[video] Trump predicts ‘riots’ if he doesn’t get nomination

Donald Trump thinks his voters and supporters will tear shit up if Republicans decide to not give him the nomination if he is leading in the delegate count.


With Trump moving closer to winning the Republican Party nomination, securing another series of wins in Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina, and with his impressive performance in Florida knocking Senator Marco Rubio out of the race, the panic among the opponents of a widely controversial billionaire candidate is likely to grow.

[video] Ex-Conservative Still Doesn’t Believe Sarah Palin’s Baby Story

Very interesting take from ex-conservative Andrew Sullivan, on the story that won’t go away about Sarah Palin’s pregnancy, which has been dogged by rumors since she was thrust into the limelight by John McCain in last years presidential campaign.

The rumor is that special needs Baby Trig is not actually hers and that the birth mother is actually her daughter Bristol, who also had an out of wedlock child with Levi Johnston who just recently posed for Playgirl (sounds like an episode of Law and Order).

Was Powell’s Endorsement the Nail-in-the Coffin for the McCain Campaign?

WASHINGTON (CNN) — The news over the weekend that former Republican secretary of state and ex-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell is endorsing Barack Obama was hardly unexpected.

Powell had been courted by Obama for months, as the junior senator from Illinois sought him out for advice on everything from Iraq to North Korea and all things geopolitical.

And while Powell counts himself as a friend of Sen. John McCain, there was always foreboding in the McCain camp that Powell would, in the end, gravitate towards Obama and his historic candidacy.

Yet the Powell endorsement was not just a pro-forma, “he’s my guy” announcement. Instead, in supporting Obama, Powell decided to get specific — and not only about McCain’s uneven performance during the financial crisis and his judgment (or lack thereof) in choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. Continue reading