[video] Russell Simmons on Awards: White S**t Doesn’t Give You a Fair Black Chance

While many people were upset with the lack of diversity at this year’s Oscars, Russell Simmons is looking at the bigger picture and he told VladTV that there needs to be more diversity in all of Hollywood. The famed business magnate explained that there are no Black people running companies, which he believes is a big problem.

During the conversation the Def Jam co-founder spoke about the lack of Black comedians since Def Comedy Jam left HBO. He explained that the show gave a lot of Black comedians an opportunity that wasn’t there before, and Russell added that while Kevin Hart is a huge name today, he says that Hollywood wanted nothing to do with him at first.

Check out more topics that we covered with Russell in the above clip, including his thoughts on Stacey Dash, and much more.

[video] Russell Simmons: I Ain’t Never Had a Rap Beef & I Ain’t Scared of Nobody

Gonna give Russell credit for keeping it 100 here when he speaks on the impact of Chuck D on Def Jam and Hip Hop culture on a whole.

The burning question most hip-hop heads have is: Why did Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons split up? While talking to DJ Vlad, Russell explained that they went on to work on different projects and focused on other artists. As for Simmons ultimately walking away from his position at Def Jam, the mogul says that he built it and gradually started pulling away from his post while juggling his other business ventures, and relied on the people who were smarter than him, who he believed in.

Watch the full interview above to hear Russell explain why he’s never had a rap beef, Chuck D inspiring the Million Man March, and much more.

[video] Russell Simmons X Rick Rubin On Public Enemy

Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin discussion on the impact of legendary group Public Enemy is accord with the 30th anniversary of hip hop powerhouse Def Jam. Still not feeling the omission of Professor Griff because he was integral to their success and him being left out is a travesty in itself. With that being said, Public Enemy changed the game, as Russell alludes to in this interview with Noisey for their Back and Forth series.


[video] Bill O’ Reilly tells Russell Simmons Beyonce makes “exploitative garbage”

Bill O’ Reilly spars with Russell Simmons over Beyonce and proclaims she makes  “exploitative garbage”. Wait to till he sees Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ video, he might just have another one of his nuclear meltdowns on camera. Seriously Bill seems to be so late on these type of things, shit he should see some of the stuff Madonna did a 100 years ago and he might just have a heart attack. The ironic thing is this is the same guy who paid off a woman who accused him of sexual harassment at the workplace a number of years ago, and any time he goes on these tangents none of his guests ever bring it up. Instead of it being constructive interview about Russell’s new book ‘Success Through Stillness’, he masterfully spinned it to a conversation about Beyonce and had Russell on his heels once again. Though O’ Reilly proclaimed never to speak on his  sexual harassment suit again, I would bet a dollar to a doughnut he is still that pervert, and knows every lyric to “Partition”.


Def Comedy Jam Resurrected?

Source: Allhiphop.com, San Francisco Chronicle

There seemed to be a drought of new talent in comedy land without Def Comedy Jam on HBO or  Comic View on BET but Russell Simmons and Stan Lathan are throwing on their comedy capes with a new series on Comedy Central.  This summer the duo that had great success with Def Comedy Jam will launch their new series this summer, which JB Smooth from Curb Your Enthusiam as the host and DJ Cassidy on the music.

I am looking forward to this…

Here’s some throw back Def Comedy Jam! Enjoy.

Nancy Pelosi Joins Russell at DC Summit for Youth

via CNN

(CNN) — The power of music and the power of politics met Tuesday, with a hip-hop mogul and one of the most prominent leaders in Congress joining their considerable forces to spotlight issues facing youth in America.

Russell Simmons hopes by investing in youths they can stay out of trouble and be more successful adults.

Russell Simmons hopes by investing in youths they can stay out of trouble and be more successful adults.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attended a youth conference co-sponsored by entrepreneur and entertainer Russell Simmons in Washington. The one-day event, called Keeping the Promise to Our Children, brought legislators together with entertainment A-listers, including Oscar-nominee Terrence Howard, who used their celebrity to advocate a variety of causes: foster care, health care and education among them.

