Papoose Implicated in Rikers Slashing

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A New York Post article has linked Papoose to a 2006 inmate slashing on Riker’s Island.papoose

Per a source in the story, the rapper was pressured by members of the Bloods organization to give inmates the message to go ahead with the attack. The rapper put on a concert for low-risk inmates, and two inmates were subsequently slashed in the face after he flashed gang signs, according to the Post.

The Brooklyn rapper demanded at the last minute that two of his friends, each incarcerated in different jails, be brought to see his concert in the George Motchan Detention Center’s gym.

Officials initially denied his request but gave in when Papoose threatened to cancel. High-ranking supervisors stepped in and permitted the transfer, according to the article. Continue reading

[audio] Remy Ma- If You Only Knew

Remy Ma

I was originally fighting posting this but then it hit me that not only will we be no longer hearing any tunes from Remy but rarely do you hear two artists in Hip Hop express genuine love for one another so I’m like f*ck it, why not! This is Remy’s ode to Papoose called “If You Only Knew.”


Is Remy’s Conviction an Indictment on Hip Hop?

Remy Ma

This is a tragedy on all sides. First Kimberly. Then Inga. Now Remy. Hip Hop’s female hierarchy is heading to the slammer at an unprecedented ratio. Sure, dudes are getting locked up but at a ratio of one out of every twenty. Mind you there is only like 10 female emcees and at least 6 of them have been in potential penitentiary-bound circumstances. Nobody wins when there are children involved and I’m sure you’re like, ‘she should’ve thought about all that before she pulled the trigger.’ My thing is not only are you right, but the irony is that the reality of her actions are too much for us to swallow, but when its the content in her raps we don’t have any problem jammin’ out to the sh*t on our iPods.

Yet we expect some authenticity from our “stars.” If they let their thing off they are deemed to be the “real deal” the “genuine article.” How many songs have come out to applaud the “realness” of Shyne for letting his thing off in the club but yet they clown him behind his back for taking a dive for Puff? “How can he be so stupid” but “He so gangsta.” Which one is it? I was in Club New York that night and it wasn’t nothing gangsta about what went down. How many of his fans write him? Visit him? Send him bread? We abandon our own during their times of need and neglect the very relationship that was forged by us buying into their fairy tales. Continue reading

Papoose Pulls Stunt To Avoid Remy Ma Jail Wedding…

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Well this story is one for the ages. It is being reported by the Daily News that the wedding between Papoose and Remy Ma was not to be. This story is too unbelievable to repeat so please read below:

Wedding – or prison break?

Remy Ma’s jailhouse nuptials were abuptly called off Monday when her rapper groom Papoose showed up with a most curious wedding present: a handcuff key.
“A wedding was scheduled today and a visitor to that wedding service was found to be in possession of jail contraband so the wedding was canceled,” a corrections official told the Daily News.
“The key that was found today easily opened handcuffs that we and other law enforcement officials use,” the official said.

The Brooklyn-born Papoose – real name Shamele Mackie – won’t be able to see his fiance now until November.
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Remy Ma & Papoose Set to get Married Today on Rikers Island

Papoose & Remy Ma

Source: WNBC

Grammy-nominated rapper Remy Ma, whose real name is Remy Smith, will marry rapper Papoose at New York’s Rikers Correctional Facility next week, her lawyer Ivan Fisher told The New York Post.
Fisher told the Post the wedding would be held on Monday and that the bride and groom would each be allowed two guests for the prison ceremony, reported WNBC-TV in New York.
Ma is scheduled for sentencing on Tuesday for shooting acquaintance Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the abdomen after an argument outside Pizza Bar, a Manhattan nightclub, in July 2007.

Ma claimed Barnes-Joseph had stolen money from her purse.
In March, a Manhattan jury convicted Ma on charges of assault, illegal weapon possession and attempted coercion in connection with the incident.
She has been held without bail at Rikers since her conviction and faces up to 25 years in prison.
Ma, a former member of Fat Joe’s “Terror Squad,” is one of three female rappers to ever have a No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, with Terror Squad’s hit “Lean Back.”

Remy & Pap 2 Wed On Rikers Island


Hip Hop’s newest it couple Remy Ma & Papoose are due to be married on Rikers Island while she awaits sentencing on her recent convictions for assault, weapon possession and attempted coercion.

Source: Breitbart via AP

They’re much in love,” Fisher said. “They’re very committed to each other, and they had intended to marry one way or another.”

About 200 weddings are performed each year at Rikers Island, which offers chaplains and chapels, said city Department of Correction spokesman Stephen Morello. Only two guests will be permitted, and the couple won’t be allowed to wear rings with protruding gems.

Remy Ma was nominated for a Grammy as part of the Terror Squad for the 2004 hit “Lean Back.” She also has recorded with rap stars Busta Rhymes and Eminem.

Papoose’s “Born To Win” was featured on the top-selling football video game “Madden NFL 06,” and the music magazine Rolling Stone named him one of its “10 Artists to Watch” in 2006.

The Brooklyn rapper, whose real name is Shamele Mackie, also attracted attention with a track called “50 Shots,” in which he vented his anger about a fatal 2006 New York City police shooting of an unarmed man who was hours away from getting married.

Papoose To Wed Remy In Prison?


UPDATE: Remy’s people posted this plea for her fanbase

Please write letters about how Remy and her music has positively affected you, influenced you, inspired you, etc…in hopes that the judge will be lenient in Remy’s upcoming sentencing. Thank you all for your support.

This had the be the worst week ever for Brooklyn’s own Papoose, Pap-poose. First he loses comrade Cavlar in a hail of bullets Downtown Brooklyn, then on Thursday his girlfriend Remy Martin was convicted on all charges stemming from a shooting last year outside of a Manhattan nightclub. This prompted him to release this response and come clean about their rumored relationship:

“We always wanted to keep our personal lives personal, so that’s why we never went public with our relationship,” he wrote in an e-mail to MTV News. “Right now, I just feel like she gotta live through me. Yes, we were scheduled to be married on a yacht April 27th. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we are now making arrangements to be married in prison…All her supporters who feel Remy had an influence on their life should write a short letter to the judge asking for the shortest sentence possible,” he wrote. “Send it to”
CLICK HERE for more of this story. I’m sure we haven’t seen the end of this chapter. Stay tuned.



Word coming out of Brooklyn is that it may have lost another one of its home breed rappers. Reports are saying that a 30 year old man to be killed in a Downtown Brooklyn shootout may have been Brooklyn rapper Cavlar. News 12 Brooklyn are reporting the story and showing the deceased victim’s car (a maroon color Jaquar that looks like similiar to Cavlar’s vehicle. There are “RIP” comments appearing on his Myspace at presstime. Story DEVELOPING…

Update :
The above story has been confirmed and we welcome comments from you guys on the situation, just please stay away from saying that Uncle Murda had something to do with this case. Though they had some previous beef there is no evidence linking him to this case.

New Dedication Video from BronxRap

Footage of CAVLAR embroiled in a beef with Uncle Murda..