Fox News Troll Steve Harrigan Cursed Out After Protester Hears “the dignified protesters have left, this is just child’s play now”

This has nothing to with whether or not you agree with the clashes with the police in Ferguson,  this is about the Fox News troll’s (Steve Harrigan) statement that the dignified protesters have left perpetuates that the voices of these young men are to be ignored. If they were treated in this systematic racist society and felt their lives mattered in this country would they be out there rioting? Once again Fox News proves they along with the media in general are just as much as the problem as the officer who killed Mike Brown.



[pic] Erin Andrews & Eric Sherman do Superbowl Pre-Game Interview

I guess this a giant middle finger to all the closeted keyboard racists who came to her rescue ,when the so-called “thug” Eric Sherman and her did one of the most memorable post game interviews in sports history.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 3.31.09 PM

via USA Today

Despite many people thinking Andrews was uncomfortable with the situation, the Fox sideline reporter told For The Win she loved the interview. She also said she immediately reached out to Sherman and the Seahawks following the Twitter blow up to make sure they knew all was well.

“That was awesome,” she said. “That was so awesome. And I loved it.”

Nascar coughs up money to settle discrimination, harassment suit

You mean to tell me that racists and sexists work for NASCAR ?

They really want this to go away quietly. Bet she got a couple million dollars and if the charges were unfounded they would have fought this to the end.

via ESPN


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — NASCAR has settled a $225 million lawsuit filed by a former official who said she was subjected to racial discrimination and sexual harassment during her two-plus years working for the stock-car organization, The Associated Press has learned.

The suit was settled during a Dec. 3 mediation held in New York between Mauricia Grant and NASCAR. Settlement terms were confidential.

“We’re glad to have the case settled on mutually acceptable terms,” NASCAR spokesman Ramsey Poston said Thursday. “NASCAR remains dedicated to maintaining a professional work environment for all employees at all times, and we wish Ms. Grant well in her future endeavors.”

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SOHH Hacked & Spammed With Racist Nazi Headlines, Pics

Source : Not Important

I awoke this morning and was put on to a vicious attack on SOHH. The site’s homepage was spammed with racist headlines and titles to there videos were changed to Some Nigger ft Some Nappy Headed Ho.
I was given a anonymous tip about these hackers and sent the info below.This is a must read from all our whole internet community. Please pass this on:

Full story under the cut…
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