Simmons’ Hip Hop Summit Action Network and the nonprofit, California-based Children Uniting Nations hosted the event. This is the fourth conference organized by Daphna Ziman, an adoptive mother of a child formerly in foster care and founder of Children Uniting Nations, which matches children in foster care with mentors. Continue reading

[video] Star & Buc Wild: HIP HOP ANARCHY

OK, time for confessions. Every morning we wake up to Star & Buck round these parts for the uncut hilarity that they provide to a rather stale game. This though, is the first clip that we’ll be posting simply because they are echoing some integral parts of convos we’ve been having as of lately, spawning from the dustup caused by Joe Budden taking shots at Red & Meth. In particular what he says about Hip Hop having no parameters is pure genius. And more importantly stripping Russell of his erroneous title of “Godfather” when nothing Boss’d up can be attributed to him. Furthermore Bambatta is and always will be the Godfather of this, so get ya facts right.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

VH1 Hip Hop Honors To Focus Entirely On Def Jam


via HipHopDX

VH1 has decided to have the entire focus of this year’s Hip Hop Honors show to focus on the legendary Hip Hop label, Def Jam.

The show, which takes place on Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 9:00 PM, will commemorate the storied label’s 25 years in the industry, including segments on founders Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons.

Also a part of the event, as is now customary, many Hip Hop stars will show to perform some of the label’s biggest hits, both past and present.

In its sixth year, the annual event will be hosted by comedian Tracy Morgan for the third time in a row. It will take place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn, NY.

Last year’s honorees included Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Naughty By Nature, Slick Rick and Too $hort.

Russell Simmons Girl Has a PSA for the Haters


via Global Grind

“I have been spending “special time” with Russell for about 4 months and in that time I have learned some subtle things about some in the black community that have surprised me. I must say that while it has been a bit of a challenge for me, it has also been a wonderful learning experience. I realize that in this day of Obama and change that there is still a tremendous amount of poverty, suffering and pain in the black community, and for that I am deeply sorry. But, I have to say the angry responses to those realities are sometimes misdirected….Just for the record, I am nobody’s white b*tch, gold digger or fame chaser.

Nor am I any of the other mean things I have been called lately. I don’t need anything from anybody, I come from a good family and I’m a young independent “successful” model making my way in NYC. (If you don’t believe me google me or go to juliehenderson.net). Continue reading

[video] RUN DMC- Rock Box

This is what set it off for me and as they say..the rest was history!!

With all the attempts rappers have made to integrate rock into their thing none of them came off as seamless as this.  Imitated but never duplicated. R.I.P. JMJ and shout out to Hott Trackz and Video Music Box for keeping my visuals FRESH in my early years. Hip Hop saved my life. 

[video] Russell Brings New Poetry Slam to HBO


via XXL

Going one-step beyond his critically-acclaimed Def Poetry series, hip-hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons has linked up with HBO once again for a new show documenting the lives of young, aspiring poets.Described as “one part Def Poetry Jam and two parts documentary,” Russell Simmons Presents Brave New Voices follows teens from New York, Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Sante Fe, Honolulu and San Francisco as they prepare to face off in the National Youth Poetry Slam Competition.

The contest, which took place last year, is a part of Youth Speaks’ annual four-day Brave New Voices Festival in Washington, D.C.The series will be narrated by rapper/actress Queen Latifah and will feature a cameo from Idris Elba (The Wire) who hosted the poetry slam finals. Brave New Voices premieres this Sunday (April 5) at 11p.m. EST on HBO

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ex-Gov Call Girl Ashley Dupre Blogs at Global Grind


via Global Grind

Ok – this is a long one – but it’s the first time I’ve blogged in an entire year, so I have a lot to say.  This past year has been a difficult one, but it has also been a period of awakening for me.  I’ve gained a perspective on life that I probably never would have been able to achieve if not for all of the heartache.  In great part, discovering my identity came through the quiet reflection I enjoyed while practicing yoga, and the inner strength I’ve developed attracts powerful things.  I’m seeing that the stronger I am at my core, the more natural and effortless it becomes to draw positive people and uplifting experiences into my life.

