[video] Behind Brazil’s Extreme Beauty Addiction

I would of liked to see a more balanced view with black women from Brazil speaking about the pressures of being dark skinned in a society that is majority black people but are rarely represented in the standard of beauty.

In the first episode, our favourite tattoo-covered alien princess discovers more about the pressures to have the ‘perfect body’ and long hair. From an all-female tattoo studio to a plastic surgeon’s office, Grace Neutral meets a range of young women to find out about how perceptions of femininity and identity are changing in Brazil.


[video] Mirror Twins: Sisters Get Matching Booties By Leading Identical Lives

Safe to say that they had the identical surgeon as well.

CURVY twins Miriam and Michelle Carolus claim their whopping four-foot butts are the result of an eye-watering 2000 squats A DAY. The aspiring models have used their dazzling derrieres to make a name for themselves and so far earned nearly 250,000 followers on Instagram. But they deny their success is due to surgery, saying it’s down to a dedicated regime that sees them mirroring each other’s lifestyle to pedantic detail. The girls even live next-door to each other in Miami, Florida, and work for the same plastic surgeon – but say the only work they’ve had is matching $5000 boob jobs.

[video] Brazilian man Xiahn Nishi has EXTENSIVE Plastic Surgery for Asian Eyes

He definitely didn’t wake up like this.

via Huff Post

Love the skin you’re in. Or you could do what a Brazilian man did, and change your face to look more Asian. As can be seen in the video above, Xiahn Nishi, who used to go by “Max,” is a Brazilian man who decided to undergo ten surgeries to achieve his goal, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

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[pics] Heidi Montag Before and After Plastic Surgery (Full Procedure Breakdown)

Source: Gawker , Huffington Post ,People , Blackfolks , Newser

Check out the before and after pics of Heidi Montag, who actually made news this week for having ten plastic surgery procedures at one time. With all the terrible news this week about Haiti, self-absorbed celebrities just seem so out of vogue in 2010. The thing that kills me here is that it looks like she actually added ten years to herself. If you read this article it can teach you a thing or two about self love which we seem to have lost in this country.

Anyway here she is in all her plastic glory below:

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Botox found to have Killer Side Effects

This is no surprise at all. The fact that Botox may have death written all over it, and is dangerously unhealthy should be a warning to all you baby boomers trying to keep pace with Paris Hilton. Read the ugly truth below:

The poster child for Botox use. How beautiful?

The poster child for Botox use. How beautiful?

via Breitbart

Months after US authorities sounded the alarm, European officials are warning of dangerous possible side effects from the wrinkle-smoothing injection Botox, according to a German news report.
The London-based European Medicines Agency had by August 2007 recorded more than 600 cases of negative effects potentially linked to the popular cosmetic treatment, Focus news weekly reported in its issue to be released Monday.

In 28 cases Botox users died.

In Germany the Federal Institute for Medication and Medical Products has received 210 reports with a suspected link to Botox, which is used by millions around the world to iron out wrinkles. Five cases were lethal, Focus said.

Botulinum toxins including Botox are approved in the United States and Europe to treat a variety of conditions including spasms of the eyelids or neck, the easing of facial lines or excessive sweating.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned in February that using Botox can have serious side effects including death, but stopped short of banning them.


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Cosmetic Surgery Expected to Soar, Nation of ‘Plastic People’ in 2015

Source: Live Science

Yes we will be all ‘plastic’ by 2015 according to this report. I plan on getting plastic surgery to get more fingers so I can do even more blogging for you guys. Read your future below:

\"I Can\'t Feel My Face\"

By 2015, 17 percent of the residents of the United States will be getting cosmetic procedures, the body enhancement industry predicts.

A new study published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) predicts there will be more than 55 million cosmetic surgery procedures performed in 2015. That’s nearly one procedure for every five Americans, including children, based on U.S. Census Bureau population projections. Of course, the bulk of procedures are done on adults, and some people might get more than one body part fixed in a year.

\" What Band-aids ?\"

What’s hot?

Women’s top-five cosmetic surgical procedures for 2007:

* Breast augmentation: 399,440 procedures
* Liposuction: 398,848
* Eyelid surgery: 208,199

Men’s top-five cosmetic surgical procedures for 2007:

* Liposuction: 57,980 procedures
* Eyelid surgery: 32,564
* Nose reshaping: 31,713

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