AZEALIA BANKS remains Raw and Uncut in Playboy Interview

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Hands down the interview of the year.

You said black people aren’t supposed to be Christians. What religion do you identify with?
I don’t want to say, but I’ll tell you about one form of the religion. It’s called 21 Divisions. When they brought the slaves over to the Caribbean, they syncretized all their African gods with Catholic saints. So in 21 Divisions there are black gods and goddesses, and my mother practiced that when I was little. Whenever problems happened, we turned to 21 Divisions to fix it. It’s funny, because my friends on the block in Harlem, their mothers would be like, “Oh, you fucking with that witchcraft. You working roots.” You can cleanse people with root work or do bad things to them. But 21 Divisions is celestial.

Is there someone whose career you’d like to emulate?

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N.E.R.D confirms new female group member RHEA


There have been some rumblings about this before but now they have confirmed and she is very cute. Now the question is will they push units like Black Eye Peas?

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Claiming that their music is now ‘very 3-D’, Pharrell Williams says NERD are working on a new album ‘Instant Gratification’ with new member Rhea. Rumor that NERD have a new member named Rhea has been confirmed by Pharrell Williams. “Musically, we’re just somewhere else [with her],” he told MTV News. “The music is now very 3-D. It’s something you have to hear.” “We’re definitely somewhere else,” he continued. “I want to leave that impact moment for when you purchase your download and you purchase your CD. The music is very three-dimensional. We’re just really excited. We feel like NERD has always been the punks of hip-hop and the outcasts of alternative music – just a little different. But this time, we’re taking no prisoners.”


Super Group CRS Gets Super Tee


[Source: Complex]

Extra, Extra! A themed t-shirt based on the supposed Super Group CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) has just been created and it is causing pandemonium on the net. This super conceptual tee has all three icons draped in Bape wear, (Kanye rocking the strapped up Ato Matsumoto kicks) toting heavy metal. I know you’re scratching your head like, WTF? but I’m sure that just makes it more “artsy.” Fans of Kanye, Pharell, Lupe get in on the bid now! It is underway on eBay and you can bet you’re Louie Teddy Bear that this one will be a collectors item for the ages!