The BIG WILLIE LIST is here…No suprises


Forbes has released their much coveted “10 Top African-American Earners” list and to the surprise of no one Ms. Winfrey sits comfortably atop that hill.  She topped the rictors at $26o million to add on to her earth shattering total of $2.5 BILLION.  Coming in at a distant second was Tiger (who don’t consider himself a brother so I don’t know why he’s on the list) with a whopping $100 million in endorsements and purse money.  Clocking in at third is Shawn Carter who racked in $83 mil during the period between June 2006-June 2007 on his relentless drive to become the first rapper to join the Billionaire’s Boy ClubCurtis Jackson checked in at fourth laughing straight to the bank with $33 milli, and we must note these calculations were tabulated before Coke bought out Vitamin Water which would’ve placed him slightly ahead of Jay.  According to Forbes he became $100 million richer on that transaction.  Tying with Fif at fifth was Kobe at $33 mil and at sixth Shaq racked in his Magic number, $32 mil. Thanks to the resurgance of his insanely popular sneakers, Micheal Jordan tacked on another $31 mil to his fortune and Will dominated Tinseltown with a $31 million take.  Take that, take that.  With endorsements galore and global tours Beyonce pulled in $27 million and the Boy Wonder Lebron hauled off $27 mil.  Now add em all up ($657 Million) and they still don’t add up to the mountain of a fortune maintained by Ms. Winfrey. Damn, can a brotha get a loan! CLICK HERE for the full rundown.