Kanye West Films Pilot For Comedy Central

via Allhiphop

Superstar rapper/producer Kanye West and fellow rapper Rhymefest have teamed with Jackhole Productions and Comedy Central, to create a half-hour television show titled Alligator Boots.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, West stars in the pilot for the “Muppet” like puppet based show, but future episodes will be hosted by a different celebrity.

West will also produce and perform the music in Alligator Boots, which could be on the air as early as 2009.

Jackhole Productions, which is owned by Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla and Daniel Kellison, has a number of hit television shows on the air.

In addition to producing Comedy Central’s hit series Crank Yankers, which featured puppets voiced by celebrities making prank phone calls, Jackhole Productions also produces Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Man Show and The Andy Milonakis Show.