[audio] B.I.G. feat CJ Wallace- ONE MORE CHANCE


ONE MORE CHANCE– Biggie Smalls feat CJ Wallace (Biggie’s son)


This the world’s first introduction to CJ Wallace, the torch bearer of the Wallace legacy that the King of New York left behind. Spitting over his poppa’s classic, is…well classic!  They form a trinity on this track with poppa, momma and son representing that ONE MORE CHANCE…Baby, Baby!

Will The Real Lil Wayne Album Cover Please Stand Up?

After this flick (on the left) of Lil Wayne’s supposed album cover was uploaded to Amazon yesterday, igniting a firestorm on the net Miss Info popped up with this photo (on the right) saying this should be the rightful cover of Wayne’s The Carter III. Now, I swore I’ve seen the pic on the right before as a promo copy of the highly anticipated album The Carter 3 earlier this year.

Either way it is clever marketing whether intentionally done by Wayne or one of his legions of Stans he has online. It has brought the anticipation of this project up another notch. Which do you prefer? Which will make you go to retail and plunk down piece of your stimulus check? Let us know