Saigon & Joe Budden prep new albums

The homie Paul just shot over these promo spots for the new albums from Saigon and Joe Budden (who ironically were beefing with each a couple months back). Good to see the focus is back on the music plus these guys are actually great storytellers and deserve some support from the Hip Hop community. If you want to see Saigon get on MTV go vote here. Check out another promo for ESG after the break.

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[video] Joe Budden and His Boy Listen to Saigon Diss Track. Pure F*ckin Comedy

Joey’s man informs him that Saigon just slaughtered him via the net and Joey tries to make funny of it. But his man was DEAD serious! Joey creates the most climatic situations for himself, if only he was making a business out of this, it is pure entertainment, people will be tuning in for the answer to this.  Oh yeah, Slaughter House Show on Thursday at S.O.B.’s!

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Saigon Gets Out of Atlantic Contract, Starts Releasing Music

Sai Geezy>

Saigon managed to kill tow birds with one stone today. Not only did the homie manage to free himself from his label but he also threw some new music out. First read his statement below from Just Blaze then zone out to “Believe It.”

We have been quietly working to get released from Atlantic. Sometimes you need to do things without talking about them. And get what you want. We finally got that…
With 100% ownership of the masters.

(Most folks who claim they own their masters when they get released may have them (or copies of them) in their possesion, but they don’t own them, so they can mixtape stuff all day, but can’t go on and ever offically release them… we are free to take them wherever we like, however we like )
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