[video] Jamaican Woman Bleaches Her Skin on Camera

My brothers and sisters in Jamaica are in crisis with the bleaching of their skin as evidenced by this woman in this video. Outside of the blatant self hate they have for their beautiful melanated skin, the health complications down the line will be severe at best. I cannot wait for the day this practice is finally stomped out in the Caribbean and in parts of Africa. To check out the original of this practice check out the movie Setting The Tone after the cut..

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Bob Marley Estate Gets With Private Equity Firm to Market Cannabis Products

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As states in the U.S and countries abroad begin to loosen laws against recreational and medicinal use, its only right that the Marley children get a hand in on this soon to be multi-billion dollar market rising across the globe.

SEATTLE (Reuters) – The family of Reggae icon Bob Marley and a Seattle-based private equity firm on Tuesday said they are launching the first global cannabis brand with marijuana products sold under a name long tied to a plant he lovingly called “the herb”.

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Reggae star Buju Banton pleads not guilty

Source: Breitbart

Still trying to wrap my head around this story because Buju should have known better and just seems like this would be the dumbest thing in the world to do.

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) – Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton has pleaded not guilty to a drug charge in a Florida federal court.

Banton was arraigned Thursday on a charge of conspiring to buy more than five kilograms of cocaine from an undercover law enforcement officer in Sarasota last month. The 36-year-old singer, born Mark Myrie, did not seek bail. If he bonded out of jail, he would be held by immigration officials.

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Nas x Damian Marley: E Pluribus Unum (Part 1)


via RapRadar

Interview: Brian “B.Dot” Miller

This June, hip-hop icon Nas and reggae star, Damian Marley plan to release their collaborative album, Distant Relatives. Though the announcement came as a shock, their chemistry proved positive on the mash up, “Road to Zion.” In part one of Double R’s feature, Nas discusses their collision course, his fixation with the motherland, and why a collaborative album with AZ never materialized.

Doing an album with Damian Marley seems like a stretch. How did this even come about?
You know certain things, just happen because they was supposed to happen ’cause it was a good thing. And certain people you just gon’ meet. It could be a two minute conversation or a two hour conversation or it can be a relationship that starts because of two people meeting. I’ve known him for a while and he’s good people, man. And the energy of it and the flow of it is good money, man. Nothing else but pure fun.

Is this coming out on Def Jam?

Well, cause of me, Def Jam is involved. It’s Def Jam, the label Damian is on which is Republic and you have even also Tuff Gong, the Marley label.

So being that this is not coming through a major label, is there less pressure?
Yeah, ’cause it hasn’t been done only [for] a hip-hop artist and reggae [artists] to the level of my knowledge. Forgive me if I’m wrong. But, I think it hasn’t been done, so it has its own lane. If we had a radio hit, cool, but it’s like it has its own lane so it’s interesting to see what happens with the single. Does it remain among music people and they choose it? Or, does it become a top ten hit? Who knows, we don’t know. So, there is no pressure ’cause we don’t have to do the norm. We can do what we want.

Growing up in Queensbridge, did you listen to a lot of reggae?
I grew up, it definitely was in my mix. Early hip-hop to me is like reggae. From, what’s the kids called? Sound of a generation?

Musical Youth?

Yeah, them. To a few other records that were out when I was hearing early hip-hop, I was hearing early reggae at the same time. So, you know yeah, big time fan.

On your record, “Theif’s Theme” you named dropped Peter MacIntosh. Was he an influence?

Yeah man, “Legalize It!” He’s amazing. Just that whole thing, The Wailers. Like, Jamaica’s own Temptations or Supremes or what have you. But it was just that movement and the music that came out of that group is crazy. Continue reading

Mavado Powers Grand Theft Auto, Arrested For Pistol Related Charges


Big Tings A Gwon for reggae sensation Mavado aka David Brooks. His music has been chosen as the audio backdrop to the latest Rockstar release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Series Volume 4. According to Mavado’s manager, Julian Jones-Griffith “One of the trailers they are using has Mavado singing Real McKoy as the backing music. He recorded several tracks for one of the radio stations featured in the game, but the people at Rockstar are big Mavado fans and went with the track for the trailer.”


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