Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweets a more Accurate Version of the Pledge of Allegiance, Delusional People Were BUTTHURT

He hurt some people with this but he spoke the truth nonetheless.

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Obama & Silicon Valley Tech Titans Have Dinner

Wanna know who attended? Go right here

via ABC

Obama chose these 12 titans of technology because “American companies like these have been leading by investing in the creativity and ingenuity of the American people, creating cutting-edge new technologies and promoting new ways to communicate.”

New Press Secretary Jay Carney instead released an email which described the evening as the president’s chance to discuss “his proposals to invest in research and development and expand incentives for companies to grow and hire, along with his goal of doubling exports over five years to support millions of American jobs.”
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Tech Togs: Nine Geek Chic Outfits

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Depend on your gadgets? Designers are making technology crucial to another area of our lives: our closets. From the practical to attention-getters, wearable technology offers new alternatives to standard geekware.

iPod Holder Meets Swanky Suit

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The Celio Club Suit—an iPod holder disguised as a tailored suit—lets you hear your favorite music and look hot. The jacket has specially designed pockets to hold an iPod flatly in place. It also has a special fabric touchpad that runs vertically along the breast label inside, which allows you to turn the iPod on, control the volume, skip forward or back, and auto-lock the device. Friends won’t guess that your newfound je ne sais quoi is stylishly hidden access to your own personal soundtrack. Image credit: QIO Systems, Inc.

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If your typical uniform is jeans and your favorite Star Trek, Digg or Twitter T-shirt, the Philips Lumalive shirts may pique your interest. By uniting LED tech with simple tees, the Philips Lumalive shirts can emit vibrantly colored messages, images and animations. And if you spill something on your shirt, the batteries and electronics are easily removable and re-attachable so you can clean up your act. You’ll need to contain your excitement for a while though—these tees aren’t being sold in department stores quite yet.Image credit: Philips Continue reading

Obama Opens Up Stem Cell Work, Science Inquiries


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WASHINGTON (AP) – From tiny embryonic cells to the large-scale physics of global warming, President Barack Obama urged researchers on Monday to follow science and not ideology as he abolished contentious Bush-era restraints on stem-cell research. “Our government has forced what I believe is a false choice between sound science and moral values,” Obama declared as he signed documents changing U.S. science policy and removing what some researchers have said were shackles on their work.

“It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda – and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology,” Obama said.

Researchers said the new president’s message was clear: Science, which once propelled men to the moon, again matters in American life.

Opponents saw it differently: a defeat for morality in the most basic questions of life and death.

“The action by the president today will, in effect, allow scientists to create their own guidelines without proper moral restraints,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said.

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Army Developing ‘Synthetic Telepathy’


Ever since I put onto J.J. Abrams Fringe I’ve been inundated with stories about fringe-science. This one is pulled right from the Fringe pilot.


Similar technology marketed as a way to control video games by thought

Vocal cords were overrated anyway. A new Army grant aims to create email or voice mail and send it by thought alone. No need to type an e-mail, dial a phone or even speak a word.

Known as synthetic telepathy, the technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph, or EEG. Similar technology is being marketed as a way to control video games by thought.

“I think that this will eventually become just another way of communicating,” said Mike D’Zmura, from the University of California, Irvine and the lead scientist on the project.

“It will take a lot of research, and a lot of time, but there are also a lot of commercial applications, not just military applications,” he said.

The idea of communicating by thought alone is not a new one. In the 1960s, a researcher strapped an EEG to his head and, with some training, could stop and start his brain’s alpha waves to compose Morse code messages.

The Army grant to researchers at University of California, Irvine, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Maryland has two objectives. The first is to compose a message using, as D’Zmura puts it, “that little voice in your head.”

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Scientists Meet Hollywood and Makes New Pact To Merge Forces


Hopefully more shows like Fringe will come out of this merger

via eureka

LOS ANGELES — The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) announced today the creation of “The Science and Entertainment Exchange,” an initiative designed to connect entertainment industry professionals with top scientists and engineers to help the creators of television shows, films, video games, and other productions incorporate science into their work. The Exchange represents the Academy’s first formal effort to reach out to the entertainment community and provide the creative minds of Hollywood with a direct connection to the creative minds of science.

“Television and film can involve the public in the latest advances in science, medicine, and technology,” said NAS President Ralph J. Cicerone. “By building strong connections between the entertainment and science communities, we’re hoping to provide an important service to both Hollywood and the viewing public.”

Director Jerry Zucker and his wife, producer Janet Zucker, actively support the initiative. “The Exchange will provide filmmakers with an invaluable connection to scientific truth, but more importantly, we will have the ability to invent and explore the unknown with the great visionaries of science,” said Jerry. Janet Zucker added, “The Exchange will provide a place where scientific and artistic minds can come together to inspire each other, building a two-way street for both communities to learn and create.” Continue reading

[video] Science & Technology In the 21st Century

Ever wonder what’s in store for the rest of the 21st Century? Well, science and technology are on pace to merge and take man to places he could never fathom. This clip does a good job touching on some of the upcoming inventions on deck that will transform life as we know it.

Coincidentally enough, I discovered this article that technically explains on how our mutating brains are being conditioned externally to create a world where reality and virtuality will be blurred by our reliance on bio-meds and chip technology. This is a MUST READ if you were ever in doubt about the heights to which science and technology are preparing to take the human race in the remainder of the 21st Century.
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5 Things You Need To Know About Crack


A recent article posted on a Washington Post blog is causing a stir by claiming that many things we were taught about Crack are just not true. Many people are objecting to the blog titled “5 Things You Should Know About Crack.” In it the argument is made that Crack is not as addictive as it was perceived to be and they are saying there is no medical basis for the existence of “Crack Babies.” The author Kai Wright is saying there is no scientific or medical backing to the claim that Crack causes a chemical dependency in the children of Crack addicts. I’m sure some residents of the ghettoes of America would beg to differ.

The underlying theme of the blog though is that Congress is prepared to tackle the long standing issue of sentencing disparity between Crack and Cocaine defendants. There are the normal statistics that show the systematic War On Drugs has unfairly targeted “minorities” in America but overall the article is a must read. I suggest you CLICK HERE and get involved in the discussion over at The Root.