For example, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined befriending Russell Simmons while taking class at a yoga school I started going to in the past year.  This school has been the safe haven for my self-study and spiritual development.  The more I know my true self, the more I come to have faith that my presence on earth means more or at least has different meaning than the media or disbelievers have tried to frame it to be.  Russell was there, reaching out to give me hand placement tips and educate me about the virtues of yoga that he’s discovered throughout the years.  He explained the importance of understanding that our actions sometimes have far reaching consequences – a lesson that certainly resonated with me.  And never would I have imagined finding my new fairy godmother, Kelly Cutrone, who has become such an inspiration to me and stood by me even at her own expense.  I am blessed to have them and other people in my life who are honest, positive and want to help me walk a better path. Continue reading

Christopher Hicks: Def Jam’s New Executive Vice President


via Prohiphop

Christopher Hicks has been appointed the new Executive Vice President at Def Jam.  The appointment was:

“announced today by Antonio “L.A.” Reid, Chairman, Island Def Jam Music Group. In his new position, Mr. Hicks will assume overall responsibility for the acquisition and development of new talent, overseeing producers and guiding the creative vision and brand recognition of the legendary Def Jam label as it celebrates its 25th year anniversary in 2009. Mr. Hicks will report directly to Mr. Reid, and to Steve Bartels, President & COO, Island Def Jam Music Group, on operational matters. Mr. Hicks will be based in Atlanta and New York…” Continue reading

Rick Ross To Release ‘Before I Self Destruct’ Mixtape, Russell Simmons, LA Reid Comment On Beef


Somebodies f*cking with the bottom line cuz the Big Boys is speaking out

via Def Sounds

Rick Ross, the Miami, self proclaimed ‘Boss’, is stepping up the stakes this month when he will be releasing a mixtape with the same name as 50 Cent’s upcoming LP, ‘Before I Self Destruct’. The results of doing this could indeed mess up the promotional plans for Fiddy’s team, as they would both bear the same title and cause confusion for some unfamiliar with the ongoing beef between the two. Ross has just finished up production on the mixtape so it should be available soon.

L.A. Reid, the Chairman of Island Def Jam, Ross’ label, says he is not at all pleased with this whole beef scenario. “I love Rick Ross,” he said. “I consider 50 a friend. I don’t encourage anything that represents ignorance and nonsense. I just hope these two guys are smart enough, mature enough and rich enough that this shouldn’t last. I haven’t been following it, honestly, but Rick Ross is my artist. I support him. I support his artistic beliefs and dreams. 50 is my friend and a fellow superstar in our business. I respect him and his legacy. I hope they work it out.”

Russell Simmons also had some words to say about this too and they were very similar. “If it’s like pro wrestling, if that’s how they view themselves, then it’s part of the entertainment,” Simmons said. “It’s not something I would advise still. I always like to play high notes. I’ve gotten older. I see that is usually where I’ve had the longest, most stable impression — doing something that’s higher and more inspired. There’s a lot of talks about the beefs that’s going on, particularly the 50 Cent [vs. Rick Ross feud]. They’re both very talented. Neither one of them needs that to be hot. … It’s always a little edgy. I worry about them. I haven’t gotten involved. I hope they settle it, and it goes away.”

Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, Russell Simmons, LL Cool J, T.I. and Young Jeezy Host Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball, January 19 2009, Washington DC

 via Street & Industry News

Russell Simmons, Valeisha Butterfield, Dr. Benjamin Chavis and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) announced today plans for the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball, January, 19, 2009 at the prestigious Harman Center for the Arts, 610 F Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., 8pm to 2am.

hhanThe Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball is a black tie, charity fundraiser with proceeds going to support the non-profit work of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network’s education advocacy and empowerment programs for young adults across America. Tickets can be purchased on a first come, first served basis by going to http://www.Hiphopinaugural.org or http://www.HSAN.org.

Russell Simmons, Chairman and Co-founder of HSAN, emphasized, we are celebrating the Inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States, and the magnificent turn out of young voters throughout the nation. Hip-Hop is all about transformation and it is a thrill to help make and witness this history.

The Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball Host Committee is a select group of hip-hop leaders including industry executives and artists who have expressed their endorsement and support including T-Pain, Akon, Bryan-Michael Cox, Big Jon Platt, Fat Joe, MC Lyte, Terrence J, Devyne Stephens, Mario, Ginuwine, DJ Don Cannon, Jasmin Franjul, Zac McDaniel and others to be announced.

