[video] Mob of Philly cops assault man holding baby for not paying his $2.25 fare

Police brutality and abuse of power against black people is one of our foremost problems in this country and around the world. Will it take all out anarchy for this madness to stop? Not even an infant child could make these pigs handle this situation any different.

So, this is the bullshit my son witnessed yesterday coming home from work. Dude’s crime? Not paying the $2.25 fare. Look at how small and scared his daughter is, and how he is treated by Septa & Philadelphia police, over $2.25!!! I thought Septa had a policy of allowing fareless riders the courtesy? I wish they would put hands on me while holding my kids!!! This police ‘entitlement’ mentality, which often leads to brutality, has got to stop!




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Transit officers working for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority are under investigation after several of them were recorded by a cell phone pushing and shoving an African American man holding onto a baby for reportedly not paying his $2.25 fare.
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Philly Man Arrested After Posting YouTube Video About Cop Killings

cop shot

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A man who authorities say posted an Internet video showing himself waving a gun and claiming to rejoice whenever a police officer is shot in the city was arrested Thursday.

Andre Moore, 44, of West Philadelphia, faces charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, corruption of morals of a minor and harassment, police Lt. John Walker said.

In the video posted on YouTube, a man authorities identified as Moore complains about officers in West Philadelphia’s 18th police district, calling them “a bunch of liars” and saying he celebrates “whenever they shoot a cop in Philadelphia.”
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Black Men Unite In Baltimore to “Save the Children”

Who\'s Gonna Save the Babies?

In response to some highly publicized incidents involving Baltimore school students, an initiative is being launched on July 15, Father’s Day where the goal will be enlisting 5,000 African-American men vowing to bring “positive change to their communities.” The Baltimore Convention will play host to the event, modeled after a Philadelphia initiative dubbed 10,000 Men In Philly, a call to action in Philly that is considered a model for success. Baltimore is half the size of Philly, so the modest number of 5,000 men is the modest goal.

Community leaders were joined at the Wednesday news conference with a diverse group including Police Commissioner Leonard D. Hamm and former drug kingpin Melvin “Little Melvin” Williams, the godfather of the Baltimore dope scene and the prototype of Stinger Bell on The Wire.

“A community that is afraid of its children is doomed for failure,” Morris said, referring to a recent outcry by Canton residents who don’t want a new school in their neighborhood. On the other hand, he said, a community that is prepared to “sow a seed” in the lives of its children is “destined for greatness.”

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[Update] 4 Officers Fired, Four Disciplined In Philly Beating

The Philadelphia Experiment

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Philadelphia’s police commissioner said Monday that four officers will be fired and four others disciplined for their roles in the beatings of three shooting suspects, an encounter that was captured on videotape and drew widespread outrage.

Another eight officers who had physical contact with the suspects will undergo additional training on the department’s policies concerning the use of force, Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. He said the police department made the disciplinary decisions after reviewing frames from enhanced tape of a video shot by a television news helicopter on May 5.

The video, shot by WTXF-TV, shows the suspects being pulled from their car on the side of the road and groups of officers kicking, punching and beating the men. A total of 19 officers — 18 city police and one transit officer — were involved.
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High School Kids Suspended For Meeting Obama

Source : Breitbart/APTwo high school seniors in Scranton, Pa., are paying a high price for their interest in politics .[Students Not Pictured here]

You got to be kidding me? !

At this very important time in American politics and the world, and you bust the balls of some kids who went to see Senator Obama. Kids are finally interested in politics and some shithead admin, gives them flack for skipping Gym class. Unbelievable.
Read below:

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) – Two high school seniors in Scranton, Pa., are paying a high price for their interest in politics.
Colin Saltry and Joey Daniel say they skipped gym class on Monday to rush over to a diner where Sen. Barack Obama’s motorcade had just pulled in for an impromptu breakfast stop.

The two met Obama, and they say he even signed excuse slips for them to show their teachers. That didn’t work. Saltry and Daniel got one- day suspensions for leaving school grounds, and Saltry has been ordered to resign as senior class president.

Saltry says it was worth being suspended to meet Obama, but he didn’t expect to be bounced from his class presidency.

Assistant Superintendent William King says the rules are clear, and adds that if the students had approached a teacher about wanting to leave campus, they probably would have been given permission.

Obama Talks Black & White


We have the historic Obama speech in Philadelphia on race relations in its entirety both in video and in text.  Make sure you peep this, it is one for the history books!  For the FULL TEXT Click HERE 

Editors Note: Very rarely in life are we presented with the opportunities to address our hidden demons, put our fears to bed and heal our long lingering national wounds in one sitting.  Obama was presented with such a unique position and not only did he rise to the occasion and give a blistering reminder as to why he would be prepared to lead on Day One but he is distinguishing himself as one of the most poised political figures to grace a stage in our lifetime.  Although a speech won’t right all these wrongs overnight, the conversation has begun and the secret is out.  May America continue to grow if she hopes to survive.  What is undisputable is Obama has a masterful stroke when it comes to hitting poltical homeruns.  Bonds beware.