4,500 year-old tomb of previously unknown pharaonic queen found in Egypt

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Czech archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown queen believed to have been the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago, officials in Egypt said Sunday.

The tomb was discovered in Abu Sir, an Old Kingdom necropolis southwest of Cairo where there are several pyramids dedicated to pharaohs of the Fifth Dynasty, including Neferefre.

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Egypt to DNA test Tutankhamun’s ‘children’

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The mummified remains of two foetuses found in the tomb of Tutankhamun

The mummified remains of two foetuses found in the tomb of Tutankhamun

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Egypt is to carry out DNA tests on the mummified remains of two foetuses found in the tomb of Tutankhamun to determine if they were the children of the boy king, antiquities authorities said on Thursday.The bodies of the two still-born children were found in 1922 in the tomb of Tutankhamun in the ancient Nile city of Luxor by British explorer Howard Carter and have since been stored at the University of Cairo.

Egypt’s antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said the tests will determine whether the foetuses were the offspring of Tutankhamun and his wife Ankhesenpamon, daughter of Nefertiti, who was renowned as one of history’s great beauties.

“It is thought that the tiny bodies may be those of the young king’s stillborn children,” said a statement from Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities.

“The study aims at identifying the lineage and the family of king Tutankhamun, particularly his parents. The DNA test and the CT scan may also help to identify the foetuses’ mother,” Hawass said.

He said the results of the studies would also help in identifying the mummy of queen Nefertiti.

Mystery still surrounds the identities of Tutankhamun’s own parents — while his father is known to be the Pharoah Akhenaton, his mother remains unknown.

Some believe her to have been Nefertiti, the first wife of Akhenaton who is remembered for having converted his kingdom to monotheism with the worship of one sun god, Aton.

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