TAG Records in Financial Trouble



via Woooha

Jermaine Dupri x TAG Records. When Jermaine Dupri was booted from his job at Def Jam earlier this year, there were rumors that Dupri’s deal with TAG Records was in jeopardy as well. Fortunately for Dupri, the Def Jam and TAG Body Spray collaboration was arranged as a separate deal and Dupri kept his job as President of TAG Records…for the time being.q_da_kid

The bottom line though is TAG Records is not doing so hot. Rumored reports are coming in from Proctor & Gamble (TAG Body spray owners) that due to a combination of the economic downturn and the lack of buzz surrounding TAG Record’s initial artist Q Da Kid, P&G budgets will tighten up in future media buys and promotions with TAG Records. Rumor also has it that Def Jam has plans to phase out Dupri’s involvement with TAG Records as well. In a January interview with Essence, Dupri stated the following about his future relationship with TAG and Def Jam:

I don’t know what’s going to happen and that’s the saddest part in dealing with these situations. They try to keep the group to hurt the person who brought these artists to them. The truth is, I can always find another artist but the artist can not find another me. I have to be in a forward motion. One of my biggest focuses is that if you want to do new things you can’t do old things. I can’t be around people that don’t motivate and that’s what happened: a slow motion of people living off checks with no excitement. I’m into excitement. Continue reading