[video] ‘Are Black Women ONLY Submissive To White Men?’ Video Sparks Outrage (FIXED)

This was released at least a year ago but has suddenly caught fire the past couple of days on Facebook and has ignited a serious discussion. There is no context as to who made the video and it may very well be a video made to further divide black men and women. I have seen Facebook topics “Why Do Black men Hate Black Women?” and vice versa and it caused nothing but nasty exchanges in the comment sections.

The fact the video bases it conclusions on broad generalizations and does not dig deeper into black relationships historically shows it was trolling at it finest. The word ‘submissive’ will always cause an uproar when discussing relationships between men and women, and especially in the black community where black women have been the heads of households for decades. But we cannot ignore the brutal policies of slavery, jim crow, and the prison industrial complex effect on the black man and his ability to head his family. To ignore those objective truths in this conversation and is trolling at its ‘finest’. If you have any thoughts on the subject be sure to leave your comments below.

AT&T Stops iPhone Sales in NYC

iPhone Thumbs up, AT &T Thumbs Down.

You have a huge hit on your hands, a cellphone that sells as many handsets as you can shovel out the door. Better, you are an exclusive carrier, so all customers who want that phone must come to you. But you have a problem — the phone is so successful, and makes it so easy to use the internet, that your network is starting to crumble in large metropolitan areas. What do you do to fix this?

If you are AT&T, you stop selling the iPhone in New York City, and have your customer service people tell callers that “the phone is not offered to you because New York is not ready for the iPhone.” Why? Because New York doesn’t “have enough towers to handle the phone.”


Virtual World, Real Emotions: Relationships in Second Life

via CNN

(CNN) — Nina Allam was nervous. She was about to meet someone she had been chatting with online since February.

“I was terrified on the train. Very, very nervous. I remember sending him a text saying ‘Last chance to back out,’ when I was at the station ready to get on the train.”second_life

Though meeting Sean Barbary in person for the first time, Allam was already married to him in the online virtual world of Second Life. Second Life iReporter Janey Bracken told their story, and others like it, on iReport.com.

To many of its inhabitants, Second Life is much more than just a 3-D online game. It has its own economy and millions of residents who own and create property, make friends and even get married, according to Secondlife.com.

Allam and Barbary’s avatars, Brie Janick and Seany1235 Blinker, married online in June.

The wedding itself was preceded by a surprise bridal shower for Janick. In the real world, both live in England — Allam in London and Barbary five hours away in Cornwall.

Just recently, the two finally met in person and hit it off. Before their first meeting, they spoke together on the phone and over webcam. They even created a virtual tropical island home for themselves in Second Life.

Both say they have real feelings for each other. Continue reading

How Many Sex Partners Have You Really Had?

Source: University of Michigan

I was just reading a survey and it was about how people responded to questions about how many sex partners they had in their lifetime. Here is some of their findings:

The answer, statisticians say, ought to be the same, on average, for any large group of men and women. But most surveys in the United States, the United Kingdom and other nations find that men report two-to-four times as many sexual partners as do women.

Are men lying to inflate their sexual reputations? Are women lying to downplay their sexual experience?

I would like to hear you guys thoughts on this and if any of you have the heart to be honest. Our first blog experiment!!

How many people have you really had sex with?