The Ugly Facts About Bottled Water vs. Tap


Is nothing sacred anymore?  The controversy over bottled water has hit a new crescendo with this new study conducted by 20/20 that has proved what people have long feared…there is no difference between tap and bottled water!  Five brands were sent to a lab and compared to the filthiest tap on the planet, New York City faucet water.  Poland Spring, Iceland Spring, Aquafina, Evian and K-Mart distributed American Fare were compared and test results showed no difference between the Big Five and NY tap.  Then they conducted a blind taste test and tap fared better then some of the bigger brands.  They also dished the dirt on where these waters originate from since none of them are true to their brand.  Dasani and Aquafina are actually reprocessed tap water, and American Fare came out on top in the taste test.  Disturbing?  Read more by clicking HERE 

 Editor’s Note: You mean to tell me they had me paying $2 for bottled water this summer and that sh*t was tap!  Damn, these folks is trifling.