[video] John McCain tells Anti-war Protesters: ‘Get Out of Here You Low-life Scum’

This country is broken. When anti-war protesters are treated this way it shows we have no allies in Washington and that the political process is a joke. Henry Kissinger is a war criminal who needs to be arrested and sent to jail for the rest of whatever life he has in that overweight body of his. America will self destruct as long as these type of people are in charge .

Sen. John McCain had some choice words for a group of protesters heckling former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger Thursday. McCain called the protesters ‘low-life scum,’ and kicked them out of the hearing. (Jan. 29)



More Fox News Race Baiting- Parents Pre-Approved Kids Singing Barack Obama Song

Much to do about nothing. Once again Fox made a big deal about the “Barack Hussein Obama” song when none of the actual parents of these kids did. Are they that desperate that they have to manufacture controversy on a daily basis to get rating?

The people who are watch Fox are obviously brain dead racists who will never question their shady tactics. Trust me this is not an endorsement of any of the other networks, but Fox just seems to be out for the blood of President Obama and are willing to do absolutely anything to get it.

[video] Dick Gregory at the Hip Hop Inauguration Ball

Mr. Gregory displays his gift to mix funny shit with politics. Reminding us why he is considered a master at the art of persuasion with word he reminds those in attendance that it is their duty to tell the true story of what the energy in D.C. was like this past Inauguration Weekend. Truly a historic day, only portions of which made it to CNN, imagine the individual stories/testimonials. 

Killer Mike Talks God, Politics & Obama as Messiah…Deep Brother, Deep

via HipHop DX

See [and] I ain’t even talk about the racial swipes they take at Obama, because I believe that in any political race they’re gonna take racial swipes. That’s fine. So that doesn’t matter to me that they even did that. My thing is, if you’re gonna allow cheating, allow it on both sides. [But] I would like to congratulate Obama for running a stellar campaign, that didn’t have to step in the mud…too much, ‘cause it’s still politics.”

On why the songs on Grind II are a little political but mostly serve as motivational music for d-boy’s to git up, git out and git something better for their lives:

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Dem Candidates Have Global Appeal


The race for the presidency of the U.S. isn’t restricted to the shores of the continental United States. Both democratic candidates have a global appeal and the rest of the world has a vested interest in the outcome of this Presidential election. Obama favors well in Africa, Europe and the Mid East. On the strength of Bill Clinton’s favorable trade policies, Mexico and China are hoping it runs in the family and they are cheerleading for Hillary to take the title. Skpeticism is abound in pockets around the Middle East where even though they are rooting for Obama they doubt that America is ready to take direction from a man with Hussein as his middle name. The Wall Street Journal story said it best with this quote:

The world’s sole superpower has such an impact on the globe that, as a Belgian newspaper recently suggested, the rest of the world may feel it should be allowed to vote, too.

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Joell Ortiz-Ups and Downs-Official Vid

Joell Ortiz

We at Street Knowledge, totally support this cat Joell Ortiz. Besides being one hell of an MC, he is a down to earth cat who deserves all the success in the world. We’ve known Joell four about four years, when he was just putting out his first mixtape. I was initially introduced to his music by my dude 2 Tone(East New York what up!) who brought his cd into my homies (Cas) barbershop with a song called “Fuego”. I didn’t really like it that much, but I started to see some of his music on the web and immediately knew my first impression was wrong. Whatever he does we support over here and somebody tell them cats over at Aftermath, to give this kid some light!!!



Hip Hop Rules in Morocco!


 Despite Hip Hop’s declining CD sales stateside, the artform continue to galvanize a global audience.  The latest locale to embrace Hip Hop as the voice of the youth is Morocco, where it’s used as a political tool as opposed to the United States where rapper’s use Hip Hop as a platform to declare their love for the Almighty Dollar.  Blended in with traditional religious calls to prayers, speakers are blaring Diddy and Eminem classics.  The contrast caught the ear and eye of Josh Asen, a self-described Brooklyn Jew who caught the dynamic on film, in a documentary called “I Love Hip Hop in Morocco.”  This doc shows the powerful force Hip Hop has become in the Northern African country, who played host to their “first” Hip Hop concert.  To continue reading how Hip Hop is doing it big in Morocco click HERE