Brazil’s new primetime show “Sex and the Niggaz” serves the white gaze

Racism in Brazil is a topic that receives a blind eye…it is sewed into the fabric of society and nobody seems to notice the stitching but after this reality show exploded on the scene the complexities of race & complexion are at the forefront of a national discussion gripping the nation. Below is a blog by some Brazilian feminist taking the producer/creator of this show to task and unmasking Brazil’s hidden prejudices.
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Baby-Face Pimps Guilty of Prostituting 12-Year Olds

on the stroll

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Three teenagers accused of forcing girls as young as 12 into prostitution have reached plea agreements and been sentenced to a juvenile detention center.

The boys – two are 17 and one is 16 – will be released no later than their 19th birthdays, according to the plea agreement.

They each pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of compelling prostitution. In exchange, prosecutors dropped other charges, including human trafficking. Charges against others allegedly involved in the ring are pending in adult court.
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