The Hip-Hop Inaugural will kick off with a star-studded red carpet and celebrity sponsorship reception at 8pm at the Harman Center, followed by an awards presentation to T.I., LL Cool J, Young Jeezy and the Hip-Hop Caucus Respect My Vote Campaign, recognizing the hip-hop contribution to the largest youth voter turnout in American history. A VIP party on all four levels of the venue will follow.



Rick Rubin To Be Removed From Sony?

Music guys just hate going to the office.


via Hiphopdx

Reports speculate that Sony Music will be removing Rick Rubin as co-head of Columbia Records. The legendary producer, who founded Def Jam, took the post in 2007.

Fox News’ Roger Friedman reports that Sony executives are unhappy with several of Rubin’s moves, such as producing a hit album for another labels, such as Metallica‘s Death Magnetic on Atlantic Records.

Sony executives also supposedly cite Rubin’s move to an expensive office in Beverly Hills, which he allegedly does not use.

Finally, it was revealed that Rubin had been recording tracks with rival Universal Music Group’s act U2.

The report indicates that Sony plans to “offload him to a side label deal, and remove him from the main company.

Rubin has been known as an innovator in the music industry for over 20 years, having signed historic acts such as Public Enemy and The Beastie Boys, among others. He has worked with a myriad of artists such as Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Shakira, Dixie Chicks, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Run-DMC and Johnny Cash.

Ponahalo Diamonds Sell for $6 Million

via Upscale Swagger

Ponahalo Diamonds definitely represent top-grade quality. The precious stones are approximately 102 and 70 carats. The stones sold for a high amount of $6.16 million by winning bidder Mr Amer Radwan of Dubai. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Russell Simmons’ Diamond Empowerment Fund, benefiting educational programs in Africa.

Editor’s Note: It’s a f*cking shame that they continue to perpetuate the rape and plunder of Africa’s natural resources in the name of Capitalism.  This ain’t no different than what Bush is doing in Iraq, or any other foreign occupation of someone elses resources.  The proceeds from this can feed a village for decades and I don’t wanna hear squat about Russell Simmons is making sure proceeds go back to the village. With all this international intervention done on the behalf of “oppressed” people I’m hoping Obama will impose a relief mission to the Mother Land to get these blood suckers up outta there. I’ll personally strap up and go dump on some of these multinationals, like DeBeers, Oppenhiemers, Rothchilds…see a pattern here?


Study Finds Diddy Has Ability to Make People Vote

via XXL

Yes, Diddy can. It’s not an official campaign slogan yet, but according to a new study released today celebrities like Diddy, Beyonce, and Halle Berry actually have persuasive powers to make young adults vote.

“Celebrities have the power to motivate civic engagement regardless of their own grasp of the issues at hand,” says a report conducted by Washington State University and published in the Mass Communication and Society journal.

The study, Reuters reports, is based on a survey done by 305 students at the university. The findings deeply contrast with most polls that claim celebrity endorsements of presidential candidates are unlikely to sway undecided voters in any direction.

Diddy took the initiative within hip-hop during the 2004 presidential election. The Bad Boy mogul founded Vote or Die! and encouraged young adults to register to vote. The study found that initiatives like Vote or Die! resulted in an increase in 2004 voter participation among adults aged 18-25. Continue reading

Lil Wayne Takes Home Top Honors at BET Awards

via Hip Hop Dope

Lil Wayne was named lyricist of the year and Russell Simmons was honored as a hip-hop icon at this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards taped on Saturday in Atlanta.

The New Orleans rapper, who was nominated for 12 awards, was also named MVP of the Year and the Alltel Wireless People’s Champ at the ceremony, which was hosted by T-Pain instead of scheduled host, comedian Katt Williams.

The show featured a hip-hop matriarch medley that included MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, Salt-n-Pepa. DJ Khaled, Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Big Boi, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, Birdman and Rick Ross took home the award for Best Hip-Hop Collaboration for “I’m So Hood (The Remix).”

