[video] White Teens Take Pic With N Word Written On Their Stomachs

Is Hip Hop to blame or nah?

Four Michigan high school students have been suspended for a week after posing for a picture with racial slurs written across their stomachs.

The image, captured at a weekend party, shows three white girls and a boy with n—-r and “I heart n—-rs” inked on their midriffs. One girl — who was also suspended — sported no racial slurs, but the words “I heart weed” were penned on her knee.

The Grosse Pointe South High School students’ photo was captioned “Like what even” with laughing emoji faces and of the emoji of a monkey covering its eyes.


Nintendo Releases Game with Racial Slur


via MTV

Video game companies send me games: not surprising. Yesterday, Nintendo sent me a game they played for me: say what?

In my mailbox yesterday was a copy of 2005’s “Animal Crossing: Wild World” for the DS out of the shrinkwrap and accompanied with a letter on Nintendo stationery written in the voice of the game’s Mayor Tortimer, encouraging me to use this copy of the game to import all of its unlocked items and its character to “Animal Crossing: City Folk” on the Wii.

Nintendo must have known that I’m terrible at “Animal Crossing” and thought I’d need help. So they unlocked a lot of content for me. They appear to have quite accidentally gotten a bit hip-hop about all this. Whoever played this game for me back at Nintendo trained at least one of the characters to greet me with the line [censored here]: “How are you, N—a?” Continue reading

Lou Dobbs Uses Old Racial Slur Describing Condeleeza Rice “These Cotton Pickin..”


CNN fat ass Lou Dobbs is on the hot seat for a slur he inadvertently blurted out during a telecast with shit bag Wolf Blitzer. After being asked to address recent comments about racism from Dr. Condeleeza Rice (got you Dick Gregory), he basically said these “Cotton…” and pushed the brakes and probably saved his job.
Who know the oncoming fallout for this tool, but this is just another solid fact that we still live amongst racist people in all facets of media and society. Watch the video below and please chime in.

Dog Barks again on A&E


Dog “Duane” Chapman seems to have gotten his job back on A&E as the pepper spraying bounty hunter that made him famous until that faithful day he chewed out his son for dating a n*gger”. After a whirlwind of bad publicity and putting his foot in his mouth repeatedly, he has gotten back in good graces with the suits and will be back on the air. Okay it is too easy to trash Dog, so I will just askHey Dog do you still want to be buried next to somebody black now that you got your job back? Nuff said.