Who the F*$@ is Slim Jesus?!

By now, many of you have gotten word of the latest craze on the Internet; it’s a music video by an 18-year-old white rapper from Hamilton, OH who goes by the name “Slim Jesus.” If you’re like me, you might be wondering how the hell this kid blew up out of nowhere and why is the hip hop community rallying behind such a mediocre and generic song? To be more specific, this video has landed placement on blogs such as HotNewHipHop, Complex, HipHopDX, and of course, WorldStarHipHop. He has already received co-signs and shout outs from industry figures like Lil Bibby, Meek Mill, Twista, Diplo, and DJ Akademiks. He has exactly three songs on his SoundCloud, the oldest of which was uploaded two months ago. He had zero online presence prior to this video going viral. If upcoming artists are given this level of exposure and it is not earned through the merit of their hard work and/or talent, then what is it? Their skin color, a gimmick, sex appeal, shock value…? I think the answer is clear in this situation.

Public Enemy put out a great video with a positive message less than a month ago that has garnered over a quarter million views and a quick Google search will show that it’s nowhere to be found on any of these sites. Hell, Chicago drill rappers Dae Dot and Reesemoneybagz released a song that is arguably far superior to Slim’s months ago and they rap over the same beat. And yet, their version flew under the radar; I wonder why? It’s moments like this in hip-hop that makes one question if the acquisition of a dollar holds more value than the love and appreciation of the art. Is that extra traffic to your website or likes on your social media post more important than respecting the craft?

[videos + pics] The Game Gives Back to Ferguson

IMG_1805The Game stopped by Ferguson, MO yesterday to visit Michael Brown’s memorial and meet with his family. That wasn’t the extent of his stay, however.

The Compton native was also in a giving mood and took it upon himself to buy 100 Happy Meals, which he also helped cook and serve to the local youth as part of his Robin Hood Project. You can check out the rest of the pics and videos here. Salute to Game for stepping up and spreading some love.

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Got a chance to spend time with #MikeBrown's grandmother. #Ferguson

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#100HappyMeals #WeCookinBaby #LoveTheKids #Ferguson #RIPMIKEBROWN

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[video] Murderer or Musician: Tiny Doo Reflects on Being Jailed for Rap Lyrics

Hip-hop rapper Tiny Doo’s real name is Brandon Duncan, and he ended up in jail for eight months awaiting trial on charges he conspired to commit a series of gang related shootings around San Diego, Calif. Prosecutors at the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office didn’t say he shot the gun or drove the getaway car in these shootings; Instead they said he profited from the shootings through his gangster rap album, “No Safety.”

“There was no way in the world that these people were going to be able to to charge me with shootings based on what I rap about in my music,” says Duncan.

The District Attorney’s Office charged Duncan under 182.5 of the California Penal Code which states that anyone “who willfully promotes, furthers, assists, or benefits” from felonious criminal conduct by a gang is guilty of conspiracy to commit that felony.
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Rapper From Iowa Arrested For Flashing Fake Guns & Baking Soda In His Music Video

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The music video is on You Tube. It’s called “Gutta Town.” It shows a guy calling himself “Gutta Man” rapping from locations all over the city of Dubuque with a few other people. In some shots, they’re holding guns, and what looks like drugs. The lead singer, 23-year old David Rhone was arrested today by U.S. Marshals. The Marshals say he violated the terms of his release from a previous arrest. But Rhone’s mother says it’s all just a big misunderstanding. “The guns are not real,” said Stacey Rhone. “The drugs are not real, its television, he made a rap video. When a person turns on the television, they’re looking for a rap video, he gave them what they’re looking for.” Rhone is currently serving a three year probation. Police wouldn’t say if the other men in the music video would be arrested because of an on-going investigation. ” – 2 News

MTV2 Pays Homage Hip Hop’s Five Elements


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MTV2 is paying tribute to the five elements of Hip Hop this week with a documentary entitled “The Elements.” Consisting of five episodes, each episode of “The Elements” will focus on one of the elements of Hip Hop which include emceeing, breakdancing, deejaying, beat boxing, and the art of graffiti.

The five-part series aired yesterday, February 23 and will continue until Friday, February 27. And for those who have missed any episode a compilation including all five episodes will air on March 1 at 6:30 p.m.

“The Elements'” first episode, ‘The MC,’ which aired yesterday, featured local emcees from the New York area including Jesse James, Webbafied, and Fight Klub veteran Iron Solomon.

“Everyone who steps on our stage cosigns the fact that it’s the most authentic Hip Hop feeling they’ve had,” Big Zoo, co-founder of End of The Weak open mic contest explained. “Ultimately it’s the spirit of Hip Hop that keeps us all moving forward.”

The episode also gave viewers an exclusive look at a night of performances at End of the Weak, which holds the distinction of being New York City’s longest running Hip Hop open mic.

Each episode will air at 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. on MTV2 and will air as part of MTV2‘s Sucker Free Week.

Rapper Brings Razors on a Plane


In a truly wtf story, a Tamba Bay rapper has been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon(boxcutter) on an airplane in a hollowed out book. Reports allege he claims to have used the book as a stash for money and weed that he hid from his roomates, and that he boarded the plane forgetting to remove the book from his luggage. In addition his rhyme book(lyrics), were found to have strong references to drugs, guns, and violence. Already serving a 30 day sentence with serious state charges to follow, this has to be a case of when keeping it real goes wrong..


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