T.I. also made this year’s show. The Atlanta rapper was scheduled to headline last year’s ceremony, but was arrested hours before the event on federal weapons charges after he was caught trying to purchase semi-automatic guns and silencers. T.I. pleaded guilty earlier this year and is scheduled to be sentenced in March. Continue reading

DJ Green Lantern, Russell Simmons and Barack Obama- YES WE CAN: The Mixtape


The long-awaited mixtape from Green Lantern and Russell Simmons is finally here, just in time for the last stretch to the polls.  I hope it is worth the wait. Here goes the tracklist:

1. Intro
2. David Banner,Busta Rhymes,Talib Kweli “Black President” Rmx pt1 *
3. Barack Obama “Stand Up”*
4. Nas Speaks on Politics
5. Styles P and Cassidy “Make It Out”*
6. Jay-z Speaks “The American Dream”
7. Barack Obama “One Mic, One People”
8. Russell Simmons Speaks on Obama
9. Joe Budden,Twista,John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change 2008″
10. Angie Martinez “Yes We Need A Mixtape!!”
11. Kanye West,Malik Yusef “Promised land
12. Wale,Rhymefest,Christina K, Royce 5′9 “Black President” RMX Pt2*
13. Barack Obama “My Life”*
14. Jay-z “Lick a Shot”*
15. Russell Simmons on Change
16. Wyclef “Obama for President”
17. Charles Hamilton “The Moment”
18. Find ur Dreams (interlude) *
19. George Bush’s Highlight Reel
20. Mikkey Halsted “King George” *
21. Obama on Hip-Hop
22. Joel Ortiz feat Dante Hawkins “Letter To Obama” *
23. Akon , U.M. “Aint No Sunshine” *
24. Qadir, Dwayne (Invasion) “Its My Time
25. Johnny Polygon (Invasion),Amanda Diva “Colorblind” *
26. Mavado “We Need Barack” *
27. Jay-Z / Gabe Real “What We Need” (Speech)
28. Qadir “Yes We Can” Outro

Is Hip Hop Going to the White House with Obama?

via Newsweek

When superstar lyricist Nas declared, “Hip-hop is dead!” in 2006, he reignited a long-running debate among artists and observers in the rap community. While the money-guns-girls wing of commercial rap is certainly here to stay, many fans insist that hip hop’s political roots are rotting. But on the eve of an election in which a presidential candidate is a professed Jay-Z fan who brushes off his shoulders in speeches and fist-bumps his wife, it appears that the political soul of hip hop is primed for a reawakening.

It’s no secret that the most widely covered news stories involving hip hop in the last few years have been less than flattering. Rapper Ludacris recently made headlines with a pro-Obama song he released in July. On “Politics as Usual,” he rhymes in support of Obama about Sen. John McCain and Sen. Hillary Clinton: “Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant; McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed.” The lyrics prompted an Obama campaign spokesman to condemn the song as “outrageously offensive.” Then there was Don Imus‘s referral to the Rutgers women’s basketball team as “nappy-headed hoes” last April. What followed was a national backlash that pinpointed commercial rap as the source of the kind of misogyny many felt he had aimed at a group of young black women. The Imus comment, and the anti-rap fallout, became such a big deal that Oprah devoted a show to the subject of misogyny in rap music. Hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons and rapper Common appeared on the show, defending rap artists as poets who simply paint pictures of the world as they see it. Continue reading

TI To Headline Hip Hop Summit In Pennsylvania

You Don\'t Know Me

For those dying to get a glimpse of Clifford “TI” Harris he will be appearing at Temple University headlining the National Hip-Hop Summit in what appears to be his national “Good Will” tour. The event is being billed as a voter mobilization effort, a last ditch attempt to get out the vote for the upcoming Pennsylvania primary where ironically guns and god have become a hot button topic.

This primary may be the deciding factor in the Democratic contest between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. TI, who is no longer qualified to vote due to his prior convictions, will be delivering his messge to those who will be deciding the country’s next president.

“I personally know the value of having the right to vote and it taken away from you,” the rapper said in a statement. “But I will add my voice to help inspire others to take seriously this right and responsibility.”

The free event will be going down Sunday (4/20) at 2 p.m. at the Liacouras Center, 1776 N. Broad St. He will joined by other luminaries on the podium, such as Ciara, Russell Simmons and many others.

Go HERE for more info on the event.

