[video] Prisoners Riot In Response to Alleged Officer Abuse

Plies brother with the commentary. I keep thinking he was gonna say it was ‘going down at the Ritz Carlton’. Holman is a well known prison that has been featured for years on MSNBC’s “Locked Up”. No details on the fallout since these skirmishes.

– Allegedly responding to their mistreatment, prisoners in at the Holman Correctional Facility in Atmore, about 50 miles north of Mobile, began to riot early Saturday morning. Early reports indicate that a correctional officer was stabbed 9 times and the warden, at least once Friday night which led to the riots. Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Plies A No Show For Court Case, Loses Judgement

pliesvia 24HourHipHop

A Montgomery, Alabama concert promoter was recently awarded a default judgment in his lawsuit against Atlantic Records rapper Plies for failing to show up for a concert earlier this year.

A default judgment has been issued for Patrick Monifston of P Entertainment Promotions after Plies and his manager David Gay failed to appear in court to face the civil lawsuit. Monifston filed suit against Plies on July 16, after the Florida rapper never showed for a July 8 concert.

According to the lawsuit, Plies never bothered to perform in Montgomery, disappointing some 1,500 fans. After the audience learned Plies would not appear, a melee broke out in the crowd that caused thousands of dollars in damages to the club, according to Montgomery Advertiser.

In addition to levying claims of breach of contract, Monifston also sued Plies for slander, following the rapper’s appearance on radio station WZHT Hot 105 where he reportedly made disparaging comments about the promoter.

The exact terms of the judgment were not announced, however Monifston said it was at least $11,000, which covers the amount he spent to bring Plies to Montgomery, as well as the damages the club sustained.

[Listen Now] DJ KHALED- We Global Now

Koch Records is making DJ Khaled’s WE GLOBAL NOW FREE for streaming by CLICKING [HERE]

Very few artist have been able to do what this Miami based DJ has been consistently effective at, and that’s making hit records. This compilation is a very impressive offering from Khaled, full of features but his strength is in composing dynamic collaborations that pull the best out of the artist featured. Joe, Kanye, Pain, The Game, Nas, Ross, and even Ace Hood showed up with their ace game and delivered Khaled another certified banger.
I can see why Koch was confident to make this available to the buying public from free a week before it dropped. People will invest in quality and this album meets that mark.

The artists featured on DJ Khaled’s album We Global read like a MTV awards show performance line-up. It’s like the who’s who of famous “featuring” artists. It’s like he took anyone who ever made a song famous by rapping 8 bars or singing a chorus and got them all on his album. Lil’ Wayne. Busta Rhymes. Akon. T-Pain. Kanye. Sean Paul. Chris Brown. Crazy, right? Anyway, it’ll be in stores next week but you can listen to the full dealie right now! This time it’s DJ Khaled: featuring you.

Rick Ross had Perfect Attendance as Corrections officer…

TSG is definitely putting the final touches on the career of Rick Ross.

This new update exposes Ross as being a outstanding officer with perfect attendance(Who the hell has perfect attendance at any job?).
Well more of the dirt is hitting the coffin and it seems the homie Plies might be next. More below:

Rick Ross’s Jail Time

Rapper’s screw history detailed in Department of Corrections file

JULY 28–We don’t mean to pile on the beleaguered gangster rapper (and former prison guard) Rick Ross, but a Freedom of Information request has turned up additional documents chronicling the performer’s penal career. As we previously reported, despite vehement denials from Ross (real name: William Leonard Roberts), Florida Department of Corrections (DoC) records show that the 32-year-old hip-hop star worked as a correctional officer for 18 months, until he resigned his $25,794.34 post in June 1997. In response to a TSG request, DoC officials released Ross’s 86-page personnel file, excerpts of which you’ll find on the following pages.
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Queen Pen Releases Statement Addressing Abuse & Haters

Queen Pen & Plies
In a response to the support and hate Queen Pen got after an article was posted in the New York Post alleging that she was a victim of a brutal beatdown by her boyfriend, she released this statement

First off I [would] like to thank all of you who have supported me in this unfortunate situation. And for those who did just the opposite & and decided to post disrespectful comments… Hey, thank you too!! Cause as weird as it may sound you guys gave me a little laugh at a time when life was just so hectic & stressful.

