Scarface Done W/ Hip-Hop, Rapper Proclaims “Scarface Is Dead”


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After growing speculation of Emeritus being Scarface’s final album, the legendary rapper has further confirmed his retirement from rap, at least his break with his rapper alias.In a video discussion with 112’s Slim, the hip-hop mogul known for his early work with The Geto Boys and collaborations with rap stars like Jay-Z and UGK, says he’s ready to move on from hip-hop.

“Scarface is dead, yeah, he’s dead,” Face told Slim. “The artist formely known as Face is going to produce some sh*t on Slim’s album but it won’t be Face no more, Face is dead.”

Despite releasing hip-hop classics ranging from Mr. Scarface Is Back to The Fix, Face plans to extend his contributions in music by withdrawing his rap persona to step behind the scenes.

“I wanted to broaden my horizon in music, I grew up in a band, I play everything,” Face added. “As influential as I am in the music industry, it would be wrong to stay in the music and not bring it back.” Continue reading

Al Pachino & Rob Deniro Star in Sucky Movies for The Dough..

Robert De Niro, left, and Al Pacino re-team this year in \"Righteous Kill.\"  Ken Regan / Overture Films
Source: La Times

In a scathing editorial, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Patrick Goldstein, claims that shoddy movie work by Al Pachino and Robert Deniro is all about them chasing big pay days. With a upcoming movie together called Righteous Kill a flop of any kind would just drive his point home even more. Pretty good read.

Pacino has made a string of bad films lately, including the famously awful “Gigli,” “The Recruit” and “Two for the Money,” where he hams it up as an unscrupulous football oddsmaker. If anyone has made more movies for the money than Pacino, it would be De Niro, who has largely abandoned serious dramatic work for a spate of forgettable horror and crime thrillers (try sitting through “Hide and Seek” or “Godsend”) and lowbrow comedy high jinks like “Meet the Fockers” and “Analyze That.”

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Trailer for Righteous Kill