In related T.I. news he is solidifying a deal to appear in Bone Deep, a Sony Screen Gems film that is about a heist that is being described as Heat means Ocean 11. I interpret this to mean that there will be heavy gunplay. Already inked to appear is Matt Dillon and Ibris Elba.


Source : People


Donald Trump, never one to miss a business opportunity wants Spitzer call girl and Girls Gone Wild underage alum Ashley Dupri to appear on his good girl gone bad, back to good reality show.

The still-untitled show, produced by Donald Trump Productions (and referred to in some press reports as “Lady or a Tramp”) was picked up by MTV for eight hour-long episodes. Based on a British show called Ladette to Lady, the show will take a group of 15 hard-partying young women and send them off to a boarding school environment where they’ll learn to become more ladylike.
Click here full story

Okay I wouldn’t bet against this one, though the similiar Charm School was one and done for VH1. But with a high profile appearance from Ashley Dupri, this would be another feather in the pompadour of The Donald who resurrected the Apprentice franchise when it was considered dead by TV critics.

Oh and he got one-legged multi-millionaire Heather Mills to be a judge on his beauty pageant show. Go figure.

Green Lantern & Russell Join Forces To Put Together Obama CD


Hip Hop is putting its full weight behind the presumed Democratic candidate for president, Barack Obama. Green Latern is joining forces with Russell Simmons and crafting a homage CD for the Illinois senator called “Yes, We Can.” It will be a combination of some of the speeches Barack has became famous for, remixed with some of the beats Green has become famous for. The call was put in to Russell to get his friends involved with the project and Green worked his Rolodex to get his people involved. Of course he holla’d at the usual suspects like Q-Tip, Will.I.Am & Common (who’s ironically playing Green Lantern in an upcoming movie). In regards to the project this is what he had to say,

“I’m having a field day with these Obama speeches,” Green explained. “I actually got joints where I’ll make a beat, I’ll get somebody to sing a hook, and where there’s supposed to be verses, it’s just straight speeches. I played one for my mother, and she started crying. So it’s gonna be inspiring, but then on the street side, it’s just gonna be some descriptions of life on the street, but not any of the thuggery.”

Stay tuned and we will inform you when the CD drops.

Source: MTVNews

David Paterson Sworn as 55th NY Governor


NY state has just sworn in its first black governor David Paterson. As what has been widely covered in  media outlets across the world, he assumed power after the resignation of disgraced governor Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer  was forced to step down amid allegations of using a high priced call girl service over the past decade. Gov. Paterson has made history on two fronts, being legally blind and the first African American governor in NY. Congrats to our new gov and good luck in your new role as head of NY State.

Elliot Spitzer Caught With His Hand In the Nookie Jar



So what have we here…New York Governor Elliot Spitzer is about to get hit with a dirty d*ck charge.  His involvement in a prostitution ring is just what Democrats don’t need in a politically jolted election year.  Obituary in order?  Damn, these ain’t great times for New York politicians…one funeral after the other.  

 SEE ALSO: Russell Calls Out Gov Over Drug Laws

Continue reading

Russell Calls Out Gov Over Drug Laws


Russell Simmons has called out Governor Eliot Spitzer over his failure to keep campaign promises to change harsh drug laws that disproportionately effects urban communities. This has long been a controversial issue due to the fact that powder cocaine  is prosecuted far less severely than smokable crack cocaine. The Gov has responded back to Russell but has not re-committed himself to going forward with changing the laws. NY1

Russell Endorses Obama for Prez


After holding out and dangling carrots to no avail, Russell Simmons has done the only logical thing to do at this point; endorse Barack Obama for President.  After turning his back on his “good friend” Hillary Clinton, Rus said he was inspired by the coalition that is coalescing around Senator Obama. In other words, when you see the train pulling off, you either get on the train or get left. Hey, its just politics, nothing personal. I guess an endorsement for Hillary will be as unpopular this summer in the Hamptons as a Senate vote OKing Bush to invade Iraq.  And who wants to be the uncool guy on campus?

Fight The Powers That Be

Check this clip out from QD3 titled “Rappers vs. Bush” capturing Hip Hop artists voicing their contempt for the current administration and their thoughts on the political process…classic

“If you don’t vote you’re not going to die, you’ll just live terribly”                                                                                           -Killer Mike