“A Milli” Named Amongst Top 10 Songs of 2008 by Time Magazine


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Revered as one of the world’s top magazines, Time has acknowledged Hip Hop in this week’s issue, a collection of lists acknowledging 2008. The periodical placed Lil Wayne‘s [click to read] “A Milli” [click to read] among its best songs of the year.

Coming in at #4, the Bangladesh-produced monster hit of 2008 was quoted as “crazy, off-balance wordplay, which [Lil Wayne] claims is spontaneous, is hypnotic.

The single was only topped by Norwegian singer Ida Maria‘s “Oh My God,” Pink‘s “So What” and another familiar face to the Hip Hop genre, Kanye West with “Love Lockdown” [click to listen].

In related news, Rolling Stone this week acknowledged the album “A Milli” hails from, Tha Carter III [click to read], as the third best album of 2008. The Cash Money/Universal Records release was only topped by a Bob Dylan bootleg release, and TV On The Radio‘s Dear Science.

The lone other rap release to make the famed music and pop culture mag’s yearly Top 50, was NasUntitled [click to read], coming in at #43.

Both issues are on newsstands now.

McCain Ad Axed After Offbeat Remarks About Obama

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John McCain’s campaign has confirmed the removal of their Virginia leadership representative Bobby May, over the prominent GOP veteran’s penning of a racially charged column parodying the policies of Barack Obama.

The piece, entitled “The (clarified) Platform of Barack Hussein Obama,” appeared this week in The Voice newspaper.

Throughout the column, May lampooned Obama’s ethnically diverse background and how it would affect his presidential policies.

On the drug crisis, May explained that the senator would “raise taxes to pay for free drugs for Obama’s inner-city political base,” while keeping the Constitution’s right to keep and bear arms only for “gang-bangers, illegal aliens, Islamo-Fascist terrorists, and Senator Jim Webb’s aide.” Continue reading

Barack Covers Rolling Stone, Again

Some snippets from the entire article you can read here:

It’s January 20th. You take office. Look at what you’re confronting: the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression, the climate heating up faster than anyone imagined, dangerous nuclear instability around the world…
Two wars. Yeah, we got some problems.

Do you still want the job?
I tell you what — now is the time, I think, to want the job. Because this is going to be a transitional moment for the United States. We have these moments periodically. Obviously, I wish that the Bush administration had not run things into the ground so bad, but no matter what, we would have had some big decisions to make. We have a big decision to make about our energy. We have a big decision to make about health care. We have a big decision to make about how do we revamp our education system to compete in a global economy. We have a big decision to make about our foreign policy and how we deal with transnational threats like terrorism, climate change — eventually pandemic, refugee flows, genocide.

Tell me your reaction when you first heard that he had picked Sarah Palin as his running mate.
I didn’t know her, so it was a surprise decision. Look, you have to give them credit: It obviously energized the conservative wing of the party. And that’s worth something in politics. Continue reading

50 Cent Helms Directors Chair in Upcoming Flick

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Multi-platinum selling rapper 50 Cent will make his directorial debut in the upcoming film Before I Self-Destruct, set to hit theaters this winter.

According to Rolling Stone, Fif will be in complete control of the movie, tagged with the same title as his forthcoming album, but he has no intention of making it music-based like Jay-Z’s Streets Is Watching or Prince‘s Purple Rain .

“It’s not Purple Rain,” he told Rolling Stone. “But it was inspired by the actual music.”

Unlike his 2005 autobiographical-based film Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ 50’s goal with the project is to give viewers a more direct and understanding look at urban lifestyles. Continue reading

Young Jeezy Speaks on Swimming Phenom, Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps’ run at the Olympics — eight gold medals, seven broken world records — is unprecedented, and according to Phelps he couldn’t have done it without Young Jeezy. Phelps typically listened to the Jeezy/R. Kelly collaboration “Go Getta” before hitting the pool, which Jeezy himself doesn’t find surprising. “All my music is inspirational,” he told Rolling Stone’s Evan Serpick. “You just gotta listen to the words and get what you can get out of it.”

Michael Phelps — the man of the hour for the U.S. at the Olympics — is a big fan of Young Jeezy.
I’m a big fan of Michael Phelps! He’s a great success. I like what he’s doing. He’s like the Young Jeezy of the swim world. I love it! Continue reading

Lil Wayne Didn’t Catch Jay’s “Heir” Verse at First

Meet the Carters

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The biggest rapper in the world pays him a huge compliment and this fucking kid doesn’t even catch it until somebody points it out.

From a Q&A Rolling Stone did with Wayne:

On “Mr. Carter,” Jay-Z calls you “my heir, Young Carter” — that had to feel pretty cool.
That line right there was hard! Unbelievable. I didn’t even realize it at first. My homie had to tell me “You know what he said, right?” I didn’t even get it. I was like, “Why is he saying ‘air’? Is he just talking about the air?” But I’m smart enough to know that he’s smart enough not to just be talking about the air. I felt real dumb, but then I felt so good. It was an incredible compliment.

I’m right, cheah
In my chair
With my crown, with my dear
Queen Bee, as I share
Mic time, with my heir
Young Carter
Go farther
Go further
Go harder
Is that not
Why we came? and if not,
Then why bother?

CLICK [HERE] for the Rolling Stone interview in its entirety

The Battle For Facebook

Rolling Stone has an excellent in-depth look into the controversy behind the creation of social networking behemoth FACEBOOK. Mark Zuckerman, the twenty something billionaire who is recognized as the youngest richest dude on the globe is under fire from four Harvard classmates that allege Mark stole their idea for FACEBOOK and never compensated them for the heist. Mark has also fell out with members of his inner-circle that allege that they too have been pushed out by Mark as he sets to fashion and mold the next Google. If the allegations are true Mark would gain admittance to an exclusive club though, the one that understands that every super successful American company is built on a crime.

In a lawsuit one judge describes as a “blood feud,” three fellow Harvard students claim Zuckerberg fleeced their idea after they hired him to code a social-networking site they were creating. “We got royally screwed,” Divya Narendra, one of the students, has testified. And in April, another classmate, Aaron Greenspan, filed a petition to cancel Facebook’s trademark, claiming he invented an online facebook months before Zuckerberg. Greenspan, who has compiled reams of e-mails chronicling his months of communication with Zuckerberg, bristles at equating the Facebook prodigy with Microsoft’s founder. “Gates was shrewd, calculating and insanely competitive, bordering on autistic,” Greenspan writes in his self-published autobiography. “Mark was inarticulate and naive.”

CLICK [HERE] for the rest of this story.

And the winner is…Hov!


Rolling Stone hands the coveted #1 song of the year to Jay-Z for Roc Boys

And the winner is. . . Hov! This is black superhero music, circa 2007: Jay-Z goes to the movies and comes back with an even better film in his head, with a song that plays like the Copacabana scene in GoodFellas translated into hip-hop. The most triumphant sound anyone came up with all year, this track makes you fly in more ways than one. After thanking his drug connection and tipping his hat to God, Jigga toasts the high life over a gritty Brooklyn funky-horns riff from the Menahan Street Band. It’s a celebration, bitches. Drinks is on the house!

article courtesy of Rolling Stone

For the full list of The Top 100 click HERE