[video] Nas’ Time Is Illmatic (Trailer)

Can’t wait for this.

Nas has big plans for the 20th anniversary of his classic album Illmatic. In addition to issuing a re-release of the album as Illmatic XX with plenty of bonus cuts, he’s completed a documentary which shows his creative process. The documentary, “Time Is Illmatic”, will make its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on Wednesday, but before that time we’ve received a trailer in anticipation of it.
Illmatic XX arrives on Tuesday and can be pre-order on iTunes.

Biz Markie Drops 140 lbs. After Being Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 6.06.29 PM


Why wait till you are diagnosed with Type 2? Get proactive and take care of yourself now because you will have to deal with health issues one way or the other.

via Daily News

After being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three years ago, rapper and DJ Biz Markie knew he had to drop some pounds along with his beats. Through diet, exercise and cutting back on sugar, the hip-hop icon went from 385 to 244 pounds and hopes to lose 30 more.
“I walk. I do the treadmill, I walk around the mall,” Biz, 49, told the Daily News. “I do a little crunches with my stomach, not that much. Just enough to get the engine going cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha! Vroooommmmm.”

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[video] Peter Rosenberg says ‘Jay Z is riding the coattails of Kanye West’

He makes his case that Jay Z has for the past few years, has been riding the coattails of Kanye West. I caunderstand his points but I don’t necessarily agree for a bunch of reasons. The fact Hov will forever be in the conversation for Greatest MC ever and though Kanye is a megastar, his name rarely if ever comes up in those debates. But without a doubt Hov has reinvented his self a bunch of times and he is smart enough to ride the wave of new trends instead of fighting them. The fact he took his former artist Young Chris’s flow and ran with that and pretty much shows how he can take something and make it his own. He himself said “you made it a hot line, I made it a hot song”.


[video] 2 Chainz Robbed at Gunpoint Footage released by TMZ

First and foremost 2 Chainz is lucky that he survived this incident without being shot. Secondly, for him to try to pretend that he was never robbed showed that he is not man enough to admit what happened and move on. He was even so bold to say the robbers would have posted his items online for the world to see. Well 2 Chainz surveillance footage has proved your delusional tweets wrong and you now know it is time for armed security guards.

[video] What What (Extended Trailer)

This is definitely a must see once it drops if you are true member of this Hip Hop shit. NORE aka Papi has assembled footage he has been filming since the 90′s and early 2000′s to chronicle a true Hip Hop documentary worthy of a theater release in my opinion. Not a bunch of talking heads giving My favorite moment in this extended trailer is Nas and brother Jungle professing that backpack Hip Hop is not valid. My only critique is certain parts the volume is too low but I would surmise these guys will fix it in the final draft. No idea when this is slated to drop but we hope it does ASAP. Enjoy.


[video] Hustla ‘the Empire on the Rise’ (starring Yung Brodee)

My directorial debut. Thanks to all involved it was a pleasure working with you and can’t wait to shoot the next episodes, should be great fun.

Hustla “the Empire on the Rise” is a vivid look at the life of Marques Edwards aka Yung Brodee, a rap artist who is being watched by rogue DEA agents hellbent on arresting him for being a drug kingpin.

The story unfolds in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles where his every move is being watched and monitored. Will he prove his innocence or be taken down by the DEA is the question answered in this gritty thriller.

Starriing Joie Chavez, Kip Pierce, Brandon Wyse, and Brad Alan.

Gucci Mane Placed in Mental Facility

First DMX, now Gucci? When you wear gaudy, coonish jewelry like this your metal healthy might need to get checked out.

via TMZ

According to the document, the judge ordered Gucci into custody — and immediately committed the rapper into a mental health treatment facility pending an evaluation of his mental condition.

We’re told Gucci is currently at the treatment facility.


Common Wants To Curb Chicago Youth Violence

Source: MTVNews.com  Steven Roberts, with additional reporting by Jayson Rodriguez

Following death of Derrion Albert, rapper says it’s ‘our responsibility’ to teach kids to value their own lives.

In the wake of the tragic death of 16-year-old Derrion Albert, many hip-hop artists have spoken out about violence, not only among the youth of Chicago, but in other cities like Atlanta and Newark. Nas wrote an open letter to Chicago teens following the honor student’s senseless beating death, urging them that they were fighting the wrong war.