Now down to business… For those who posted a comment bout the pix in NY Post [seen to the left], unfortunately that pic was taken under certain circumstances that was out of my control. I must admit myself that’s not the best pic I’ve ever taken. I can email whoever would like to see a better photo of me and trust I have worst photo’s than the one put in the Post (like da photo of me when dat wacko attacked me). Now for some who had something to say bout the photo of me & Plies. I was just chilling, I’m a human & regular person like any of you women out there. I don’t feel like I’m no better den anybody I live life & deal with life’s everyday issues like anybody.
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Is Plies Album Cover A Jack Move Of Young Buck’s?

Return of the Goonies
Did the homie Plies pull a jack move on Young Buck’s album cover?
Young Buck Album Cover

In an unrelated story did you know it was against the law to wear a ski-mask in public? Well, the law which was enacted because of the Klu Klux Klan in the 50’s has only been used twice, but know it is being challenged in South Florida of all places! (isn’t the homie Plies from South Florida? coincidence?) A man was charged for donning the ski-mask in a Wal-Mart parking lot. The caller said the man, Ernie Daley was casing the spot out for a robbery. Police, unable to prove that his identity was “concealed” now find themselves in court with the defendant who is about to get the law tossed on the grounds of unconstitutionality. So, it will be OK for everyone to bite Buck and throw ski-masks on in public, to get our full-blown Goon on! CLICK HERE for the full story, there is a very interesting back story involved so check it out.

The Lil Homie Plies Preps Sophomore Release


The Lil Homie Plies is striking while the iron is hot. According to an article on SOHH.com Plies is reading his sophomore release Definition of Real, after enjoying gold success with his debut CD The Real Testament.  Slated for a June 10 release Plies also spoke on the secrets to his formula.  He said he doesn’t rely on high priced producers to cook up tracks, instead he leans on his brothers production company The World Music Group.

“We got a lot of good producers under our umbrella,” he says. “At the end of the day if you’re not careful you can go through this business coming out with great records, great albums and walk away with nothing to show. So, I’m just trying to tighten up my business side of it.”

You can also forget any rapper guest appearances, like George Bush the Homie Plies prefers to go at it alone. He is sticking with his winning formula and going with a R&B crooner on the hook and this time around he snatched up Ne-Yo for his yet untitled lead single. “It’s all me on this album but I was able to work with a Ne-Yo who gave me that good radio side, that radio look.”In addition to him tightening the music business side up Plies is also venturing into reality TV and fashion. Based off his two-part single “Bust It Baby” which Plies describes as “the best sexual experience” this will be the name of the show as well as an all-female fashion line. There are currently three major networks bidding for the pepper hot show which received 200,000 hits for the casting call alone!  For more info on the Lil Homie Plies CLICK HERE

Plies and Ross Get Ready For Hypnotized Tour

Source :Prohiphop

The lil homie Plies and the Boss Rick Ross, are set to go on tour to promote their upcoming albums. Plies still riding high off of gold records “Shawty” ft T-Pain and “Hypnotized” ft Akon is due to release his new album this spring or early summer. Ross on the other hand is due to deliver Trilla this Tuesday with radio bangers Speeding” ft R.Kelly and “The Boss”ft T-Pain in heavy rotation.

See Also: Press Release,Plies Manager Caught With Drugs

For up to date info on the tour check out Myspace.com/hypnotizedtour

The Lil Homey Plies Needs New Management!!


Source : Defsounds

Okay just reporting the facts. Don’t know the circumstances but it seems hip hop artist Plies has more to worry about that just a violation from his P.O.(probation officer). It seems his manager was caught with enough coke to make a slalom. 

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“100 Years” 

“Hypnotized” ft Akon



[Source: Allhiphop]
An incident from 2006 is coming back to haunt Florida based artist Plies in the form of a $10 million lawsuit. The plaintiffs, totaling five in number, are alleging that Plies, his record label Slip-N-Slide Records, 283 West, a Gainesville club and others are all responsible for a shooting that took place at a Plies show. They claim that members of Plies entourage started firing pistols into the crowd after Plies microphone was cut off so Lil Boosie can take the stage. The following events took place in regards to the incident:

Two members of Plies’ entourage – his brother Ronell Lavatte, 31 at the time, and then 21-year-old Tory Carnegie – were accused of firing at least three rounds and charged with attempted murder. Upon completing a search of their vehicle, police found five loaded firearms and additional rounds of ammunition. Plies and another member of his entourage, Keon Mc. Rae, were then charged with illegal possession of a concealed weapon. Plies later pled no contest to the charge.