[pics] Ralph Lauren 2008 Olympics Collection

via Luxist

Ralph Lauren‘s 2008 Olympics Collection from his Polo line, to be worn by American athletes at the summer games in Beijing next month, is now available in stores. Lauren designed the official Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony parade outfits as well as an assortment of Olympic “village wear” pieces for the U.S. Teams, which anyone may now purchase. The Summer Olympics in Beijing run from Aug. 8 – 24th. Lauren’s patriotic, logo-festooned red, white and blue designs are “inspired by the rich past of the Olympic Games and in keeping with the time-honored tradition of this historic event.” Visit Lauren’s site here for more and check out the gallery to see athletes modeling the collection.

Lo Lifes: The Story of An American Dream Doc Trailer

I was surfing through my blogroll and I came across this on ProHipHop‘s site and I had to post it. This footage has my blood boiling because unlike all these backpacker weirdo’s who are trying to resurrect to them what amounts to a fad but to us what amounts to our culture, I was there in the thick of the POLO era, popularized by the Lo Lifes but repped but other entities coming out of Brooklyn as well. I repeat, to you weirdo hipsters this isn’t a fashion fad, POLO was a way of life for us and we still hold that connection sacred, as crazy as that may sound. This is Thirstin’ Howl upholding his end of the legacy, apparently a documentary is on the way.