Killer Mike blogged forXXLmag.com, apologizing to Albert and the four teens charged with his murder, Silvonus Shannon, 19; Eugene Riley, 18; Eugene Bailey, 17; and Eric Carson, 16, for letting them down. David Banner also addressed the situation in his song, appropriately titled, “Something Is Wrong.”

MTV News caught up withCommon at Wednesday’s Hennessy Artistry 2009 Seriesshow in New York, and the legendary Chicago MC echoed their sentiments. “For me, I grew up around it, but I have a great mom, have a wonderful stepfather and great family around, and I know every kid is not provided that blessing which we should naturally have,” Common said.

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MTV: Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Eminem Get The ‘Simpsons’ Treatment

Picture 11

via MTV

Later this month, “The Simpsons” will jump into its 21st season with yet another entry in the fantastic “Treehouse of Horror” franchise. To celebrate the upcoming milestone and to pay respects to some great hip-hop icons, Format and Moxy Creative have teamed up to produce a series of limited-edition posters that depict 10 famous rappers “Simpsonized.” The results are pretty great. As you can see in the posse shot below, some real heavy hitters are represented: Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Flavor Flav, Andre 3000, Eminem, Eazy-E and Fat Joe have all been converted into cartoon versions of their former selves.

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Cormega’s Born & Raised Album Cover

Source: IceDotCom
Picture 9

For his fourth solo opus Born & Raised, Cormega went with a collage designed by friend/graphic designer/snowboarder/documentarian Brian “Decka” Paupaw to represent the different stages in his life and pictures of the Queensboro Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and the NY Yankees logo to represent QB, Brooklyn & the BX (places he has called home) along with a silhouette of a smoking glock reminiscent of a burning World Trade Center. Mega Montana’s drops Born & Raised officially on October 20th. Order your Born & Raised t-shirts here. One. – ICE

WTF? Nas Ordered To Pay $44K A Month Support For Newborn With Kelis

Wow. I guess he will be pumping out albums every year now.

Picture 48

via HuffPost

LOS ANGELES — A judge has ordered Nas to pay Kelis nearly $44,000 in monthly support for the near future, a day after the “Milkshake” singer gave birth to the divorcing couple’s baby boy.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Louis Meisinger issued the order at a Thursday hearing. Neither Nas, whose full name is Nasir Jones, nor Kelis, whose full name is Kelis Rogers, attended Thursday’s hearing.

Rogers gave birth to the boy, named Knight, at a New York hospital Wednesday. The 29-year-old filed for divorce from the rapper in April. The couple was married in July 2003.

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[video] Joaquin Phoenix Attacks Heckler Fan At His Own Concert In Miami While Rappin! (Then Gets Kick’D Out)

Actor turned rapper Joaquin Phoenix jumps off the stage during a performance at a Miami Beach nightclub and confronts an audience member who is heckling him. It is unknown whether the scene is real or fake. You decide.

It’s always healthy to be able to laugh at yourself, but the climate of Hip Hop is an all-out circus these days.  Between Pimpin’ Curly and Joaquin Phoenix I don’t know which one takes home the honor of the most slapstick actor of ’09.

Foreclosure for Roc-A-Fella founder Dash’s homes

Source: Nahright

Dame Dash is in the midst of losing two properties in Manhattan.

Dame Dash is in the midst of losing two properties in Manhattan.

It seems that record and fashion mogul Dame Dash, who recently signed a multi-million dollar deal for wife’s Rachel Roy collection, is in deep debt with his luxury properties in Manhattan. Many have said that Dame has had a tremendous fall since he broke business ties with former partner Jay Z.

via IHT

Roc-A-Fella Records company co-founder Damon Dash and his wife are in jeopardy of losing two of their Manhattan apartments after apparently failing to pay their hefty mortgages.

The bank holding the mortgages says in a court filing Dash and Rachel Roy owe $7.3 million on the properties and it has begun foreclosure proceedings.

Eastern Savings Bank says Dash and Roy were supposed to make monthly payments of $78,500.

Efforts to contact Dash’s lawyer and publicist by phone and e-mail have been unsuccessful.

Dash is the estranged business partner of rapper Jay-Z.