Microsoft debuts ‘Kinect’ controller-free gaming system

No doubt about it, this is defintely a Wii-killer.

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Microsoft took the wraps off of Microsoft Kinect (formerly known by its code name, “Project Natal”), its highly-anticipated controller-free gaming system for Xbox.

Forget memorizing button sequences, drop the joystick, and put down the Wiimote: Microsoft Kinect, which can “recognize faces, obey voice commands, and track body movements,” according to the LA Times, will enable users to control their video game avatars just by moving their bodies in front of the Kinect (see video below). Kinect users will also be able to control movies just by speaking commands, such as “play” or “pause.”


Call of Duty: World at War – Imperial Zombie Mode Trailer

Doesn’t look too violent to me..

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Keep moving to survive the unending Zombie horde in “Shi No Numa” (zombie swamp), the all new DLC addition to the multiplayer co-op fan favorite made famous with the Nazi Zombies killing already in the game. This time in Map Pack 2, the Imperial Zombies rise from the misty swamps and flaming Hell Hounds blaze through the jungle as players struggle to find Perk machines and the deadly new Wunderwaffe DG-2 to stay alive. This new map includes 10 new Achievements/Trophies

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Microsoft Unveils New Controller

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Microsoft has unveiled its new control system for the Xbox 360, at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles.

Project Natal is a fully hands-free control system that will use face recognition and motion sensors to allow users to play games.

Film director Steven Spielberg, attending the launch, said it was “a window into what the future holds”.

Although still in the early stages, Microsoft has sent prototypes to all the main game developers.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Spielberg said he had always stated that “the main barrier stopping people getting into video games was the complexity of a games controller,” and that Natal was “a whole new world”.

“There is technology now that recognises not just your thumb, it recognises your entire person. The technology knows who you are,” he said.

Mr Spielberg drew an analogy with the film industry, saying it was evolutionary step for games.

“It’s like the square screen we saw all of our movies on in the early 1950s. Then The Robe came out in Cinemascope. And then came CinRam and Imax followed. That’s what this [Natal] is. Continue reading