their “Golden Era” Thanks To Outrageous Oil Prices

golden palace

CLICK [HERE] to read more on the Saudi’s flourishing economy and booming

While America is tinkering on economic collapse her ally in the East, Saudi Arabia, the epicenter for all things Islamic is experiencing a “Golden Age” according to a report released in Bloomberg News. Investors are being advised to invest in Saudi’s biggest bank, Al Rajhi as American banks are being destabilized by rising costs and a weakened dollar. What is at the root of this economic Islamic windfall? Billions upon billions of barrels of oil that’s selling at an all-time high and Americans are footing the bill. The Saudi’s are taking the money earned and investing in their infrastructure. They are doing so well that they are slated to build five new cities which will create 2 million new jobs and attract foreign investors. Businesses in the Kingdom are outperforming estimates.

Much like the governments of Qatar, Dubai and some parts of Kuwait, the Arabs are building an oasis in the desert, surrounded by turmoil and warfare which seems to have no bearing on the prosperous upswing within their borders. Now by no means am I knockin’ the Saudi hustle, I just find it strange that America rushed to the aid of the Kingdom to stabilize the area (Middle East) and rid the region of their most staunch critic and ardent foe, Saddam, then within the span of six to seven years the Saudi’s emerge as the victors in every sense of the word. Continue reading

The Liberty City Seven To Be Prosecuted Third Time On Terrorism Charges

Not Guilty!

The US Government has announced plans to try for an unprecedented third time to convict members of the “Liberty City Seven” on purported charges of plotting to blow up US interests, including the Sears Tower and several FBI offices through out the US. Both previous trials have ended up deadlocked with a jury unable to bring back a conviction on any of the defendants. The first trial in fact ended with them (jurors) acquitting one member of the “Liberty City Seven.”

Now, to refresh your memories this was a much publicized story in 2006 that the government alleged was proof that there were cell groups operated within the borders of the US, plotting on behalf of Al Qaeda. The majority of their prosecution came via a planted informant who recorded hundreds of hours of conversations between himself and the men, who were videotaped taking an allegiance to Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. According to Narseal Baptiste, the alleged ringleader, the oath was a hoax and their goal was to use the promised funds to uplift their downtrodden neighborhood of Liberty City.
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